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TVB Goddesses, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam, Are Not Competitors

By on September 12, 2012

TVB Goddesses, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam, Are Not Competitors thumbnail

Two of TVB ‘s new generation “Goddesses,” Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) have successfully attracted wide male interest in Hong Kong. The Canadian natives and former Miss Chinese International winners claimed that they did not see each as competitors.

Although Christine possessed a beautiful face and curvaceous figure, her Cantonese was often regarded as her greatest weakness. After Eliza Sam shot to popularity in Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽>, fans pointed out that Eliza’s Cantonese was better than Christine’s heavy accent. Christine said, “I do not think that her [Cantonese] is better than mine. We are both from overseas; it’s about the same.”

Happy for Eliza that she has ascended to “Goddess” status, Christine said that they were friends and will not regard her as a competitor nor replacement. Christine believed that she had her own position and the women possessed different personalities and styles.

Declining to comment what her strengths over Eliza were, Christine praised Eliza for her sweet smile. “She knows how to laugh. I hope I can be like her and think less and laugh more. She is simpler.” Asked if she felt she was more complex, Christine said, “Ha ha, I have lived in Hong Kong longer, which gave me a Hong Kong way of thinking and not as cheerful as before.”

Asked if Eliza felt that she had replaced former TVB Goddess, Christine’s place, she said, “Although I am not a man, I also feel that Christine Kuo is a goddess, ha ha!” Asked who she found to be more beautiful, Eliza said, “You cannot compare these things with other people!  I will not compare with myself.”

Recent tabloids claimed that Eliza had romantic sparks with Divas in Distress, Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂), arousing jealousy in his pregnant fiancee, Angela Tong (湯盈盈). Eliza dismissed the fabricated rumors, revealing that Angela had even called her and asked her to not worry about the reports.

Sources: On.cc, On.cc

Jayne: Indeed, Christine and Eliza give off very different vibes. Eliza’s outgoing personality may give her an added advantage in the long run, allowing her to develop better social relationships with wider range of people.

TVB can cultivate different “Goddesses” for every taste. 

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  • Readers' Comments (61)

    1. jojo says:

      I’ve watched Ghetto Justice and Divas in Distress, I find Eliza performance is much better than Christine. No doubt both Cantonese are not very good, but still I think Eliza is better. But what I think matter most is their acting skill. Eliza does well in her acting whereby Christine is just so fake and unnatural. I felt Christine shouldn’t be given the cast in Ghetto Justice.

    2. irene says:

      dont know how she can deny eliza’s cantonese is better than hers. there isnt that horrible accent at all like christines

    3. Fox says:

      Eliza knows how to reply :D. I think she has quite good expressions when she portrays her character but I don’t really feel for her beauty.

      • Jenny says:

        YOu talked as if you’re very much prettier than Eliza????

        • Little fishy says:

          Lol, I don’t think Eliza is pretty, either, and I’m dead ugly xD beauty is in the eye of the beholder, doesn’t matter what that person’s own physical beauty like

    4. Gar says:

      They are both very pretty in their own way. I like both of them but it’s just Christine’s accent that bothers me.

    5. TVBFanatic says:

      Great photo of Christine. When it comes to appearance, there can be no question.

      However, Christine needs to develop a bit of a thicker shell still… her answers need to be more “pageant” like. She takes a bit of a dig at Hong Kong, and should have avoided the whole Cantonese accent question :P I thought Eliza answered he questions better.

      Still.. in time I expect Christine’s Cantonese will improve – provided she works on it and wants it to.

    6. shu says:

      i prefer eliza above christine because eliza has a more natural facial expresion than christine,i think christine is sentitive and introvert while eliza is attentive and more compasionate and concerned to other people than christine

    7. Jenn says:

      Christine is obviously much prettier. But the joke is on her if she thinks that their level of Cantonese is the same. Eliza’s Cantonese is much better and pleasing to the ear! Her acting skills are also much much better for a newcomer.
      After reading her comments here, i’m starting to dislike her.

    8. stranger says:

      i can’t believe christine said their cantonese level is about the same! eliza’s cantonese is not spectacular, but it’s quite above christine’s.

      eliza seems very out-going and comes off better in her interviews and on-screen.

