Ady An Hospitalized for Ectopic Pregnancy

Taiwanese actress Ady An (安以軒) married Macau businessman, Levo Chan (陳榮煉) in June 2017. After tying the knot in Hawaii last year, rumors abound that this was Levo’s second marriage and that he has a daughter from his previous marriage. Ady publicly denied the allegations and stressed that this was their first marriage for both of them. She also refuted claims that she was a stepmother.

Though Ady already addressed the matter, it did not put the rumors to rest. Instead, it was alleged that the couple had reached a consensus to not publicly speak about their private lives in order to protect their eight-year-old daughter. An insider revealed that Ady treats Levo’s daughter as if she were her own. The insider added, “She dotes on her stepdaughter a lot. At the beginning, Levo fell in love with Ady when he realized that she treats his daughter as if she were her own. But being a stepmother is not easy. You have to think about the child. Her stepdaughter is already at the age where she uses the Internet and may read the news. They have agreed to not publicly talk about their daughter. Ady understands that she is a public figure. If the media reports about how badly she wants to have children, her daughter might feel neglected.”

Recently, Ady posted photos of herself in the hospital and shared that she is only undergoing a minor surgery. Although the 37-year-old actress did not provide further details regarding her medical condition, it was reported that she was experiencing pain in her stomach, as well as vaginal bleeding. After meeting with the doctor, she was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy and had to surgically terminate the pregnancy.

Ady’s manager was reached for comments, but expressed that she did not hear about the news until seeing the photos online. “I messaged Ady. Perhaps her body is still too weak, so she hasn’t responded to me yet. I am not sure if she had an ectopic pregnancy. We are all very worried. Thank you everyone for your concerns.”


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  1. Sorry to hear…I hope this is all fabricated news.

    In any case, wish Ady An a speedy recovery. She’s not so old that she can’t have more kids or try again.

    1. @coralie unfortunately, it is true. These things do happen to rich, poor, and even famous celebs too. Ectopic pregnancies do not pick and choose who should have experience them.

      I wish Ady An a safe and speedy recovery and she still has time to have children.

  2. Ady always seemed like she would make a great mother. If this is true I really respect her and Zhang Ziyi who treat their stepdaughter so well. It really isn’t easy being a stepparent. I hope this accident won’t affect her having children in the future

  3. I don’t get it. If indeed she has a stepdaughter she shows her love for her stepdaughter by denying her existence? I like to think there is no stepdaughter because if there’s one that’s a pretty lousy way tk express ones love.

    1. @funnlim well, if the husband denied hid daughter’s existence, I guess the loving wife is going to do the same. It seems to be an Asian thing to hide or deny children. Well, if a mega A-lister has a daughter who is over 18, and said he does not, and a child is called sibling by mommy, I guess Ady An and hubby can do the denial thing too. Not that it is right what any of them is doing.

      1. @bubbletea Maybe there is NO daughter? Because I can’t believe the hypocrisy and poor girl being denied her existence and identity. So maybe there’s no daughter.

  4. Like I said, an A-lister has a daughter over eighteen, but after denying her existence, cannot admit, and knowing him, he will not admit to being her father. Also there is one who is sister dearest, but she is really mommy dearest.

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