Cecilia Liu is Experiencing Postpartum Depression?

By on May 9, 2019 in NEWS

Cecilia Liu is Experiencing Postpartum Depression?

Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) got married in 2015 with a fairytale wedding in Bali. Cecilia just gave birth last month to a health baby boy but there are rumors that she is experiencing postpartum depression and is crying every day. Due to this, the 32-year-old actress allegedly will need to rest for a long time before she can return to work.

Cecilia’s fans were very concerned over the news and turned to blame Nicky. It is well known that he showers her with love; he had arranged for Cecilia to give birth in the most expensive private room of a reputable hospitable but how could he have neglected her emotional needs? Other netizens deemed that her postpartum depression must have been caused by her mother-in-law. They felt that Nicky’s mother was very authoritative and their personalities may have clashed during this time where Cecilia would have to stay home.

Other more level-headed netizens determined that the depression may not be caused by anyone. New mothers often give themselves immense pressure while taking care of a newborn. As well, everyone’s focus is on the baby rather than on the emotional needs of the mother. Studies show that one in five mothers experience postpartum depression. Experts indicate that if there are any signs of depression detected in new mothers, doctors should be sought out quickly for guidance and family support is also very important to recovery.

Mainland media reached out to Cecilia’s management for confirmation and they refuted all rumors.

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Cecilia Liu is Experiencing Postpartum Depression?

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  • 13 comments to Cecilia Liu is Experiencing Postpartum Depression?

    1. says:

      They denied the rumors, is this even reliable news?

      Can fans prove she was crying all day?

      Even though it may be a common thing for mothers, why do people want to throw news like this at her if it isn’t true? I think some people just want to blame Nicky to make her look bad and needy about a made up story.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @davy I smell ZLY’s fans make this news up. Since ZLY was rumoured with postpartum depression, with credible source (FSF basically said she’s very emotional), and atm, the two fandoms are at war, so it’s not a surprise if ZLY’s fans are making this up to bring LSS down to be in the same level as ZLY.

        And yea, I don’t trust this news one bit, not because LSS couldn’t have postpartum depression, but mainly because Nick and LSS have always been so quiet, they don’t bring attention to themselves, so 1 – they don’t have as much pressure (/know how to deal with it), 2 – you would never know for sure and everything is just speculation

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        • replied:

          I have heard of the big fan wars between LSS and ZLY on weibo.

          I once heard before that ZLY was the person who is not being liked by her mother in law, so I kind of suspected if her fans are creating dramas too. Because if you think about it, there is no way LSS mother in law will not appreciate LSS bc Nicky is old now and getting a grandchild was hard for them.

          Interesting that ZLY was the one rumored with postpartum depression first, and fans thwarted everything over to LSS instead. Wow! Didn’t Nicky give ZLY the role for Legend of Zu? They should appreciate Nicky. If it’s really ZLY fans I wonder what will happen next to LSS who has less fans and have never rely on media play to gain attention?

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        • littlefish replied:

          @davy yup, coincidentally, all the bad rumours on ZLY are now all on LSS, definitely feel like it’s the fandom that is doing it. I do think through recent article, nick’s mother has no problem with LSS. Too early to tell about ZLY and FSF’s parents. ZLY can’t control her stupid crazy fans lol, they literally put her in the pedestal and do everything to keep her in the spotlight >_> though I’m not sure she’s the type that try to rein in her fans either? A lot of articles make it sound like she’s a truly manipulative person, that isn’t as nice as she might seem

          Login or Register before you can reply to littlefish
        • replied:


          I really liked ZLY when she first came out, and the articles I read about her are actually always good and praising her…it was the pr stuff that finally threw me off.

          The admins of her fan pages can be outrageous, however, there are still things they cannot control over, and seemed like only ZLY herself can be the person who put herself in the spotlight. Take for example, she was caught wearing matching clothes (and carrying matching items) like those of Wallace Huo and William Chan to make it look like they were dating her. Some men were even caught visiting and holding hands too. All men were forced in the end to reveal their true girlfriends after working with her. One speculation is, she couldn’t make friends in the circle so maybe the girlfriends were believing the ZLY pr and made their bf reveal the truth? After all, fans cannot control what ZLY wears and carries around her. But, she can satisfy her fans by giving them the hopes of love ships.