      • Applelim says:

        Well I think Eliza is only trying to be polite. Her Cantonese is easier on the ear whereas Christie is really difficult to listen(think she tries too hard!)
        Certainly Eliza is more cute with her appearance and her Cantonese

    9. exoidus says:

      LOL, these days it’s so easy to reach the goddess lvl in TVB :D

      By their standard I guess HK can now be called the modern day Olympus, LOL

    10. Anna says:

      Eliza seems much more fun and down to earth..while Christine seems more stuck up (and yes, Christine, your chinese sucks compared to Eliza).

    11. Christina says:

      personally I think Eliza is more of a natural beauty than Christine but they both need improving on Canto and acting

    12. JDub says:

      Christine does not think Eliza’s Cantonese is better than hers. They are on the same level because they are overseas candidates…………..THIS IS ABOUT THE WORST ANSWER YOU CAN HEAR.

      • sandcherry says:

        Exactly. Some people learn to speak a language faster than others, and Eliza is one of them. Christine moved to live in Hong Kong in 2009 while Eliza Sam moved to live in Hong Kong in 2011. Therefore, Christine Kuo has lived in Hong Kong for two more years. Christine’s Cantonese, in fact, should be a lot better than Eliza’s. Moreover, Christine should be able to read Chinese which helps. Don’t think Eliza can read Chinese. I think she was born in Vancouver.

        However, in terms of prettiness, I think Christine looks prettier with bigger and prettier eyes.

    13. sandcherry says:

      I just watched Eliza’s interview at our local Chinese TV channel. She looked very pretty, sweet, and lively, and her Cantonese was pretty good. She was very eager to learn good Cantonese. All the best for her in her future acting career.

    14. Larry 3 says:

      It the same… haha! You have a hearing problem Christine.

    15. gia says:

      Eliza Sam much better

    16. joojaibao says:

      I like ELiza looks alot more down to earth not a snobby kinda girl….While Chirsitne is more of a drama queen like she wants the spotlight all to herself!!

    17. Sand says:

      Christine thinks her cantonese is the same as eliza? Please.. I understand eliza, i dont understand christine!

      And by her saying because she has been in hk longer and has a hk way of thinking and thus isnt as cheerful, can lead to alot of backlash and i’m sure alot of pple will tell her to go back to taiwan/ canada since she isnt happy in hk..

      I do think christine wins in terms of looks though.

    18. vivien says:

      Eliza’s answers are much better than Christine who sounds bitter LOL

    19. Hannahh says:

      Both can’t act at all, but really like Eliza because she’s very cute n sweet. Christine is pretty and all but in an annoying way lolz

    20. vivien says:

      Eliza looks sweet and cute. Christine looks dangerously pretty.

      If they have a TVB series just for them, I can say Eliza has the goodie girl protagonist making while Christine has the scheming beauty antagonist making LOL. What a coincidence Eliza wears white and Christine wears black above LOLll

      • josie says:

        Yes, I love that they’re wearing contrasting lace dresses. Clearly princess heung heung is angel while 9 Goo leung is devil.

    21. anoninhk says:

      christine is definitely the prettier one, but eliza has a really sweet and charming face. i can imagine older guys (20+) preferring christine, while teenage boys worship eliza. eliza’s cantonese has improved much since her pageant days, but perhaps she finds it easier because she didn’t know mandarin beforehand and can use english pinyin to learn how to pronounce words more accurately. i personally think it’s much harder to learn cantonese (or articulate it clearly) when your first language is mandarin.

      • Nicole says:

        I agree with you. That may be why Christine’s and King Kong’s cantonese is still so bad after so long. Especially King Kong is a host, and his cantonese should be better than Christine’s. Mandarin speakers seems to find it harder.

      • Norika says:

        Yea I agree with you too. Didn’t know how to explain but yes. Pure ABC’s Canto is better than someone who speaks Mando originally.

      • lolweak says:

        ” i can imagine older guys (20+) preferring christine, while teenage boys worship eliza.” best observation of the decade

    22. purplepaw says:

      i don’t think christine realizes how bad her cantonese is…on the other hand, is it just me or does eliza look like tavia’s older sister (i have no idea what her name is lol) in the above picture?

