Aimee Chan and Moses Chan Spend Valentine’s Day in Spain

Husband and wife duo Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Moses Chan (陳豪) have always been a model couple in the entertainment industry. Despite having three kids, they still know how to keep the spark alive by going on an annual romantic trip without the children. This year, for Valentine’s Day and their third annual trip, they traveled to Spain. Moses and Aimee visited many landmarks and shared the photos on Instagram.

When a netizen asked how Aimee deals with “mom guilt” for leaving behind her kids. Aimee responded with, “I still get mama guilt!! But I also know it’s very important to find reserved time for romance, as without it, the marriage may suffer as I really dedicate my daily time to taking care of them… I am always with the kids. So that’s why once a year trip is essential for our family (and my insanity) as we really barely get time for dates back at home. Even dinner is nearly impossible and we don’t do much of that unfortunately. So it makes the annual trip extra important.”

Despite feeling guilty, she can be at ease with Moses’ mom flying back to Hong Kong to watch the kids. She admitted the first two times were difficult for her to enjoy the trip fully, but she is finally able to enjoy it this time around.

On Valentine’s Day, they celebrated over two glasses of white wine and a bouquet of flowers, possibly Moses’ gift to Aimee. As for Aimee, she prepared a photo album for him, consisting of photos from when they were dating to when they were married. It took over a week to make, as she had to dig into old photos and Google for pictures. “The photo on the cover is very meaningful as it is the very first photo we took, years before we worked on a drama together… We didn’t know each other in this photo,” Aimee revealed.

She continued, “I am so lucky to have a boyfriend, husband, confidant, and a best friend in you. My heart belongs to you and yours only… now and forever.”

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  1. No one ever asks about dad guilt. They are not my favorite actors, but I admire their commitment to each other and attitude about love.

    1. @potatochip
      Not true as many as about it more than mom guilt these days. It is the case in my family as the mom’s in my family just sit on their butt. It is not the olden days anymore.

      1. @hetieshou I am glad to see that the men in your house are trying to be equal in the care of the children.
        I don’t know your family, but it sounds a bit harsh that you say the women “just sit on their butts”. Perhaps that is true, but as a mother, I may over empathize with them. There are literally hundreds of things mothers juggle that one may not ever know.

        But in regards to the male-female dynamics in the media, I haven’t seen any reporter ask any male star how they deal with the guilt of not being around for their children. Or any people in real life ask a father that either.

        The problem isn’t that men aren’t expected to nurture children, it is that women are shamed and held to an unattainable standard. Amy is a wonderful mother. Why did the reporter assume she must have mom guilt? What is there to be guilty about? She has every right to spend a few days away from her children, especially since they are going to be in the care of her mother. It was a no-win situation. Must act guilty like an imperfect mom to spend time on her relationship or look even more selfish by not being guilty at all.

      2. @potatochip agreed. hetieshou’s experiences do not reflect majority of women’s situations around the world. but it is nice to hear that there are more households now where men do majority of the housework. but i find that hetieshou’s perspectives are skewed towards striving for justice for men…maybe due to her experiences.

        in my family, the women does all the work & the men laze around using the excuse that they make money. this has typically been the arrangement since almost the beginning of mankind. so it’s hard for me to sympathize with men’s plight in these situations (which is, basically, when scenarios are reversed.)

  2. Well I will say this. I think dads do feel bad about missing out on their kids’ childhood and growth while they’re out working to make money. However, they rarely ever get the blame or shame about it unlike moms. And it’s rare that the men’s feelings on the matter get publicized, because double standards and toxic masculinity accepts the mentality that providing for the family eclipses bonding time with their own kids. See: Jimmy Lin, Jay Chou, Jackie Chan, etc

    But moms give birth and feed the baby for many months after delivery, so there’s usually a deeper bond between the two. Mom guilt is inevitable as a result, worsened further by others’ attacks for neglecting their children.

    Personally it’s unfair for both parents and causes a lot of undue resentment and stress for both sides to meet their roles without feeling like they’re missing out on something. I tend to side more with moms in these situations, because moms still provide the bulk of childcare in modern society. It’s changing but statistically-speaking, still relatively the same. Except now on top of mom guilt, childcare, house work, they also have to deal with entering the workforce. Women should make men handle more of childcare to even out the responsibility load and to give men more chances to nurture their children. But this is difficult to achieve as most women still get delegated these tasks purely because of their sex (and because men are usually the breadwinners, though that is also changing.) This is why I think Yang Mi is being blamed unfairly as she’s the main breadwinner, but still expected to perform the same functions. It’s not as if her daughter has no one to look after her. She’s perfectly healthy and happy with her grandparents and people should leave Yang Mi alone for it. Oh and before some of you jump in with the rationale that they earn enough money to not work so much, so do most of the guys I listed above. Yet they still work just as hard, if not completely negligent of their kids. If you want to go after YM, go after everyone. Don’t make it so one-sided. And if you’re not going after those guys first, leave YM alone.

    As a personal anecdote: One of my hubby’s coworker works 12 hour shifts for 5-6 days a week, is main breadwinner and she still has to balance the majority of childcare between her and her husband as he’s pretty incompetent in that area. While no one’s perfect as a first time parent, I sympathize her situation because her husband can always do more. But due to mom guilt and his incompetency, she has to juggle all of the tasks herself. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

  3. As an aside, I think I would be more disapproving of Yang Mi if she had a son versus a daughter. Babies and young children often bond more with the opposite gender parent and then start to grow close to the same sex parent as they get older. This younger period is crucial in establishing familiarity with the opposite sex and understanding how they should treat or be treated by the other gender when they’re older. Since Yang Mi has a daughter, Hawick’s presence IMO plays a more important role now than Yang Mi herself. When Noemie is older, she will need more time with Yang Mi to understand how to behave/act as a woman.

  4. I guess I have to agree with Aimee on this one. Balance out our romance life & family life. It makes long lasting relationship. We need break from kids & they need break from us too.

    1. @joyce a relationship needs time to nurture especially when there are kids. if the mother had dedicated all her time to the kids and neglected her hubby, the spark would have disappeared when the kids have grown up.
      unfortunately it’s not easy to enjoy a holiday without the kids.

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