Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng Hold Big 100-Day Banquet for Daughter

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and rock singer Wang Feng (汪峰) welcomed their daughter, Wang Xingxing (汪醒醒) in December of last year. Though the new parents kept a low profile in the few months after their daughter’s birth, the Chinese superstars decided to celebrate their daughter’s 100th day into the world by hosting a large party, attended by over 300 guests.

The 100-day banquet is Xingxing’s first appearance. The 30-table party, which was held at the five-star Rosewood Hotel in Beijing on Sunday, was a million-dollar event. It carried the theme “Blooming in Love”—meaning that Xingxing was born from love.

In a short video presented at the banquet, Ziyi wrote to her daughter, “Having you is what gives me the most pride. Everything from the past was just sheets on a mattress. My life officially started after you. Thank you for choosing me as your mom.”

zhang ziyi wang feng xingxing 1Wang Feng wrote, “Your father has seen everything your mother has sacrificed. She is really an amazing woman and a great mother. Wishing you a happy and peaceful growth. Your happiness is your mother’s greatest reward. Mommy and daddy will be with you in every step of the way. Nothing is more important than love.”

The video also showed a 2-minute clip of Wang Feng proposing to Ziyi, as well as day-to-day short clips of Xingxing during the first few months of her life.

Numerous celebrities from the industry attended the banquet, including director Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚), Ruby Lin (林心如), Jane Zhang (张靓颖), Christy Chung (钟丽缇), Huang Yi (黄奕), Yao Chen (姚晨), and more.

Ziyi, Wang Feng, and their cute baby daughter Xingxing appeared on stage at approximately 7:30 pm. Wang Feng wore a black tux while holding little Xingxing, who was dressed in a white dress, in his arms. Ziyi wore an elegant long-sleeved red gown. They took turns holding Xingxing while they welcomed their guests. Ziyi’s stepdaughter, Little Apple, played the piano. She congratulated her parents and even called Ziyi “my mom.”

Wang Feng shared that it was Ziyi who though of the name Xingxing. Ziyi said, “Our daughter really loves to sleep, but she has to drink her milk every two to three hours. Whenever it’s time for her to eat, I would say, ‘Baby, xingxing (wake up)! It’s time for milk!’ That’s how she got that name!”

Wang Feng added, “From her pregnancy, to giving birth, to our daughter’s 100th day, I was there with [Ziyi]. I’ve experienced what she had to experience. She insisted to have a natural birth and she insists to breastfeed. To be honest, she had many other options on the table, but she chose to go through it all. Mother has worked hard!”

In tears, Ziyi responded, “I used to believe that my career is to do my best on screen, but now, I hope to do well in my life too. It’s been a while since I’ve greeted everyone. This is also an opportunity for me to see everyone!”

zhang ziyi wang feng xingxing 3 zhang ziyi wang feng xingxing 2 xingxing 2 xingxing 1

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sometime it still amazes me how rich people operate. To throw such a big party for a baby 100’s birthday. Congratulation to them and ZZ is so skinny already only after 3 mths!! Fast metabolism!

    1. @happybi
      not so difficult to get back in shape after a few months. don’t let the commercials or what people say fool you. done it twice, got back in shape and skinnier than before within two months both times. i had baby after 30 so it’s really not a big deal.

      1. @m0m0 I am so jealous of you. I am still struggling to lose my first baby weight. She is 7 yrs old already. Hehehehehe 😉

  2. Normally I wouldn’t care but this one actually affected me….

    I’m actually still kind of ticked that ZZY chose to have the baby here in the U.S., since I was one of those who had to foot the bill as a U.S. taxpayer.  And didn’t ZZY make a big stink earlier about the vaccines in China being subpar to those in the U.S. and how she was glad she was able to get the best medical treatment for her daughter here?  So then after using our resources here, she returns home to Beijing and throws an extravagant party for her daughter and gloats about how happy she is? Hmm….

    ZZY – please have your baby in your own country next time!

    1. @llwy12 unfortunately this is the norm now. People come and reap all the benefit and leave. That is why I say we have a messed up system. Things like that shouldn’t be allowed at all!!!!

      1. @happybi
        Yes, I sadly see what a pattern this has become. They all just suck as much from here as they can and then leave. They then have the US citizenship as a free pass to come back whenever they want. I think they should have a requirement that you must live in a country for at least a number of years on top of just having citizenship by birth. We truly live in a materialistic world now where money seems to be able to buy everything. I totally agree that this should not be allowed at all and they should make laws to prevent this.

      2. @hetieshou The funny thing is people who got here correctly first get their green card which require them to live in the US for at least 5 years before they can get their citizenship. And within that time, they can’t leave the US longer then 6 months.. but then we have these rich people who just give birth to their kids here and boom free citizenship! How messed up is that?

    2. @llwy12 How did ZZY’s giving birth in the US affect you? I believe she foot the whole bill herself and did not use any public assistance (Medicaid etc). Not that she was entitled to any as a foreign national. The hospital and the medical professionals were all too happy to accommodate her because she was a full ticket pyer. In fact, having her baby here in effect help to mitigate the US trade deficit with China as we have sold our service to them for a change.

      How about Shirley Yeung, who also had her daughter here in the US? Did she milk any of our benefits?

      1. @aiya well it depends as now her daughter is a US citizen so that mean later down the road she can sponsor her parents to become US citizen. Her child will reap the benefits of being born here. And yes, this apply to Shirley too. What they are doing is wrong IMO. it’s no difference then people from China going to HK to give birth.

        If ZZY paid for everything then good for her.. that still doesn’t make things right.. but then I guess it beat those that come and take advantage of the system and get everything for free.

      2. @aiya First of all, how do we know ZZY paid the entire bill herself?  Just because she is rich doesn’t mean she won’t take advantage of the healthcare and welfare system in the U.S..  I actually know quite a few rich people who abuse the system.  One of my mom’s friends was telling me how her friend who is filthy rich (to the point where she lives in a big house in an affluent neighborhood and employs ‘maids’ who cook and clean for her) was actually bragging about still being able to get SSI money from the government and take full advantage of the public healthcare system so she doesn’t have to use a dime of her or her husband’s own money.   And she is in the country legally with a spouse visa too.  Of course, I’m not saying that ZZY for sure took advantage of the system, but by the same token, we don’t know that she didn’t either.