    23. Janelle says:

      i still feel that crystal li..if im nt wrong..forgotten the name.. she is much more better than eliza and of course definetly better than christine!!

      honestly christine is the worst.. both acting and speaking..

    24. Khanh says:

      I don’t reckon Eliza is that pretty. And for christine she can’t speak probably. I reckon that miss Chinese international 2008 oceane zhu is prettier and can act.

    25. sandcherry says:

      Eliza looks prettier in person than in the above photo.

      I watched her interview today on a local Chinese TV channel. She was very sweet and pretty, with bigger eyes (than the ones in this photo). Her Cantonese was still accented but understandable.

    26. Jenny says:

      If one of them do a little bit of porn or blow jobs with the right directors, I’m sure she’ll shoot to stardom overnight.

    27. Hannahh says:

      I found Eliza’s facebook fans page http://www.facebook.com/Eliza.Sam.L.H
      for those who’s interested in her updates and photo.

    28. Grace says:

      Goodness Christine looks really good in the pic.

    29. YQ says:

      Christine said, “I do not think that her [Cantonese] is better than mine. We are both from overseas; it’s about the same.”

      PLEASE GIRL HAVE YOU HEARD YOURSELF SPEAK?! I cringe every single time I have to hear you speak Cantonese. Hence the ruined Tiger Cubs + Ghetto Justice 2!

      Eliza Sam, albeit not being as pretty as Christine speaks not only fluent Cantonese but pretty good English as well. Definitely a better choice.

      • TVBFanatic says:


        How does that help? If she thinks she speaks well, hearing herself speak will only confirm that in her mind :P

        It’s a real life example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.

        • Jen says:

          Haha she should watch the shows that she has been acting in *cringe*

        • YQ says:

          Hahahaha well maybe that. Or she should get a recording of herself talking and just put it on replay every single day she’s home. *Cringe*

          Yes, please re-watch your own acting, Christine. You’re beautiful, no doubt but you CANNOT act and you CANNOT speak Canto.

    30. salamander says:

      Christine is prettier and fairer, but Eliza is better at everything else. Cuter, better Cantonese, better acting and better at responding to reporters!

      I found this picture of them. It’s quite funny :D

    31. happybi says:

      Don’t think Eliza is that pretty either but she def. can act better than Christine and speak better too.

    32. sandcherry says:

      I have watched both of their personal interviews lately. I found that Eliza Sam knew how to speak well, casually and lively but politely. Christine was rather serious and stiff in her interview. She did not how to present herself well.

      • TVBFanatic says:

        One of the problems (?) with Christine is that she is very honest. I put the (?) there because to some, it will seem refreshing. We’ve already seen her in tears due to the rumours about her. She always seems to speak her mind, which sometimes leads to less than perfect answers (such as those she gave in this interview).

        It is, however, a nice change to receive such answers instead of the usual fluff. To hear her state that she’s lost some of the “bubbliness” of a new actress because “living in Hong Kong” has done that to her – very interesting and very honest. Not the best thing to say mind you, but still, it’s nice to have an honest answer.

        • sandcherry says:

          She always seems to speak her mind
          I don’t quite agree. I would say that Christine did not know how to present herself naturally and postively. If you watched Eliza Sam’s interview on Fairchild TV very recently, you would find out that she presented herself very well at the interview. She was very optimistic, natural, positive and eager to improve her Cantonese as well as her acting. She was also a very casual and friendly person, and she got along well with people in Hong Kong.It gave people a good feeling to like her more.

          On the other hand, Christine Kuo was a bit negative in her recent interview at “TVB Green Room 2012″. She said that her life was rough in Hong Kong in the first 2 years and she was being “taken advantage” by people in Hong Kong because she could not understand Cantonese. She did not seem to be a very friendly person and had many friends at TVB.

    33. Linstant Noodle says:

      To Kuo, “Lay gor gone dong wah hoo hung bow, gee doe may?” said by a TVB viewer.

    34. Kristobeer says:

      Christine has a different kind of appeal, more porn appeal while Eliza is lighthearted and fun. Eliza gets my vote as she seems refreshing and funny. If I wanted to watch porn, Christine gets my vote.

      • salamander says:

        Eliza gets my vote too. She’s fresh and naturally looks fun and cute. Now it’s up to TVB and her to brush up her acting.

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