“Officer Geomancer” Airs on December 16

Officer Geomancer <八卦神探>, starring Johnson Lee (李思捷), Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), will begin broadcast on December 16. Officer Geomancer promises to bring a fresh comedic twist to the modern day police story.


Sit Dan Yan (Johnson Lee) seems like an ordinary police officer at first glance, but he secretly holds a special talent in solving the trickiest cases. Taking after his grandfather, Dan Yan inherits the talent in metaphysics and is able to gain answers to murder cases at the most critical moments. As well, Dan Yan has the help of good friend, Leung Sing Kau (Oscar Leung) – a talented individual who has sources in both the police and triad worlds. Together with his boss, Che Gui Fei (Joey Meng), who has an educational background in criminal psychology, the trio makes a highly compatible team in the law enforcement world.

While Gui Fei is an outstanding leader at work, she is also a very strict yet caring sister to Che Gui Mei (Harriet Yeung 楊詩敏) and Che Gui Kwan (Fred Cheng 鄭俊弘). Constantly worried about her younger siblings’ well being, Gui Fei enlists Dan Yun’s help in breaking up the love triangle between Gui Mei, Sing Kau, and Ti Leung Chi (Rebecca Zhu).

Unfortunately, while Gui Fei is focused on helping her sister, a series of abductions occur in the city. However, the kidnapping case brings back unwanted memories for Dan Yun, who recalls a similar case with the same modus operandi from his past.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Seeing that Johnson is in this drama means I’ll have to skip it. Sounds like the Super Snoops kind of silly detective drama.

    1. i saw the first episode , really very nice …
      better than sour lady which is crap

  2. And for gawds sake, Fred should just stick to singing. He acting is totally CMI. Why do you think he went unnoticed all these years in tvb? His autistic character in OA is so unrealistic. When he sings I only see Fred, not the autistic guy.

    1. If you don’t understand or know how autistic are then please don’t spit out comments like that.
      Fred acted amazing, I’m a social worker and have worked with a couple that acts exactly like Fred.

      Fred’s acting was honestly spot on.

      1. You’re a social worker? Yeah right sure and I’m a shrink. You need help according to my professional opinion cos you’re seriously delusional. A real social worker is not rude like you. If Fred can act, why was he invisible to the audience all these years and only had his breakthrough in SINGING?

      2. I wouldn’t say amazing or spot on but he did well. I enjoyed his performance very much.

      3. Yea passing by, you’re the one who is being rude to lol. Be kinder in words will be good too

      4. @passingby Yeah, I’m sure Wayne Lai just sucked so much. That’s why he was invisible until 2009. Good actors get overlooked all the time. Fred did a great job in a difficult role.

      5. HSW, how many Waynes are there? Not every actor who doesn’t get noticed is a Wayne. Anyway, to each his own. You find Fred a great actor, i dont. Live with it.

    2. I’m sorry but your reply to @LOL was amusing. Your comment totally reflects your age (like 11 maybe?). There are tons and tons of real talented actors/singers don’t get the chance to shine. Being popular doesn’t mean they can act. Vice versa, artist with real talent doesn’t guarantee them success/popularity.

      1. People who reply to others the way you do calling them immature just becos they have a different view than you are just about that age you mentioned (like 11 maybe)? Lots of talented people dont get discovered i agree but it doesn’t take one that long to see who’s lacking in acting talents.

      2. what about wayne lai? he has talent but worked even longer than fred before he was discovered and appreciated.
        it DOES take that long in the entertainment industry to get that one opportunity to shine.

      3. passingby: some people work for tvb for more than 10 -20 years without getting an opportunity to shine…

        you sound so immature LOL his acting is amazing.
        lol comment is not rude at all.

      4. And passing by, your reply to lol is what’s constitute as immature, not the differences in view of what you like or don’t like. All of us can see that lol is not rude but you are when you question her about her job as a social worker and you are a shrink

    3. I can tell that i hit a raw nerve with someone’s fans that’s for sure. I just took issue with how lol said i “spit” out my comments. I consider that a rude choice of words. Fred’s been in the industry since 2001 and he has been acting in dramas with no breakthrough in sight. Suddenly, he becomes this amazing actor if you guys are to be believed. Anyway I’m entitled to my opinion; if you guys can’t accept it, that’s too bad. Not going to argue with a bunch of die hard fans who can’t take criticism of their idol.

      1. Ah ic. You don’t like the comment “spit out” by lol. I guess it’s better if you say it earlier, there wouldn’t be misunderstanding about it. Taking from an outsider view, people see differently unless it’d inform. To be fair,I think lol also don’t like when someone seem to question their job

      2. dont return rudeness with rudeness….tell the speaker/writer you do not like the comment….