        To me, whether ZZY is rich or not is beside the point.  The part that I have problem with is — what business does ZZY have giving birth in the U.S. when her home is obviously in China and she doesn’t even have relatives or anything anchoring her down here?  I don’t see this any differently than those Mainland mothers who rush over to HK just to give birth so that their child can reap the benefits of being a HK citizen (keep in mind that “benefits” include things such as education for their children, which they are entitled to by virtue of being born there) – though to be honest, this situation (coming to the U.S. from China or any other country for that matter) is worse because one could argue that at least HK is part of China so technically it’s the same country so it’s not as bad.  And yes, I agree with @happybi that this is an issue with our government allowing people to take advantage without repercussion.  The immigration laws in this country definitely need a major overhaul, though most importantly, the laws need to be enforced.

        Lastly – our tax money doesn’t just go to welfare.  Unless ZZY had her baby in some exclusive, privately-owned/operated/funded hospital (which I doubt) – otherwise, even if she still paid for all her medical expenses, the mere fact that medical services (along with police department and fire department) are public services means that our tax money went towards building those infrastructures and paying for the staffing and overall services that those organizations provide. So yes, I did foot part of the bill merely by being a U. S. citizen who has worked hard and contributed to this country’s infrastructure and system for over 20 years.

      3. @llwy12 Very simple, 1)with her celebrity, well accounted assets, and a foreign national to boot, tell me how can she get around to qualifiy for Medicaid or any forms of public assistance that would fund the upscale private maternity ward (someone published the photo once) that she had reserved. Even if somehow she magically pulled it off and gotten welfare assistance, just imagine the embarassment once that was uncovered by the Pap. It is like Donald Trump got caught trying to shoplift a pair Hanes underwear.

        As I said to happybi, we should not confuse ZZY’s case with legitimate anger toward immigration and public service abuse.

      4. @llwy12
        Very well said! It is so sad that some just have so much money that they think they can do what they want. What about the poor and less privileged who still have to struggle just to make ends meet? I hate it when people abuse the system like this. They really should pass laws to forbid this or more and more anchor babies will be leeching off of our system.

    3. @llwy12

      I’m not from the US so not familiar with the system. Is it legal to travel to America to give birth or did she have to deceive the tourist system to gain a visa?

      1. @jimmyszeto No it is not legal to travel to the US to give birth unless the Mom herself is a US Citizen, which ZZY is not. So yes she over stayed her visit and now her daughter is a US Citizen. There is nothing in place that track people who does this. Something that honestly need to be address.

      2. @happybi At present, there is no laws against what you would call “Birth Tourism” and “Anchor Babies” are fully protected by American Citizenship as prescribed by the 14th Amendment. Debating the merits of such laws or the lack of belongs to another time and another venue..

        People like ZZY whose net worth valued at US$20 million does not need sponsorship in order to live in the US. That’s the privilege of wealth.and fame. Something would be terribly wrong if she eyed the wefare benefits of the US as the motivation for her giving birth here. No, I don’t consider her daughter as an anchor baby. She was just trying to shop for the best pre-natal care and decided the US is it for her.. It is no difference than somebody like me to travel to Italy to buy myself a Versace suit (not that I can afford to). I am sure the Italians would not feel that I was there to milk their benefits.


      3. @aiya

        Are the rich mainlanders travelling to Hong Kong to give birth deserved of such privilege then? There aren’t seeking monetary benefits either but will gain the birth service and also the Hong Kong Citzenship for the child.

      4. @aiya

        Relationship is not important. It doesn’t matter even if she has all the status in the world.Once one individual can abuse the system, others will follow suit. Laws and policies are set for a reason.

      5. @aiya I know what you are saying.. Liked I said if she did pay for everything, then good for her. But it still doesn’t make it right.

        But yes, I really doubt her daughter will need to sponsor her parents over. I’m more against those that come and milk our system. And yes there are people like this here that does it!!!!! It’s just not right!!!

        I feel if these people do come over and gave birth they 1 must afford it and pay for everything themselves. And 2 they should pay a huge fine then at least our govt. will benefits from what they are doing!!! It’ll also be a warning for others that try to do the same thing..

        I mean look at the 1 child policy in China.. people who wants a 2nd kid need to pay a % of their salary income in order to do it. So they will think twice before having a 2nd child. So if these people come here to give birth and get a US Citizenship they should pay a huge fine!!!!!

      6. @happybi

        I understand your anger against an immigration system that has completely gone broken; however it is my point that we should not confused that with ZZY’s case. She is among the world’s top 1% jet setters who can live anywhere in the world and does not need to rely on chicaneries to upend any system in order to do so. Just like those ancient British rock stars who ended up settling here in the US to avoid the back-breaking tax burden back home.

        The other question of rather it is right for these people to do what they do or should they be allowed to do what they do, who can be the judge on how one should spend his or her money in a free society. No one can tell ZZY she has no right tot pay for the best pre-natal care in the US anymore than telling Paul McCartney he can’t purchase another US$6 million water front property in the Hamptons (NY) and thereby setting up another tax shelter from Inland Revenue. It is just how free-market societies work, rightly or wrongly.

      7. @aiya
        i can see your point. If we had the power and money we would probably do the same and strive for the best. It’s a shame if she doesn’t trust the facilities of her homeland though since this is the place that have gave her everything, family, love and wealth. Although I wouldn’t rule out that she also wants to give her child the foreign status which would also show her insecurity.

      8. @aiya I get your point and we can probably argue endlessly that what ZZY did is a privilege of the wealthy, she probably paid for her medical expenses instead of taking advantage of public assistance, can’t completely blame her because we have a broken immigration system that allows it, etc. etc.  But at the end of the day, it still affects me by mere virtue of me being a U.S. citizen who did things the right way and have been contributing to the system here on my own for 20+ years.  Now ZZY’s child will be entitled to all the benefits here — not just public assistance but education and job opportunities as well in the future —  despite neither of her parents actually contributing one cent into the system (and I’m not talking about spending money to stimulate the economy – I’m talking about actually paying taxes into the system)….which in a way, takes those benefits away from another child (possibly mine in the future) whose parents did do things the right way.  To me, she is setting a bad example (and not only her of course – other celebrities who do the same thing are in the same boat in my opinion). 

