Barbie Hsu’s Husband Reveals Why He Proposed After 5 Dates

Once unfavorably looked upon by many for their sudden marriage, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and rich second generation, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) are now currently happily married for eight years. Back then, news of their marriage had left many baffled and curious as to why they made this decision. Details of their sudden marriage wasn’t discussed until recently, when Wang Xiaofei revealed in his autobiography, Born in 1981 <生於1981>, that the real reason why he married Barbie was because of her rowdy and cheerful family.

In his autobiography, Wang Xiaofei further counteracts the prejudice of rich second generations being happy with everything they want, emphasizing that he is not different from a normal Beijing man born in the 1980s.

He spoke about his lonely childhood, and how he lacked parental love because his parents were always so busy with work. This often made him envy the close-knit families of others. When he met Barbie, he was strongly attracted to her gentle personality and positive aura, which he believed was largely influenced by her large and harmonious family.

The couple now have two children. Even with just the four of them, Wang Xiaofei feels very happy and content. He has no regrets and will enjoy life with his wife and children.

After eight years of marriage, the couple feels more comfortable discussing their marriage life, as they were recently been cast on reality TV show, Happiness Trio <幸福三重奏>. Barbie said she was initially very hesitant on appearing on the show because her life will become very exposed. She is also uncomfortable with so many cameras constantly filming her. However, after some time, she became adjusted to the surroundings and formed a close relationship with her neighbors, and her discomfort disappeared.

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