      3. A confrontational retort to someone’s comments just invites confrontation in return. Sorry, I’m not a saint.

      4. Anyway, everyone entitled to each opinion. Maybe sometimes we accidentally say things others don’t like, like “spit out”, “questions other jobs” etc. So it’s best to move on and apologise . So for one, I’d apologise if my words hurt others feelings

    4. WOW…i dont know what rudeness is till i see your reply…

      It has to be your middle name

      1. That was to passing by : just try ask another friend see your language, you’d understand then why it’s disrespectful to questions others jobs

      2. dude just passby, tell me who has no manners first. Get your facts right. I’ve been commenting here longer than some of you and have been careful to respect the community. I give back what i get in the same manner.You would do likewise so don’t preach ya?

      3. Hey just passby, thx for yr lovely gesture. I apologise too if I hurt you in any way.

    5. Actually I think he did a very good job. I have a cousin I grew up with who has serious autism (much worse than Fred’s character) and I was able to see a resemblance in Fred’s acting, particularly in the scene where Fred lost control and trashed the coffee shop.

      1. yeah…i agree! he did very good in “Overachievers”!! and is a very hard role to do but he did a fantastic performance!!!!!!

  3. Gonna skip this. Except for Fred, the cast comprised of all actors/actress not to my personal liking especially Harriet, Johnson, Joey and Rebecca

  4. Im ok with cast except Rebecca Zhu very much dislike her every since she appeared on screen

    1. She’s amazing, she’s one of the more talented one that has looks and potential

  5. She great Joey Meng, happy TVB is airing most of her serie in such a short time. Hope the viewers won’t get sick of her lol

  6. I feel like this will either be a silly small production or something fun and lighthearted. Looking forward to Johnson’s silliness and comedic skills. Not much into the story, going more for the chemistry and Joey.

  7. Wow. If Bobby is the lead, it will be much better! Do you know why he did not take the role?

  8. Looking forward to this, i love Joey Meng.

    she is hot….

    Bobby dropped out due to his health scare…

  9. Will watch this, but it looks like a spin off of D.I.E. Typical TVB as always, reusing the same ideas.

  10. This drama sounds quite similar to D.I.E, I absolutely loved that drama, so I’m looking forward to see how this drama turns out!

  11. story line sounds interesting..but the cast are not..can’t stand the way joey meng..especially the way she speaks!

  12. Script sounds good. Probably can have sequels. But can Johnson Li lead? I don’t know. He seems like a well connected guy but on screen I find his acting lacking.

    1. Yes, i like these types of dramas, combining my two favorite dramas, police and comedy haha
      but unsure about johnson…..he doesn’t appeal to me….

    2. Johnson Li starring as Johnson Li, if you catch what I mean hehe.

      Like how he appeared as himself in Come on cousin, just wondering if we just get the regular him in geomancer.

  13. So sad that they don’t have any famous actresses in it like main actors. They are all no really main characters,

  14. I hope the series is better than my expectations. On a side note, the only reason I even clicked on this article was because I saw that it had over 50 comments. Interestingly, more than half of those comments were people arguing.

  15. Let’s get this straight, so Bobby Au Yeung opt out for this drama; therefore, this Kei lei fei, Johnson Lee is the replacement?

    Johnson Lee is NOT on Bobby’s level.

    What a joke!

    1. Yeah. There is something bout Johnson Lee that I don’t really like. Even my parents don’t like to see him in drama. I am surey dad will not even watch this, bcos of Johnson….

      1. Yeah I don’t like this guy either. He gives me the sleazeball impression.

    2. Totally agreed with you. She can’t act although she is a veteran. Sucks in this drama

  16. I dont like Johnson Lee as well but to bad Bobby was sick at the time so thats why he took over the role….I watched like 2 eps nothing special if compared to DIE i rather watch DIE more!!!

    I watched it cause of Joey Harriet and Fred!!! I dislike Rebecca and Oscar when its come for there time to be on screen i tend to skip everytime when they talk on hehe

  17. I just couldn’t get into Johnson Li. I mean I see him as him, all the time. I want Bobby!!!

    Everybody else is ok.

    1. If Bobby in this drama the whole thing might change. It’s might be a hit probably. Johnson cannot act at all. Over react and trying very hard to being the character out.
      Bobby and Nancy would be great team in this… what a waste

  18. After watching 2 eps, I can’t stand Joey Meng and her voice. Since Johnson had scandal with Myolie, why not have her as the lead? She can be tougher yet cuter in the role. It is bonus time for tvb to promote this series. Even if tvb were not to use Myolie, can have Nancy Wu. She is a talented artist as well, just lacking opportunity to flaunt her talents.

    On another topic, I like Fred and his sister in the series. They act so cute together with strong brotherhood bond.

    1. I agree about Joey. I’m the minority here. She’s cute but I don’t like her voice. Nancy would have been a good choice for this role. I love love Fred and his other sister (Piggy from TiAD).

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