Wong Cho Lam: “I Would Buy An Island For Leanne Li”

Artistes Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Tam Ping Man (譚炳文), Mimi Chu (朱咪咪), and more, attended a recording for the TVB variety show Sunday Songbird <Sunday靚聲王>. The show, which is hosted by Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), Liza Wang (汪明荃), and Jerry Lamb (林曉峰), invites famous old-school Cantopop stars as guests, and have them perform old classics and discuss about the days when they first joined the industry.

Mimi went to the recording wearing a bright red outfit with feathery lining. Cho Lam, who was dressed more moderately in a suit, expressed that he should have dressed more flamboyantly. In regards on the topic of that night’s recording, Cho Lam shared, “I will be performing some classics from the seventies.”

Reports say that Cho Lam recently purchased two luxury mansions for nearly a $100 million HKD. It was said that the property was registered under the name of his wife, actress Leanne Li (李亞男).

Cho Lam responded, “It doesn’t matter. I can definitely trust her. She’s the ideal wife. I would be willing to buy an island for her. I wake up every morning and see that she has already cooked breakfast and my clothes already clean. What more can I ask?” Would Cho Lam think about purchasing other things for his wife? “I already bought everything. Now I’m living paycheck to paycheck!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @freedalas so are you telling us if your average looking bf all of a sudden start showering you with money and gifts, it mean he is insecure and that’s the only way to keep you around?… if that’s the case then yes, I think I finally got your point now…

      whatever.. roll my eyes…

    2. @freedalas, i begin to admire this guy. yes he is short and ugly and his jokes is not my taste but at least he has the power in spite of his shortcomings to earn big money and give it all to his love,i wish i can do the same,lol.

  2. He is such a sweet guy….. It’s obvious he has complete trust in his wife. Leanne is 1 lucky girl to have such a caring husband.. She luck out in finding such a good husband.

  3. If a person loves you, she does not need you to get her expensive gifts, and you don’t have to do it. Just give her love, help and support whenever she needs. Love cannot be satisfied materialistically. If that is the case, there is some insecurity in it.

    1. I agree 1000% but when you are short on the appearance side, I guess the only way he can show people the wifey picked the right dude cuz he can provide cuz hes got more money than she will ever make. let’s face it, shes pretty but shes not at all popular and making it in hk showbiz. it’s just you can call it give and take situation. good thing is, he’s short but not super ugly and OLD? compares to those obvious golddiggers? ahha LOL…

  4. Why would guys buy a house and only add the girl’s name to it? The girl should be happy she gets to live in it for free…but to just take it from the guy without even insisting his name to be put on it as well? What’s wrong with these women! Cho Lam has been buying alot of things in her name.

    1. @mike

      The way I see it, it’s an ego thing. WCL probably feels that he can be a “bigger man” by purchasing expensive gifts for his wife. That’s pretty sad though. Unlike freedalas, I don’t think he’s insecure ONLY because his wife is Leanne. I believe he’s always had these insecurity issues where he sees his height as a shortfall, so regardless of whether his wife is Leanne or someone else. His behavior will be the same.

      1. @anon Im starting to think that it doesnt have to do with either his insecurities or Leanne is a “gold-digger” but merely what my parents like to say “his money is biting his pocket” aka doesnt know really how to use his money properly hence the last line “Now I’m living paycheck to paycheck!”

        probs too happy with the early stages of a married couple

  5. It might sound a bit off but the very first thing when I first look at a guy is nothing but his height.

  6. Wow WCL sure has a lot of dough! To me i think there’s 2 possibilities why Leanne chose him – #1 love is blind #2 she’s just a gold digger. If WCL has to keep buying her major stuff, I’d say more likely #2 is the reason.

  7. Wow. I actually liked WCL more after his marriage!!! Not many husband can trust his wife so much as to put assets to his wife’s name!!!

    Reminds me of Korean couple of trot singer Jan Yoon Jung and KBS anouncer Do Kyung Wan. He put EVERYTHING under her name. And lovely dovey till now, with a son.

    Marriage is about trust and love for these couple for sure!!

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