Zheng Shuang, Hu Yitian In Talks to Star in “The Journey of Flower” Spin-Off

As sources are confirming that Tuo Gu Xiang <脫骨香>, sister production to 2015’s The Journey of Flower <花千骨>, has started pre-production, casting speculations have also begun circulating among news circles.

Tuo Gu Xiang tells the romantic love story between a human and a ghost. The drama is based on a novel written by Fresh Guoguo (fresh果果), who also wrote the original novel in which The Journey of Flower was adapted from

Li Qin (李沁), best known for her performance as Xue Baochai in 2010’s The Dream of Red Mansions <红楼梦>, has already denied the rumors of her involvement on Tuo Gu Xiang. She released a statement clarifying that she was never in talks to play the female lead, nor did she ever consider it. Many fans of the novel did express their disappointment, as they said Li Qin would make the perfect female lead for the show.

According to an inside source, Zheng Shuang (郑爽) and Hu Yitian (胡一天) are being courted to star as the lead characters in Tuo Gu Xiang, although this claim has not been confirmed by any party. According to the source, both Zheng Shuang and Hu Yitian are close to sealing the deal. Zheng Shuang will be finishing up her new sci-fi drama Hi, I’m Saori <我的AI保母> while Hu Yitian has been filming the new remake for Juedai Shuangjiao <绝代双骄>, in which he plays Hua Wuque.

Source: Sina.com.cn

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Zheng Shuang looks weird in the photo above.

    Hu Yitian is kind of a wooden actor, so I suppose he can do well as Bai Zihua. Not much required of him. They typecasted him into a good role, but this guy needs more acting practice outside the range of wooden figures to grow his skills.

  2. Okay I’m always excited for a adaption or so but the journey of flower was bad like it took so much time for me to complete the show and I just fast forwarded so much since the acting and how the fl in there was just so weak annoyed me. Like the novel was okay but the show was just plain bad plus cgi was just funny (they literally cgi food like really I’m done).

  3. Do not know this ghost story. The one unforgettable ghost is Joey Wong Cho Yin. Guess one ghost where men are willing to die for. LOL. If this is story about a beautiful ghost, not sure whether ZS can pull it off. Maybe make up and wardrobe artist can help. ZS does not have that dreamy look IMO like Joey.

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