Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong May Team Up Again for “War of the Genders” Sequel

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Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong May Team Up Again for “War of the Genders” Sequel

A sequel may be happening for TVB’s massive sitcom hit War of the Genders <男親女愛>, which broke ratings records when it aired in Hong Kong fifteen years ago. According to the sitcom’s producer Steven Tsui (徐正康), the team is thinking about reuniting for a possible sequel, and that includes the series’ lead stars, Carol “DoDo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) and Dayo Wong (黃子華).

War of the Genders broke Hong Kong’s viewership records when it first broadcasted in 2000. The 100-episode sitcom, which revolves around the office workers of CK Law Firm, aired to an impressive average rating of 47 points per episode. It then peaked to 50 points during its finale—scoring 3.2 million live viewers. War of the Genders’ popularity was reignited after TVB decided to rebroadcast the show at midnight this past year, and the sitcom opened up many popular discussions in online forums.

War of the Genders attributed to the popularity of Dayo’s stand-up comedy shows, and DoDo herself garnered a TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress with her performance as “Miss Mo.” But after finishing a stage play sequel for War of the Genders and completing the Singaporean drama series Oh, Carol! <嘟姐駕到> in 2003, DoDo announced her retirement from acting, choosing to put her focus on MC work instead. Over the years, various production teams have attempted to persuade DoDo to make a comeback, but the Hong Kong Film Award-winning actress rejected all offers, even turning down brief cameo appearances.

Producer Steven Tsui: “A Sequel Is In Mind”

Last night, the cast and crew of War of the Genders came together for a hot pot meal to celebrate the series’ fifteenth anniversary. They shared that the cast have kept in touch over the years, and they would occasionally come together for dinner gatherings.

According to a report, Dayo has been pitching sequel ideas to producer Steven Tsui and DoDo, envisioning the project to be a miniseries of about five to ten episodes. At the dinner gathering, Dayo shared his ideas with the rest of the cast, and all of them were very opened to the idea of returning.

Steven Tsui confirmed the reports in an impromptu interview with the press. He said, “It’s true. We have this idea [sequel] in mind, and DoDo wouldn’t mind returning. However, I have a new drama project to film early next year, and Dayo will also be on tour. If everything works out, production will have to wait until late next year. We are all reminiscing the days when we collaborated. Those were very happy times.”


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11 comments to Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong May Team Up Again for “War of the Genders” Sequel

  1. isay says:

    Dang! There’s only one sequel i want to watch but tvb isn’t listening to all our clamouring.

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    • freedalas replied:

      @isay Which sequel is it? Is it a sequel to The Other Truth? I would love that too and hopefully Tavia will end up with Ruco this time.

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  2. hkeni says:

    if dodo and dayo can collaborate again, that would be awesome!! their bickering, whether on or off screen, is hilarious!

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  3. coralie says:

    Ooh as much as I like the idea – they look so different now compared to when they starred in this drama. Hopefully if this collaboration goes through, the vibe from the team would still feel the same, even if the look is totally different.

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  4. kolo says:

    they have to make the sequel 10 years earlier,dodo is too old now,i dont wanna see a 60 years old couple romance.

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  5. funnlim says:

    I like the idea and,don’t mean to sound cruel but I don’t think I can watch dodo’s face. Let bygones be bygones.

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    • happybi replied:

      @funnlim Nah I agree with you. Love the first sitcom but Dodo really need to stop messing with her face. Hard to look at her these days.

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  6. says:

    War of the Genders was so funny and one of TVB’s classics. I would watch it if it were real but I do think tvb should make some more better quality dramas that will become classics

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  7. sherla1019 says:

    I dont mind watch the sequel of War and genders but hopefully it wont be that long of a series

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  8. holiday says:

    Don’t know why but i’m super excited for this. Will kenneth ma play the cockaroach again? Lol

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  9. llwy12 says:

    You guys don’t have to worry about having to watch Dodo and Dayo in a sequel, as it doesn’t look like it will happen.  Dodo responded on the issue during her radio show:  she said “never say never”, but the likelihood of it happening is very slim, as she feels it is not possible to surpass the original and as artists, they have an obligation to be accountable to audiences.  Dayo said (in a separate interview) that they only talked about it for a few minutes at the dinner and quickly changed the subject.  Ram Tseung (who was at the dinner) said that he wasn’t aware of the intention to do a sequel, as it was never ‘formally’ mentioned at the dinner.  So basically, it was just idle chatter thrown around casually during dinner, but either the producer (Steven Tsui) took it too seriously (since he’s the only one in the group who actually talked about a sequel as though it’s truly happening) or the Media is once again making mountains out of molehills. 

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