Alice Chan, Mandy Wong Campaign for Votes for Best Actress Awards

By on October 27, 2018 in NEWS

Alice Chan, Mandy Wong Campaign for Votes for Best Actress Awards

This year, the TVB-sponsored drama awards held in both Malaysia and Singapore were both cancelled. Luckily the voting continued and the candidates for Best Actress, Alice Chan (陳煒), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Selena Lee (李施嬅), departed early to Malaysia  and Singapore to garner votes.

Mandy Wong is a top favorite to win the Best Actress based on her acting in Threesome <三個女人一個「因」>, where she played a character with three separate personalities. When she arrived at the Hong Kong airport, she was greeted with more than ten fans. Mandy has the confidence in winning Best Actress and knows her drama is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. She even prepared a performance to thank her fans.

Another strong contender this year is Alice Chan for her role in Deep In The Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計>. Despite having a few projects in Hong Kong, she flew to Singapore after work and then will be flying to Malaysia after. With the mentality of “every vote counts”, she is aiming to win Best Actress in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. “I must give myself some confidence because I put in a lot of effort. It was hard shooting the drama, but I’m happy that I’m gaining support from viewers. I want to win all the awards! Just joking; I will be happy to win some.”

When asked what the actresses thought about the cancellation of the award ceremonies in both Malaysia and Singapore, both Alice and Mandy are indifferent about the changes. As long as the audiences can vote, it doesn’t matter where the ceremonies are held.


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9 comments to Alice Chan, Mandy Wong Campaign for Votes for Best Actress Awards

  1. jimmyszeto says:

    Not seen Succession War but Selena does not participate in enough series so I doubt she wins. Mandy performance was well over the top and it would be ranked as the worst performance ever to win the Best Actress awards if she wins. Alice was decent but her character went missing thanks to the script writers once Chrissie appeared. It wasn’t a hard drama to film as she says. All her scenes were done in the studio mainly within the same room which they called ‘Wu Zetian Hall’. She could have completed all her scenes within a few days if they had scheduled it well…

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  2. mimi8 says:

    Is it me or the best actresses for both China and HK has declined a lot recently like the winners are very doubtful especially the role they are getting the award for.

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  3. sol365 says:

    After the disastrous BA win last year (can’t even her remember name but she also acted in Succession War), anyone can win regardless of how bad/good the acting is. I was rooting for Selena as her acting is decent and felt that its long overdue, but doubt it. Alice looks like the best, out of the worst.

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    • damiwon replied:

      @sol365 Yeah I definitely agree Natalie’s win last year was ridiculous! Even though TVB is currently in a good actor and actress drought it still seems excessive to give the second lead the best actress award.

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  4. sugadough says:

    Selena Li has the outer beauty and her acting is not annoying, but I haven’t witnessed any roles that would deserve her a BA award. As for Mandy Wong, she can act but I just can’t seem to accept her as a lead actress. I guess she just doesn’t have that screen presence. Maybe she just needs a few more years. And I have been watching Alice Chan act since I was a kid and she’s definitely got the lead actress aura and depth to her acting. I wouldn’t be objecting if Alice won, but I wouldn’t know for what role cause the shows nowadays just SUCK. And I have to agree with @sol365 that Natalie’s BA win last year was just ridiculous when she wasn’t even the lead actress…. God that made me cringe so much to see her accepting the award on stage. It felt more like a supporting role award to me.

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  5. cutie777 says:

    I’ll go for Alice Chan she’s a great actress. If Mandy win this year I guess same situation with Natalie winning.

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  6. passingby says:

    Alice was too cartoonist as Princess Tai Ping. Mandy too OTT and comes across as trying too hard to differentiate the 3 personalities she was portraying, made me cringe to watch her. Ali was too irritating in that baby drama. My vote goes to Louisa So in Forgotten Valley. She was chillingly evil when she was doing bad stuff for her hubby and when she was taking revenge on behalf of her daughter but pitiful as the abused wife.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I agree with the Mandy OTT. In acting there are subtle ways and mannerisms to differentiate 3 different personalities. The easiest and most amateurish method would be is to go loud,exaggerated and overboard on all 3 which is what she did. Mandy’s performance was suitable for a pantomine and proves she has reached her limited level. I’m stunned and almost infuriated when some on this site have been praising Mandy for a brilliant performance an she is better actress than Charmaine. Seriously, do these people watch movies or performances of inner acting? Charmaine displayed the inner hurt and emotions of her character Hazel in ‘When Heavens Burn’. The audience could feel it….

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      • coralie replied:

        @jimmyszeto yeah like some doofus also thinks Alice Chan wasn’t overacting as Princess Taiping. To someone on this site, he thinks once an actress does a good job, she can do no wrong even though time has proven she’s not infallible and hasn’t been great in her roles. Some people refuse to accept and see anything different than his previous perception of his idol.

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