        With all that said, I kind of feel like we are talking about 2 different things here.  Yes, ZZY is wealthy enough to live where ever she wants, but obviously she chose to settle in Beijing – she came to the U.S. just to have her baby and that’s it – to me, that’s ‘taking advantage’ of the immigration system here.  Of course, that’s different from the illegal immigrants who come here to have a baby to ‘anchor’ themselves and their families here, or those who deliberately take advantage of our public assistance and services, etc. But it’s still taking advantage nonetheless. It would be different if ZZY or Wang Feng actually settled here or actually grew up here or have family here or live and work here – in other words, they have a reason to have a baby here other than the fact that they are rich and can do whatever the hell they think they want. (of course, if they do have family here or actually grew up here or lived here or what not, then definitely correct me, since I don’t follow either of them or anything related to them so of course won’t know their backgrounds to that extent).

        @happybi @jimmyszeto Yes, definitely maddening! My sister-in-law is from the Mainland and she has a pretty big network of relatives and friends both here and still in the Mainland, so I see a lot of this stuff too and the mentality that a lot of them have is frustrating (and disgusting in sone cases). While it’s true that not everyone is ‘deliberately’ trying to abuse the system, there is still a large enough number that does so out of ignorance and not being familiar with how things operate in the U.S. – yet some of them still refuse to assimilate and want to maintain their culture as well as way of life here.  Some of my sister-in-law’s friends are constantly trying to ‘teach’ her how to take advantage of the loopholes and cracks in the U.S. system to “get head” – if my family weren’t there to tell her otherwise and point out right from wrong, no telling what would happen.  Just as a means of example of how ridiculous things can get – one of my sister-in-law’s friends who just immigrated here last month was talking about wanting to learn to drive so she could travel further to get a good-paying job in a better area from where she lives, but was lamenting the arduous process of having to go through written test and driving test and if she didn’t pass, would have to go through it again and again.  One of the friends in the group was puzzled as to why she would have to go through such a process, as she said that her uncle didn’t have to do any of that and still got a driver’s license.  She said her uncle told her that it’s easy to “buy” a driver’s license here, you just need to pay the right money to the right people.  (I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly don’t want to be driving on the same road as that girl’s uncle).  The sad thing is that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard such stuff, so obviously it happens more often than most of us think. And no, I’m not trying to single out Mainlanders, as people from other countries do it too, but since my experience is mostly with Chinese from Mainland, those are of course the examples that come to mind right away.

      9. @llwy12 Oh I am sure they will contribute in the future but probably not the way we like. Look at our current housing situation. People from China are driving up the real estate market as they over paying for houses and paying it with cash. Which cause people who want to buy probably the same house not being able to afford it.

        But yes, know too many people who are taking advantage of the system. As a middle class citizen in the US, we really get screw big time.

      10. @llwy12 I agree we are looking at the same situation from 2 different perspectives. You continue to view the situation through the prism of immigration when there is no indication that she even entertain the thought of immigrating to the US. Also, I don’t quite understand you keep seeing citizenship as a zero sum game. Her daughter will be private schooled up the wazoo and even if she ended up studying here one day, she won’t be in your neighborhood public school and use up the tax dollars by all law abiding citizens. She will be traveling in the circle of the privileged, like Andy Lau’s kid, who won’t be tapping into any governmental “benevolence” any time soon.

        As F Scott Fritzgerald once wrote, “The rich, they are surely different than you and I.”

      11. @happybi
        I heard that people that do come here to give birth do pay a fee but not sure how much. However, that still does not make it right.

      12. @aiya
        It is definitely not the monetary benefits that she is going for. I do not know if you know, but many of the really rich in China hope to live in the US or elsewhere one day since they still lack freedom and human rights in China. I have many students from China who all came here to study but hope to stay here permanently one day. They want the freedom, human rights and other benefits that their home country obviously lacks. Therefore,it is not just all about money and monetary benefits.

      13. @hetieshou
        100% agree with you there and that’s the point I was trying to make. However much money a celeb has he/she can still can feel insecure about own country and is looking for a possible solution. The solution could be to gain citizenship in the US as a possible way out in the future. I don’t know why others are separating monetary benefits, status gains and future gains in the debate.It’s all the same! It’s accessing the benefits and rights of a country they have no right to.

      14. @jimmyszeto
        Yes,very well said! Those were the points that I was trying to make too. If all was well in China and other home countries, then why must they go through this and that just to come here and give birth? They hope the US citizenship will be an escape ticket for them and their kids in the distant future and other benefits that will come with it.

      15. @hetieshou

        Thanks! To be honest if I was an investor pumping money into the China economy or film industry, I would consider whether to pay ridiculous amounts to these stars, if they think that the country is a platform to gain fame and fortune but not trusting the country’s services and facilities. I don’t think it’s the lack of trust in the facilities though because they have to money to pay all sorts of medical experts and geniuses.That’s all an excuse! The ultimate incentive is the gain in foreign national status/credibility and an escape ticket like you suggested. Similar to this are when rich parents sending their children to USA, England, Australia to study at a foreign University to gain a qualifications to increase their own status and credibility. When meeting some of these foreign students, one would realise that they don’t have the ability or motivation to carry out a education in a foreign country. They end up hanging around with fellow oriental students during the years of study and not speak at all with local students. At coursework/dissertation some would pay capable people to write it for them. At least in this instance the student will be sent back home after a few years if incapable of finding a decent job, although I’m sure there are ways around this.

      16. @jimmyszeto
        You always bring up such great points! I once had to assistant teach a whole class of Chinese students from Mainland China and none of them were motivated to study. They only cared when they knew they were going to fail which was sadly too late. They thought they can pay for more chances but the university policy was only 3 chances and that was it. I even heard some buying fake degrees thinking that it was the easy way out,but they now require transcripts so that is no longer the case.

        Yup,in the end,it is just a chance to earn an escape ticket. I had a classmate who wants to stay here and was finding many ways to do so but not sure how well they went.

      17. @hetieshou

        The courses with exams, I’m not sure if nowadays if it I possible to pay someone to do it but there certainly were organisations who advertised to do it for money. I must shamefully admit I have accepted money to proof read coursework in the past so it is certain that this is a method for students to gain that piece of qualification paper on no merit. The parents won’t have the foggiest idea because they are rich and will have a lazy post ready for their child when they return anyway.The family status improves because parents can tell others that their child has a ‘foreign degree’. Yes. The few that want to stay are usually the ones who didn’t come from a rich background. I knew a few working Malaysian students who wanted to stay but they couldn’t find a solution. The methods nowadays are still only if a big company hired them on merit or faked marriage.

