Zheng Shuang Returns Stage Props She Took Without Permission

Despite having taken props without permission, the artiste’s team called on the production team to bear the shipping charges.

On July 11, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) work studio posted on Weibo that it has returned stage props from the variety show Wonderful Little Forest <奇妙小森林>, including a pair of rain boots which were worn in rainy weather, seven items gifted by kids, and a wooden signage. The studio mailed back the items, but emphasized that the postage should be paid by the addressee upon arrival.

Stolen Stage Props and Used Them When Convenient

Her studio’s online post was an indirect admission that Zheng Shuang had in fact taken the stage props. Despite the actress’ apparent wrongdoing on the matter, many fans of the 28-year-old star left arrogant comments such as “Well done” to encourage her. One comment read, “I don’t care for your rain boots, please pay for the postage when it arrives!”

Many of Zheng Shuang’s fans also posted insulting comments about Wonderful Little Forest and Mango TV, on which the program was aired, with a fan suggesting that the actress sue the production crew of Wonderful Little Forest for starting rumors that she had “stolen props”.

Fans Defend Their Idol and Lambast Mango TV

A university undergraduate before her debut, Zheng Shuang shot to fame after starring in Hunan TV-produced Meteor Shower  <一起来看流星雨> in 2009. While her variety program The Summer Palace <我在颐和园等你> airing on Beijing Television has been positively received, Meteor Shower remains the most representative work in her 11-year career to-date.

Looking back at her career trajectory, the very first reality show on which Zheng Shuang was a regular guest star was Hunan TV’s Divas Hit The Road <花儿与少年2>. She had also taken part in Meeting Mr Right 2 <女人们的恋爱2> in late 2019. Even Zheng Shuang’s father, now a famed influencer, had benefited from exposure on the station’s reality show The Greatest Love <旋风孝子>.

Given Mango TV’s close links with Hunan TV, Zheng Shuang’s fans might be making things worse with their continuous criticism of the station. As one media commentator points out, “Zheng Shuang should harbor gratitude towards Mango TV. Although she has filmed for Beijing Television doesn’t mean she won’t film for Hunan TV in future. Although she has recorded a video for Tencent doesn’t mean she can’t film for Mango TV in future, so never be too harsh with your words.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lol! All the criminals would be like: it’s not stolen if I return the goods, right? Crappy entitle actress with crappy fandom >_> “I’ll return the stuffs I stole on your expenses!” – guess my opinion of her just hit a new low.

      1. @littlefish Yeah, I am not sure if it’s just Asian or China fans or all fans from all over the world that acts crazy with their idols. I was trying to watch a couple of episodes of Godfrey Gao’s last drama and I was able to skip thru a few episodes and always I can never finish them even thou GG really was eye candy. The fans that was on that show acted like they have NOTHING to do w their lives but following their so called idols around and their managers/production companies act like they have to care for these so called fan’s crazy requests and feelings? I am thinking to myself damn these fans have no life or what or it just depicted to be a bit extreme for drama purposes? ahha lol…So yeah, some of them can be really insane if these fans really act like in real life and really depressing if they have nothing better to do.

      2. @wm2017 well I guess where the government control a lot of aspects in their lives, this is the one escape they get where they can be crazy about it :/???

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