Zoie Tam on Maintaining Lasting Relationships: “Share the Same Philosophy and Respect”

The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> star Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) has a longterm boyfriend that she has been dating for seven years. The couple met through a mutual friend, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for them. It took her boyfriend, Enrico Chong (莊日宇), two long months before he finally plucked the courage to ask her out.

“He knew I liked Mickey Mouse, so he wore a Mickey Mouse shirt on our first date,” shared Zoie. “One day, he randomly gave me a bag of Japanese rice as a gift. He knew I like eating rice, so he packaged it very well for me. It was a very special and thoughtful gift. I remember it to this day. He’s never been a smooth talker. For him, action takes precedence, and that’s why I feel secure with him. He’s also a naturally curious person, and has a desire for knowledge. Whenever I have questions, he’s always prepared to help me out. I need someone like him by my side.”

Zoie and Enrico are each other’s biggest supporters and influencers. The 37-year-old said that her boyfriend has never been someone to care much about maintaining close family ties, but after dating her, he’s come to realize the importance of family.

“After getting to know each other more, he had realized how much I cherish my own family. I love spending time with my family, and after a while, he started to feel that desire too. Now, he would sometimes take the initiative to see my family. It really warms my heart.”

When it comes to maintaining relationships that last a lifetime, Zoie said, “When you first start a relationship, the first thing you have to consider is whether or not that person makes you feel safe and secure. It’s important to be able to be honest with each other. No secrets. The most important thing is self-confidence. If you start doubting even yourself, the smallest thing would get you scared. That relationship would be hard to maintain. I’ve always been very transparent with what I do. He’s not in the entertainment industry, but I make sure that he understands what’s going on in that aspect of my life so no problems or questions will arise. We have to trust each other and respect each other.”

Three years ago, Enrico purchased a million-dollar residential unit in Kowloon Tong, leading to discussion about her boyfriend’s wealth.

“He’s always been into real estate,” said Zoie. “It’s also leverage for our future. We do plan on getting married, so we are working towards that plan step by step. I’m very happy that he considers me in that future. We do want our children to live a comfortable life.” Zoie has also dabbed into real estate investment outside of Hong Kong, and often asks her boyfriend for advice.”

There were also rumors that her boyfriend had transferred a portion of his restaurant stocks to Zoie. “When we first started dating, both of us were in a very unstable part of our lives,” she said. “We once opened a restaurant together, and although that business failed, at least we tried. it”

But despite Enrico’s wealth, money was never the considering factor of their relationship.

“When I am in a relationship, I am committed,” explained Zoie. “If we had never shared the same philosophy, I doubt we would still be together today. Seven years is not a short time.”

As for how wealthy her boyfriend is, Zoie said, “He has an okay background. He works as an employee just like the rest of us. I really don’t want to talk more about it. What’s the line between rich and poor? If you find someone who is wealthier, people talk about you in a more negative light. If you find someone who is not as successful as you, then you have bad t

Source: mpweekly.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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