      18. @hetieshou honestly the smog issue in China is huge!! Soon people won’t be able to go out in the streets without their whole body being covered. Who want to live their long term if they are rich enough to buy their way out?! That’s exactly what these people are doing!

      19. @happybi
        Is the pollution in China that bad? I heard it was in Beijing but not sure about the other cities. Is that one of the reasons many people want to immigrate besides the fact that China lacks freedom and human rights?

      20. @hetieshou

        It’s only bad in a few of the industrial cities. If they just moved to the next town or city there would be the nicest fresh air you can get. The cities are massive that even the gigantic population does not make the country crowded. It is totally the opposite of the crowded and polluted Hong Kong. The lack of freedom and human rights is certainly the main reason for immigration and also the reason of transferring their wealth to another country to protect it.

      21. @hetieshou My BIL travel to China a lot for his job. Sometime my SIL goes with him. She said sometime the air is so bad that they just stay in the hotel and not go out the whole day.

        But like @jimmyszeto said, maybe it’s certain town but with the way they build “ghost town” over there, the air will only get worst.

      22. @happybi

        Yes. The business trip cities will likely be polluted. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. I think most of the other cities will have good environment. I’ve been to Foshan and cities in Guongdong and they seem fine. Retirement life is definitely better to settle in China, USA and Canada because of the healthier environment subject to money in China though.Not sure about the welfare for in other countries. I know China offers nothing but in England,Medical expenses, care home support and old age pension are all free.

      23. @happybi
        Sounds like I’m promoting my country but we are lucky and spoilt here with all the support. The negatives though are that the country is boring and there’s lack of entertainment. Shops close early and there’s not much to do apart from drinking and clubbing. I’ve been on hols to the USA and loved it!

      24. @jimmyszeto Don’t you guys pay a lot of taxes though? Glad you like it here. Gotta say the US have issues but at the end of the day we are very lucky to be here. We like to complain but we know we are very fortunate compare to other people.

      25. @happybi

        We do! I think the first £10000 or so of income is exempt then afterwards its 20% but rises max of 40% if £43000 plus.Not sure how it compares with other countries but cant get rich working for others.

      26. @jimmyszeto Agreed, especially with the “accessing benefits and rights of a country they have no right to” part.  You summed it up perfectly!  I honestly don’t understand what ZZY’s wealth has to do with the issue of her abusing the system – it’s almost like people are saying that it’s ok to abuse another country’s system as long as you are rich or have the money/means to do so.  Reminds me of the long-debated amnesty issue here where people try to justify illegals coming into the country with the “well, they spend money and stimulate the economy so we should turn a blind eye to the fact that they actually broke the law” argument.   It shouldn’t matter whether someone is rich or poor because when it comes down to it, abusing the system is abusing the system, just like breaking the law is breaking the law — that fact doesn’t change whether money is involved or not.

      27. @llwy12

        Yes. Laws should be the same for everyone and people who break them should receive the same treatment. There are people making exceptions for the likes of ZZY with all the ‘congratulations, it’s alright to give birth in the US because you are ZZY’ are just being selective and biased. To me she is just another actress and to foreigners she is an average Chinese citizen. Why should we make exceptions for her? And many thanks to her for popularising and promoting birth tourism. Many will now follow suit to make their child into the next ABC or BBC. great!

      28. @hetieshou I am well aware of that. But my point is that people of that level of wealth can set up residency anywhere without resorting to these kinds of draastic maneuvers.

        For example, Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba and one of the wealthiest people in China, has set up a residency in the US after he listed his company at the NYSE. He did so without having to resort to any of the “bucking the system” maneuvers.

        That’s what I called wealth comes with privileges..

      29. @aiya
        Wait,so you are saying as long as someone is rich they have the rights and privilege to do what they want even if it is not right?I do not believe that we should favor one over everyone just because they have fame and fortune. Abusing the system is abusing the system and it should not matter if you are rich or poor. I find it sad that the rich tend to get away with things a lot more often and easily just because they have the financial means to do so.

      30. @hetieshou I am not saying or advocating anything policy wise; I am only telling it is happening and it is allowed by laws for now. So, I fail to see where the abuse comes in . If you deem these policies are unfair or corrupt, then the appropriate approach would be to push for legislatiive changes that would probhibit any foreign nationals from extending their stays in the country…

        I give you an example of what I mean, In Canada, you can immigrate into the country as long as you (and family) can fork up CD$250,000 to show you money to invest into their economy. That’s how everybody’s uncle (who has the money) in HK was able to get Canadian residency/citizenship. For those who don’t have the money, tough luck. So, you tell me if those people (including the parents of many TVB starlets) were abusing the system or they were just complying with a policy that you deemed as “unfair” and corrupt”? It was never my intention to exercise any such moral judgement on those who qualified for what the system stipulates. Keep in mind that it is not the foreign nationals who sets these legislations.

      31. @happybi

        This is a ridiculous! She has no legit family in the USA and can barely speak a word of English but abuses her power which is money to benefit herself. There she was strolling around the US like it was the norm for her child to be born there.

      32. @jimmyszeto It is but our govt. are not doing anything about it!!!! Problem with the US in a way!! Our system are broken and many can take advantage and milk off the system!

      33. @happybi

        There’s always a way around every system no matter what the government does. In England for example many overstay their visits and become illegal immigrants. Once caught, many aren’t sent back but find a way to gain permanent citizenship and reap rewards of the benefits and welfare….It is just terrible that a celebrity can think she has the right to find a way around the law. There shouldn’t be exceptions for anyone. This will only bring a lot more people across to visit the USA for selfish reasons.

      34. @jimmyszeto Yes, it’s the same situation here. My sis know someone who is here for her master so is here via school visa. Her kids were born here so they are US Citizen. They both get free healthcare and free school system. They live in an expensive area where their house are paid off in CASH! They have rental property in HK and her hubby travel back and forth for business. Her older kid are going to college soon and is getting financial aid as technically they are not filing any taxes so is consider low income. And if they do file, not much!!! These are the people who make me sick!!!!!!!!!

        Financial aid should be going to people who actually need it!! Not these leches!

      35. @happybi I am sure there are ample examples such injustice all over.

