“Big White Duel” Finale to Air July 12

With TVB medical hit series Big White Duel <白色強人> airing its finale on July 12, viewers are eager to find out what will happen to Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Ali Lee‘s (李佳芯) story arc. Will she be able to survive the battle with her heart tumor disease?

In the latest episode, Kennis (Ali Lee) suffers an attack from her heart tumor disease while she was operating on a patient and had to call Doctor Tong (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) to take over the surgery. As her good friend and coworker, Doctor Tong has been offering continuous support and encouragement to Kennis during her illness. In the end, Doctor Tong finally manages to persuade Kennis into letting him handle her own heart surgery by telling her, “I hope you’ll give your heart to me.”

Speaking about the filming process of the series, Kenneth said the scene in the rain where he offers Kennis support and persuades her to undergo the surgery was one of the hardest scenes to film. He said, “The director requested it to be completed in one take because he didn’t want to over edit the scene. But we had to film in the rain and the dialogues were very long. It was a really tough scene to do, but the results were amazing!

“In the scene where Ali was doing the surgery, the doctor on site was  telling me how to remove the cancerous cells from the heart. This is very advanced in the medical field and the difficulty level was very high! I’ve never done filming like this before and didn’t know it could be done, so I hope viewers will pay close attention! Besides watching out for the relationship story lines, the scenes in the surgery room are really good as well. The script was reviewed by doctors, and the surgeries were done in a reasonable and serious environment.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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