Yang Yang Seldom Keeps in Touch with Other Artistes

After ending his Yunnan Dali trip earlier this year, Yang Yang (楊洋) started filming for variety program Youth Periplous Season 3 <青春環遊記3>. His co-star on the program, comedian and actress Jia Ling (賈玲) could not resist the chance to tease the younger actor, in an attempt to get his contact!

Besties with Wang Yanlin

Praising the usually serious actor for revealing his humorous side on the show, Jia Ling used the opportunity to tease Yang Yang.

Taking jibes at him, she “complained” that she does not have his WeChat contact, to which Yang Yang shyly replied that he seldom keeps in touch with other artistes, with the exception of good friend, actor Wang Yanlin (王彥霖). Wang had taken time off to guest-star as Yang Yang’s buddy in hit drama You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀>, despite his busy schedule.

Earlier this month, Yang Yang met an untimely flight delay while on his way to attend Wang Yanlin’s wedding ceremony. Although he missed a huge part of the wedding, Yang Yang insisted on waiting at the airport so he could rush to the event in the nick of time, where he offered his well wishes to the pair of newlyweds that evening.

Source: On.CC

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