        During my family’s interloping years in HK, I got to know a few kids who technically lived in subsidized housing. But when I visited one of them once, I noticed there were all sorts of luxury cars parked in lot. I asked him whose cars are those and he surprised at my ignorance and said “people who live here, of course”.
        My first exposure to the real world was priceless.

        But then I would be a hypocrite not to mention that my family got to live on Mid Level solely on my dad’s employer”s dime.

      36. @aiya sigh.. it’s everywhere.. not just here in the US….

        living off your employer dime is different.. It’s call relocation benefits… company should take care of that.

      37. @happybi

        Seems like that is just greed. People will always have the mindset,’if I don’t take the support others will gain it for free anyway’.If financial care is available there are bound to be people working their socks off to access it. I have distant relatives who have overstayed their visa. Gained citizenship and are trying to squeeze out all benefits they can get. Govt assisted housing, child benefits, child tax credits, unemployment support, disabilities support for one of their many children including a provided car. They also have a food takeaway shop business and at least one property out for rent purchased by full cash sent from rich parents in China. The best yet is that they faked divorce on purpose to gain extra benefits for single parents. Another relative gained citizenship a couple of years ago gains similar financial support and works but spends half the year with his family in China whilst the money rolls into his account on a weekly basis here in England. Others are working hard on a daily basis to feed their families whilst others are living a luxurious lives. I don’t blame ZZY for taking financial benefits it’s unlikely that she has, but she has done exactly the same as what the above mentioned have done.’ It is getting around another countries system for own selfish benefits’ and worse is she is setting a bad example to the millions who watch her every move.

      38. @jimmyszeto Those are the people that makes me mad!!! It won’t end… just hope the law will change so that these people will get penalize!

      39. @jimmyszeto

        Yes, what you said is so right and I see that with so many international students. I used to have a classmate like that but have not talked to her for many years so not sure if she still here or is back in China or not. I think the laws in the US just are not strict enough.

      40. @jimmyszeto That like saying my friend and his parents who is from hong kong are not allow here because tthey have no legit family in the USA and whole fmaily can’t speak of english

      41. @cherry90031

        What are you getting at? They are allowed to the US or UK or whereever to visit if meeting conditions and leave before the date the visa expires just like if I was to visit China or Hong Kong.

    4. @llwy12

      This practice isn’t new. Some famous HK actresses also flew to the US to give birth during the 1960s. Many actresses from Taiwan and S.Korea have done the same and are still doing so. Jimmy Lin’s wife gave birth in LA several months ago. The incentive is US citizenship for the new generation and subsequent benefits for the parents.
      There should be a law against Chinese advertisements encouraging this sort of thing.

      1. @msxie0714
        I know this is not new but just because it is not new does not mean it is ok. Jimmy Lin’s first child was born here but his twins were born in Taiwan. I remember how angry many were that he did that so he decided to have just the first kid have US citizenship so he can sponsor everyone else over. That is just despicable and I just hope laws will be passed to forbid this so they stop doing this.

    5. @llwy12
      I totally agree with you as my mom and I were just talking about this the other day. She really hates and objects to people who come here to give birth in the US just to get American citizenship. They then go back to their country and most likely will not pay a dollar of taxes,but will then reap all of the benefits that all of the other citizens have worked hard to pay for. Other celebs have done this so some just automatically think that it is legal and ok. I still remember Alyssa Jia trying to do that with her first daughter but received a lot of backlash so she decided to give birth in Taiwan instead. But her case made more sense as her ex husband was an American citizen so her daughter could still get it either way.

      My mom was saying that they just want to reap all of the benefits of being a US citizen. I think they want an escape route just in case they want to immigrate to the US in the future. It is just not right and unfair to the people who,are poor and not as well off. Liu Tao gave birth to both her kids here and gave the reason that it was because of the one child policy. I thought that was more of an excuse.

      Yes, hopefully she has her kid in her own country next time and that the US has new and stricter rules that would forbid foreigners to jump over here and have so many anchor babies. Enough is enough!

      1. @hetieshou Yup…no doubt that other celebrities have done it in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  And yes, agree with the piece about the motivation behind a lot of this being an ‘escape ticket’ for the future (though in the case of China, after the missing booksellers case, not sure how ‘beneficial’ a foreign passport will be now to get people out of trouble in their home country).  I also agree with what you guys said about the status gains and other non-monetary benefits such as freedom and human rights being one of the motivations for people continuing to do this stuff.  Regardless of the motivation though, blatantly abusing the system is wrong and to me, it’s even more deplorable when these celebrities throw money at the situation as a means of justifying their actions.  Most of us would get upset if a celebrity were to break the law but got away with it because of their fame and money while an ordinary citizen without the same means would have to accept the consequences of their actions, right?  I honestly don’t see the difference here except that instead of breaking the law, these celebrities are abusing the system. 

      2. @llwy12
        What missing booksellers are you referring to? I have never heard of it. We’re there some people selling fake passports or something?

        Torally agree that it is so unfair that these celebs tend to get such special treatment versus the average citizen. Celebs seem to get away with most things just because they have fame and fortune. Life us truly unfair.

      3. @hetieshou Oh, you didn’t hear about the HK missing booksellers’ case?  It was a huge issue that actually got international attention around the world (though it was non-entertainment related, so if you mostly follow entertainment industry news, possible have never heard of it).  In a nutshell, 5 booksellers from a previously little known bookstore in Causeway Bay mysteriously ‘disappeared’ in October last year.  The bookstore supposedly sold books that were ‘banned’ in China — books that were critical of the Chinese government and also revealed a lot of dirty ‘gossip’-type stuff about prominent leaders of the CCP, including China’s leader Xi Jin Ping.  4 of the sellers disappeared while in HK and 1 disappeared while traveling in Thailand.  I don’t remember all the details surrounding all 5 guys, but I know 3 of them were foreign nationals (1 held a British passport and 2 held Swedish passports).  It was widely speculated at that time that all 5 booksellers had been “kidnapped” by Mainland Chinese government, which of course turned out to be true with all the ridiculous ‘events’ that happened throughout the last couple months (including one of the bookseller’s wife filing a missing person report with the HK police, only to retract the report later claiming that her husband was never missing).  It has actually become quite a circus, as, in typical Mainland China fashion, those booksellers eventually ‘resurfaced’ briefly to give ‘confessions’ on national television – all claimed not to have been kidnapped and that they had actually went into China voluntarily to assist in an investigation.  One of the booksellers (the Swedish national), who had supposedly been ‘kidnapped’ while travelling in Thailand, claimed that he had ‘voluntarily’ turned himself in to Mainland authorities over a drunk driving accident that had occurred 13 years ago.  Even more ridiculous was the owner of the bookstore (the British national), who actually did an interview with Phoenix TV months after the other guy did and said that he was NOT kidnapped, but rather, he had “snuck into China illegally on his own accord to assist with an investigation” (those were his own words).  After that, the booksellers resurfaced in HK 1 after another with the sole purpose of going to the HK police to tell them to stop investigating their case, as they were not kidnapped and were in Mainland on their own accord assisting in an investigation.  I actually stopped following the case at the end of last month so not sure what the latest developments are now but last I read was that the bookstore owner had returned to HK but the others were still in China.

