Angelababy’s “WildAid” Ad Does the Opposite Effect

By on January 26, 2019 in NEWS

Angelababy’s “WildAid” Ad Does the Opposite Effect

Angelababy is the youngest ambassador for WildAid, an environmental organization that focuses on reducing the demand for wildlife products. In a new ad against the poaching of pangolins, Angelababy urged everyone to stop purchasing supplements based on pangolin scales, which includes breastfeeding supplements.

“I promise to never use pangolins to induce lactation,” she said.

Unfortunately, many netizens think the ad is doing the opposite effect.

“If you didn’t mention it I wouldn’t have known that pangolins could induce lactation. Are you really helping this?” wrote one netizen. Another said, “Don’t use pangolins to induce lactation! Thanks to you more people now have the desire to try it out!”

“No one knew about this, but thanks to you, your promotion has gotten the pangolin sales to increase,” said another netizen.

Pangolins are among one of the most trafficked endangered animals in the world. Their meats are considered a delicacy in China, and their scales are used for traditional medicine.

Angela said in the ad, “In the past 10 years nearly 1 million pangolins were killed, their scales and meat illegally sold. Purchasing illegal medicine is not a way to induce lactation. Let’s have all the pangolin babies of the world grow peacefully from a mother’s love.”

Source: Oriental Sunday

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6 comments to Angelababy’s “WildAid” Ad Does the Opposite Effect

  1. yuaida says:

    What do you expect from an “Ex-Leng Mo” who got lucky and made it big despite lacking talent and intelligence………As long as anything she does generates money to her pocket, she will do it even though having no clue as to what she is promoting.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    The animal looks like it’s grabbing her boobs…..

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    • littlefish replied:

      @m0m0 yup lol. At first, I thought the controversy was involving the photograph itself, turn out it’s people being nickpicking. They should position the animal higher up

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  3. nigel says:

    Poor girl. She always seem to step on someone’s feet in whatever she does.

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  4. megamiaow says:

    The intention was good, but it does seem like the effect is the opposite. China doesnt have much sympathy for animal suffering, of course they will go and try it out.

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  5. iampheng says:

    The response of public is so weird…

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