Bernice Liu Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Bernice Liu’s (廖碧兒) drastically slimmed-down face has led to rampant plastic surgery rumors. The 33-year-old actress denied plastic surgery and even allowed the reporter to touch her facial bone structure to prove her claims. Bernice attributed her slimmer face to weight loss.

“Where would I find time to go for the surgical procedure? The ‘L-shaped” bone [on my jaw] is still intact! I am happy that they said that I got slimmer and became more beautiful.With advancing age, my baby fat has disappeared. This proves that my hard efforts have paid off,” Bernice explained.

Aside from the plastic surgery allegations, tabloids also reported that Bernice had sent desperate text messages to Moses Chan (陳豪), begging for a reconciliation. The tabloids even compared Bernice’s former strong jaw line to Amiee Chan (陳茵媺), who possessed a sharper chin and greater affinity with the audience.

Bernice was exasperated by the comparisons. “I no longer have any ties with Mr. Chan and Miss Chan. I am working very hard on my work projects. I hope this is the last time their news will be brought up.”

Upset with Moses for not clarifying their breakup situation when Bernice was accused of cheating on him with Alastair Lam (林忠豪), Bernice revealed that she no longer retained Moses Chan’s phone number. “There is no longer any more contact between us,” Bernice stated.

Regarding claims that Bernice was interested to film for TVB once again, she said that her work schedule is full until next year. She will let her management company arrange her projects for her. “Right now, I don’t think there will be any time to collaborate with TVB.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Time for the reporters to move on from the Moses and Bernice news.. They have both obvious moved on!

  2. “The tabloids even compared Bernice’s former strong jaw line to Amiee Chan (陳茵媺), who possessed a sharper chin and greater affinity with the audience.”

    lol… not with the audience at Jayne Stars it would seem -.-

    1. Thank you. I was wondering the exact same thing myself. “Since when?!”

    2. This article is just garbage. Bernice had great affinity with audience even when she first debuted as “princess” in VOH, she was very loveable even though her acting sucked. Nowhere as hated as Aimee Chan is. And that’s with her original face too!! They just love to smear her through mud.

  3. Good for her…. Whatever, she didn’t or did do…she still looks good…much better than that Clown Amiee. Take that Moses!

  4. Actually I like her old face. I think she looked prettier with personality. She looks so strange to me now.

  5. It looks like she did get surgeries done on her face. SHe looks prettier now.

  6. i’m sure she just lost weight and a lot of it. her body from the video in the article is a lot slimmer too. she used to be voluptuous and now slimmer everywhere. she’s proportionate. looking beautiful miss bernice.

    1. Same here. I’m sure it’s because of age and a change of lifestyle.

  7. She no longer retained Mr. Chan’s number. hahha, beat that answer!

  8. Honestly, I like her old look better. She looks so stern and severe now. She has lost her cuteness.

  9. “The tabloids even compared Bernice’s former strong jaw line to Amiee Chan (陳茵媺), who possessed a sharper chin and greater affinity with the audience.”

    This is untrue. Bernice’s acting was not that good either, but, she never garner as much hate as Aimee. In fact, audience always look past her poor acting because of her bright cute smile.

  10. Bernice is so much prettier than Aimee Chan, with or without plastic surgery!

  11. She has always been appeared as a straight forward person. Hence, in a certain extent I admire her love and hate gut especially in this complex world.

    If a man chose to let the media accussed a woman for cheating him when they were already apart, what makes you think he is worth to be go after again?

    Everyone is unique hence there is no way one can compare an apple with an orange. Hence, it is time to move on, and stop comparing her with Miss Chan.

    Go Miss Liu!

  12. So Moses like strong jawed women? Those who can CHOMP on him, never let go until he does her bidding?

    How about the fact both women have err very errr blessed errrr bosoms?

    1. Since you brought up the subject of bosoms. Both of them have natural pairs and not enhanced right? I’m not sure, but don’t recall reading anything about the 2 ladies having boob jobs. So, Moses is not dumb in choosing plastic babes.

      1. there was gossip about Aimee Chan having boob job, when she was acting in Forensic Heroes 3, and there was a scar on her armpit.

  13. I believe that Bernice didn’t have plastic surgery. I have a similar jawline like hers, and whenever I lose weight (due to doing OT, etc.), my jawline appears much softer.

    1. I agree with you, my sister used to have wide jawline and now the bigger she grew and thinner she got … lesser it appear… even thou i ain’t a fan of Bernice, i like her lot more than Miss Chan

  14. At most she looks like she lost a lot of baby fat. Older but still pretty. People who have jawline that has been redefined get a lot of fat and loose skin where the original jawline was.

  15. Fan of Bernice are all in denial. She has prominent square jaw and now it’s disappeared and most of them said she lost weight. Give me a break. If you are under knife – why not admit it – why keep saying I lose my baby fat….

    Even if she lose a lot of weight her jaw bone doesn’t just disappear from a square and become a round face.

  16. I won’t believe her unless she specifies what kind of exercise she did. She’s been exercising before and hasn’t lost this much weight.

  17. Weight loss and make-up does make one appear very different. Remember Bernice in 72 Tenants of Prosperity? If you come across her looking like that in real life, you wouldn’t even know it’s her!

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