        From the missing booksellers case, it’s obvious that having a foreign passport doesn’t do crap if you get in trouble with the Mainland government (unless you move out completely and actually reside in the foreign country where you have the passport and never travel to any Asian country again).  If I remember correctly, at one point during the case, both Great Britain and Sweden made a half-hearted attempt to ‘intervene’ by ‘demanding’ that China give them answers on what happened, but of course China remained silent and the other countries were helpless to do anything because no one could actually ‘prove’ that the booksellers were kidnapped by Mainland government (besides, those other countries aren’t going to risk damaging political and economic ties over some petty bookseller).

  3. Yes. It’s so unfair that people have no shame of abusing our system. When her daughter grows up and goes to school in the US – it will be much cheaper for her. One thing I learned that often times the richer people get the more greedy they get also. There are people who live in nice houses and driving nice cars, but are collecting all sorts of benefits because they don’t put those assets under their names. My biggest problem with this is these same people are the ones that look down on us, law biding tax payers/citizens.

    The US government changed something with the SSI’ recipients – if they leave the country more than a month then they will lose that benefit.

    1. @dramas4me

      Totally agree and I must say that the laws are getting stricter but still not strict enough which is why people are still abusing our system. But things cannot just change overnight so it will take time. I am glad that the laws have changed for SSI recipients since people used to really abuse that benefit.

      1. @dramas4me it’s worst when these people boast about it! I remember my MIL telling me that people at her work place was telling her how to cheat the system and how they get things for free! It makes me so mad.. I say to my MIL.. nothing is for free! Those free things they are getting is from tax $$ that WE are giving! So they are living off our MONEY!!!

      2. @happybi Yep. Exactly. That’s what I noted in my earlier message. When I 1st got married one my relatives told me to not get a marriage certificate so if I have children – I can go on welfare. I flatly told her I have no intention of doing that. I rather work and lift my head high then get the $ and feel a shame of myself.

      3. @dramas4me You know what’s sad? That she actually suggested it to you that mean she probably suggested to others and they may have listened.

      4. @happybi

        It’s sad, shameful and disgusting that so many Chinese from HK, Taiwan, China are so lacking in ethical behavior, having no qualms about cheating the system to their selfish advantage..

      5. @msxie0714 No. Actually it happened in every race & nationalities. Just like there are good and bad people in every race & nationalities. I have seen that happened. I had a former co-worker (Pakistan) who often came to work late and our boss didn’t know about her tardiness (he started work later than us) – she would seat there and do homework or cut coupons during work hours. When it was time to go home then she asked for his permission to work overtime. I would never have the nerve to do that.

      6. @dramas4me
        Yes,it is not just Chinese but people from all races and nationalities do it. I know many who still cheat the system to this day. I guess they just feel that as long as they do not get caught,then they will get away with it so they will keep on doing it.

      7. @hetieshou Yep. Sometimes they will get caught. My motto is I want to be the person that I can feel good about myself. I can live with my conscience – not stealing, cheating or hurting anyone.

      8. @msxie0714 It’s sad really.. but it def. happen in all race. .just that we are Chinese so see/hear more of what’s happening in the Chinese community.. Some of the people I mention above are not Asian.. the person at the daycare place was a huck gui and my ex-coworker… a bak gui..

    2. @dramas4me
      How does this make it cheaper for ZZY’s daughter’s future schooling in the US(presumably)? Schools like Choate, Exeter, or Friends Academy would charge her the same rate as they would with Obama’s daughter or one of the Bush kids.

      As to your second point, well who knows, maybe people like Donald Trump or Oprah Windfrey are getting all types of public assistance under our noses. LOL!! I can only imagine Trump uses his SSI checks to fund his campaign.

      1. @aiya it depends if they will put their kids through private or public school. Many of the offender that I know of buy houses in expensive/know for good school system town and then their kids goes to public school. Everything is free then.

        I think what we can agree on is that ZZY is rich enough that she won’t need the US assistant if one day she does plan to come and live here. Does it make it right? I don’t think so.

        what we are arguing mostly are the rich (but not the super rich) that come and leaches off the system.

        Oprah Windfrey getting public assistance!!! Ha! Good one!!

      2. @happybi My response was catered to dramas4me who specifically made reference to ZZY’s daughter.

        As with the group you were referring, well, they are not totally getting free stuff. Remember the expensive houses they purchased comes with hefty property tax that helps to fund the schools to where they would send their kids.

        I don’t know what is so wrong with people, like ZZY, who one day might choose to live in the US one day without having to rely on any public assistance. In fact, they don’t even need citizenship to do so. I see no difference than when my family went to HK during those 5 years and used all sorts of infrastructural benefits of the city without paying a penny of taxes (no income tax in HK). Was that also wrong?

      3. @aiya Are you sure your Dad didn’t pay tax when he was in HK? As my SIL hubby has Australian citizenship but he was recruited to work in HK where he get relocation benefit and didn’t have to pay for living for the first few years. But he was paying taxes. HK does have tax but not high compared to the US which is about 35%. If I remember correctly it’s only around maybe 10% in HK?

        True those high property tax for living in the $$$ area does kick in. For people like ZZY, it’s wrong if they are living here but is not filing for any taxes. If they are hey the so be it.

      4. @happybi You may be right about HK income taxes. Dad was working for an US-based concern and that was some times ago when I was a bit young to understand the tax structure of HK. Perhaps the combination of low local rates and the possibility of him pre-negotiated with his firm to gross up his compensation accordingly led him to convey to us that he was not paying any income taxes in HK.

        If ZZy were to live in the US, she must file less she would be charged with evasion.

        BTW, I just thought of a situation similar to ZZY. 30 some years ago, John Lennon relocated here to avoid the high taxation rate back in the UK. Then he sired a son (Sean) who was automatically an American citizen while John himself had never sought citizenship even though he was living here until his death. I did not read about any opposition of him being here except for the Nixon Administration who saw him as threat as a voice in anti-Vietnam War protests.

      5. @aiya Did John Lennon filed tax here then? That’ll be the question I want to know. As if ZZY does do the same thing and decide to come and live here but only certain period of time, will she file US tax? That’s the gray area that I don’t understand….

      6. @happybi Besides, that’s the whole reason why Lennon came to live here. He was more happy to file US taxes than UK taxes where they would take more than 60% of his income to fund all the social benefits they started to provide their subjects, espcially immigrants from the former colonies.

      7. @aiya I don’t see how John Lennon’s situation is comparable to ZZY’s.  John Lennon relocated here (meaning that he actually moved here and settled here), whereas ZZY still lives and works in Beijing — she came here to have a baby only.  If ZZY had relocated here and actually settled here instead of in Beijing, then yes, the situation would be comparable.  Or if John Lennon and his wife came here just to have a baby and then went back to England and settled there, then also comparable situation. Otherwise, the comparison doesn’t make much sense other than the celebrity status and wealth factor.

      8. @llwy12 I was comparing Lennon’s situation to the hypothetical scenario of ZZY living here sometimes in the future because happybi thought that would be wrong for her to do so.

      9. @aiya If her daughter goes to college here in the US – because she is a US citizen she won’t be charge as foreign student’s tuition. Foreign students pay really, really high to attend school here.

        On the 2nd point: “One thing I learned that often times the richer people get the more greedy they get also.” I didn’t say ALL the rich people are doing it.

        Their daughter was born here for reasons.
        #1 >> perhaps it’s a status reason
        #2 >> there must be some kind of benefits down the road not just out of nowhere that they picked US as her birth place.

        An incident that happened to me few years ago. Few of my relatives who collected public assistant and worked for cash. One day I came to the gathering and drove my older car and they were surprised that I wasn’t driving a new car. I’m a middle class citizen and I’m a tax payer. I don’t have the “extra cash” like those people and I’m proud of who I am as a citizen. Can you imagine if ALL people/citizens think like them? US would bankrupt in no time. Who are the ones going to pay the taxes? It’s so sad!!!

      10. @dramas4me Very true!  Though I would also add that the richer some people get, not only do they get greedier, they also get stingier as well.  I know someone who is rich and not only abuses the system by still getting benefits, she also tries never to spend any of her own money if she can help it – whenever she has dinner with friends, she makes them pay for dinner even though they are less well-off than her (the classic ‘I forgot my wallet’ excuse) and most of the time, she will bring her entire family to dinner, even though they weren’t invited, because she knows someone else is paying for dinner so she will try to get as much out of it as possible.  Not only that, she will order the most expensive food (and encourages everyone else at the table to do the same) when someone else is paying, but when she herself has to pay, she will order the cheapest thing on the menu (and berate others if they try to order anything with a higher price tag than what she ordered). 

        Sure, not all rich people are like that, but I don’t think anyone here was trying to generalize that in the first place, as it was pretty obvious you were referring to some not all. So no clarification needed in my opinion. 🙂

      11. @llwy12 wow that friend of your sound just like a friend of my sister who I mention earlier! Cheap as cheap can be but that’s how they stay wealthy by leaching off others! My sis have since stop associating with this “friend” of her as she’s done being used by these people.

      12. @dramas4me Yes. Middle class citizens who work our ass off and pay taxes are the one hit the hardest with the current US situations. We don’t get any assistance from the govt. Day cares are super $$$ and for the past 10 yrs, salary haven’t increase much but everything else have triple fold! The cost of living have become high but it’s not showing in our paychecks.

      13. @happybi & @llwy12 Wow! Did you read my mind about these issues (cost of living in the US & blood sucking people)? I agree with you like 200%. I have no respect for these people at all.

      14. @dramas4me

        No surprise really! That’s how most of us feel about these issues.. The actual locals who lived within their systems for generations feel the same but are much more angry.

      15. @jimmyszeto Yep. That’s why some of them support Donald Trump. Personally I don’t care for him because he doesn’t have the charisma of a president of US and he is a bully.

      16. @dramas4me I honestly still remember to this day another situation that blows my mind and I got so mad! When my daughter was only an infant and as i was dropping her off at dc where I pay full tuition because my income doesn’t qualify for any assistant. Another woman was dropping off her daughter and was giving the daycare person small cans of “infant” formula. The daycare person told her to buy it from BJs (discount superstore) as it’s bigger and will end up being cheaper… That woman response was epic! She said nah it doesn’t matter as I don’t “pay” for those formula. I get it for free from WIC (welfare system)!!!! so it doesn’t matter where I get it!!

        Then I have a previous coworker who filed for bankruptcy so she didn’t have to pay credit card bill for her wedding that she can’t afford! But she’s wearing coach and have the latest smartphone!

        Those are the other type that makes me so MAD!!!!!

        Ok getting way off target but It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who live in the US and is very frustrated with the current system!

      17. @happybi

        Yeh. Let’s move onto happier topics. I could vent my frustration till this page has 1000+ posts but people taking advantage of the foreign systems.

      18. @happybi @dramas4me i live in the US also but while i am upset that people takes/cheats the system, i just keep my head high and not get mad over things like this. if everyone was picture perfect and did things the right way, i believe none of the current world issues/the US economy plunging down would even exist. While i understand people taking advantage of the system frustrates you both, nothing can be done as there will always be these type of people. It does, however, annoy me that working-class people (like my family and i) have to take the bullet for people who doesn’t have to worry a darn thing about paying heavy taxes and what not because they take advantage of welfare programs and whatever other government assistance programs.

      19. @akinu One thing comforts me is that I believe in karma. I have seen greedy people got burn. Some people (on welfare) who purchased a house & put it under someone else’s name. That someone refused to give the house back to the owner. Another case happened similar like that, but it was a restaurant. I believe we have more chances of keeping hard earned money than dishonest money.

      20. @dramas4me lol i swear i tagged u but somehow it says my name but as i was trying to say earlier, i never really see “bad people” get their karma so i dont really believe in karma anymore. just a personal standpoint from what i have lived to see so far.

      21. @akinu About tagging – I do believe you. It happened to me sometimes. Please don’t stop believing in karma, I have seen it happened so many times. I also believe strongly in conscience. I wish people should check their actions and see if they can live with themselves. Does it bother them when they go to bed at night?

      22. @dramas4me i think if they have a conscience, they wouldnt be doing those stuff. if it bothered them when they go to bed, they would have changed by then. but let’s move on this topic to a happier topic.

        and i’ll try to not lose faith in karma but it’s going to be hard.

      23. @akinu I know.. but sometime it’s hard not to get upset. Just hope the system will change. Also nice to just talk about it. Like @dramas4me said, it’s like a stress relief. And hey, welcome back.

      24. @happybi i understand, i just wanted to give my say on the topic. And thanks, feels weird being back.

        @akinu i no longer believe in karma because i have never really seen “bad people” getting what they deserve. from what i have lived to see so far, they all just get away with it.

      25. @happybi

        Thanks for sharing and I get ticked too. But I must say that it is a bit better since welfare is now limited to only 5 years regardless of reason. They also do not allow anymore new recipients for housing,but sadly they still al,ow people to come here and give birth to get free citizenship. When will our system ever change for the better?

      26. @dramas4me I am not too sure that US colleges/universities charge international students a higher rate than they do to citizens. Can you give me an example?

      27. @dramas4me LOL!! Yes, Berkeley is a state university so it charges non-California resident students higher than in state residents; however, there is no such a thing as an international tuition rate than is higher than domestic student rate. An American student from Texas would still have to pay the higher non resident rate at Berkeley as would a student from Timbuktu.

        If you look at private school like Stanford, you would find there is just one tuition rate for all.

      28. @aiya My point is that since her daughter is a US citizen and when she lives in the state where she is going to college then she would pay it as the resident’s rate. She will have that CHANCE. Otherwise as a foreigner student she will have to pay the higher rate for non-resident and international students.




      29. @dramas4me I hear ya, but guess what, she does not have to be a citizen in order to enjoy the in state rate of the UCal system. All she needed to do is to establish residence in California the year prior to apply.

        Anyway, in the final analysis, I don’t think these petty little savings matter all that much if you were the daughter of ZZY. She will be able to afford to go to any colleges she wants to regardless of cost and her parents won’t have to clip coupons in order to drum up tne finances either.

      30. @aiya

        This is England.When I was at university the international students paid close to around £7000 and we paid close to £2000 I think. Now it must be significantly more

      31. @jimmyszeto I thought all British universities are state-run and therefore free to all citizens.

        But then, two thousand pounds is really nothing in comparision to what US institutions charges.

      32. @aiya

        It’s a lot more now since I finished uni 8years ago. If parents household income is high then we pay full amount. If not then govt pays and it be deducted monthly from our wages when we find work after university.

      33. @jimmyszeto Very interesting way to insure repayment of government guaranteed student loans. I like it because it prevents dead beats as many here in the US.

        By the way, how much is the annual cost to attend institutions like Oxford or Cambridge these days. In the US, it generally takes US$60,000 all in a year to attend schools like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

      34. @aiya

        An update on the tuition fees nowadays is now £9000 a year here for British born students which is seriously increased since when i was at uni. Hence there were a lot of student protests a few years ago. Cambridge and Oxford falls into the same category as all the other universities and the tuition fee is the same. I think it is different here than China and the US as the tuition fee is fixed no matter which university. There are money grants though for the students who do not come from a high household income family which doesn’t need to be repaid but that is only enough for expenses. Tuition fees and money to rent accommodation can be paid by GOVT but must be repaid slowly once working.Tuition fees for International students ranges from £13000 to £18000 depending on the subject studied.

      35. @jimmyszeto
        It sounds like it here in the US. I still remember when I attended community college before I transferred to university. Our community college only charged us about $13 a unit so if we took like 13-15 units, it was only a few hundred dollars. But my friend who,was an international student from Taiwan had to pay $3000 US dollars. That was just for tuition only too, therefore, can you even imagine the other costs on top of that? I think that is why everyone thinks whoever comes to a foreign country to study is rich or at least well off.

      36. @hetieshou
        For international students especially from China $10000-$20000 or £s is nothing to them. The majority comes from families that a mega rich. The well mannered students come from a good education system and parents with powerful positions. The poor mannered ones probably come from parents who have got rich quickly overnight. I used to have a gf, a student from Beijing who’s parent were Govt officials in Beijing. She could spend however money she wanted and but was educated and could speak in English. The majority of Chinese students would stay the 4-5 years and wouldn’t learn a word of English because they are hanging around the same people they would do if they had studied in China.Whichever families they come from in China fraud and bribes is the norm and is an open secret so anyone wealthy would have carried it out before. Like I said, the tuition means nothing to them because money comes in quicker than they can spend. Chinese families are now becoming clever and transferring cash to be invested in the west, property, restaurants, supermarkets etr. Firstly a lot of money is illegitimate and in China people can lose a fortune overnight due to new legislation or arrest. It is a fallback ticket if it was to happen. Sorry, if we return to the topic, ZZY would be able to pay £2000 or £10000 if her child was to study abroad. I don’t think she will be bothered about the sum of money but I’m sure she will be proud that her child is an ABC and can walk in and out of the USA all they want. It definitely sounds better to the ear than her child having to apply for a visa just like the average China citizen.

      37. @aiya
        I am shocked you did not know that. I guess you do not know any international or non residential students. I remember one of classmates who was from a differ to state having to pay more but it was no where near the amount that the international students had to pay. The international students could not take out loans either.

      38. @hetieshou Huh???? You were shocked that I did not know what???

        Drama4me and I were discussing whether there are any specific tuition rates for foreign students that are higher than the domestic ones. This has nothing to do with in state and out -of-state rates that a state school charge because foreign students are charged the same rate as domestic students from a different state. We are strictly talking about cost and not the amount the sudents eventually have to pay. Everyone knows that foreign students are not qualified for any financial aid and therefore have to pay out of their own pockets or with help from their governments.

        Oh, please don’t make insinuation about my “limited exposure” to people from various background. It is totally uncalled for.

      39. @dramas4me
        Well said! We all live honestly and frugally while those who cheat have the latest model cars,Gucci bags,the latest iPhones,etc..but yet they try to act all honest and poor if front of us. How sick is that?

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