          I think ZLY has good looks, even though she is none the less just another version of YM but in the wider face form… and also she directly dissed YM on doing plastic surgery btw, but ZLY does look very innocent after all. Her acting is not the best but not terrible. I don’t mind her attitude is very awkward. But if she didn’t so much pr I would have like her better. It made me feel that she is quite manipulative I guess, unless the pr things that happened around her are all coincidental only?

          For LSS, she relied on her own talents. It makes no sense for ZLY fans to attack LSS. LSS was known for resembling and equally talented to fairy sister Liu Yifei, but both ladies were so polite and never made rude remarks about each other. When the less known LSS got casted along side big names like Hu Ge and Wallace Huo she did not use any men for pr. LSS must be having a lot of things ZLY does not have.

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        • wm2017 replied:

          @davy Yes, probably more PR on ZLY’s part. I am not sure of what kinda attacks their fans have but base on behaviors alone ZLY’s does seem to flirt more on set w/her costars. I remember when that Chen Xiao or whatever his name is had a very popular show w/her they were chatting on set and she did seem to have a bit of hand touching w/each other while chatting. But not sure if it’s entirely ZYL or CX also likes to flirt. I didn’t know those costars reveal g/f after? haha lol..That’s interesting. A bit manipulative or PR can be right given her gestures w/these male costars. If that’s the case, it shows why she has more guy friends than g/f’s.

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        • replied:


          I didn’t know either until there was this one time people kept urging Hu Ge to act with her and I was wondering why. The article continue to say because she is a match maker, and they listed all the men who worked with her that got married or in a relationship.
          I was surprised to learned that Gao Ziqi married Korean actress Chae Rim, she is a gorgeous lady.
          They want Hu Ge to get married soon, while ZLY also said she wanted to act with Hu Ge one day, so people arranged for them to sit together at an award event. Hu Ge was extremely smart, he knew what was going to happen to him, so he didn’t dare to look at ZLY during the event, and at the same time, he was extremely careful not to offend her in any sort of way. The pictures taken of them together, he would look very very neutral the entire time. And yet, he still got lots of news with her together despite how neutral he was. Imagine if he’d acted any friendlier or less friendlier than that, what everyone would say about them together? He handled it so well to land perfectly in the middle of that situation. Other men were not so fortunate and got caught up in a web with her. Chen Xiao’s case was most unfortunate, many people hated him and say he cheated ZLY when she had so many pr at the same time while dating him so I find it unfair. He was called a flirt but all the ladies he flirted with showed up at his wedding, except ZLY and Nicky Wu as well as other celebrities to show support of ZLY. Why are they attacking Nicky’s wife now?

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        • littlefish replied:

          @davy because the one attacking nicky’s Wife is crazy fans, who don’t remember/know/appreciate who gave their idol support, because their idol is so strong and invincible lol. Their idol isn’t someone weak or needed Nicky any more. She’s outshine Nicky. Basically crazy fans, don’t bother with logic lol.

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        • littlefish replied:

          @davy “it makes no sense for ZLY’s fans to attack LSS” – yet they do, because apparently LSS, despite hasn’t been active for a year or two, the second her drama is back, her status is back where it was, and because ZLY is in hiatus, the fans try to make sure she’s still in the spotlight and relevant. They are scared for their idol.

          I did not know ZLY attacked YM, I like YM a lot more than ZLY, she has never managed to charm me, something about her acting, feel more arrogant than sincere. And yea, she used too much PR, it really shows with FSF and the pregnancy and the child. I don’t think I know anyone that use her personal stuff for PR as much as she does (apart from the kadashian lol).

          Also did not know about how the actors have to reveal their gf afterward, I think it’s just coincidence, or they just fed up with her crazy fans.

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    2. msxie0714 says:

      Stupid fans jumping to conclusions as usual.

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      • cutie777 replied:

        @msxie0714 Lol. That’s because they have too much time for themselves.

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    3. cdrama says:

      Good heavens, the anxeity and trauma of celebrity is actually caused mainly by gossip column like you guys and the fanatic fans. Get a live everyone. Leave these ppl alone. Let them have some peace of mind and led a normal life. As a fan don’t you want them to have a healthy life. Yes/no. Think of yourself in their shoes, how a small rumour effects our lives. In the same way every celebrity is actually going through the same. Just leave them alone.

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      • replied:

        This news about LSS is going around in chinese media, and it also made its way into international media too.

        None of the rumors about her ever came true, and they are vicious rumors. Not even nice speculations. She just ignored them all. This couple has always been quiet and doesn’t give a shit about it.

        Since LSS don’t have that much international fans to know the truth, so here’s some info.


        1. [+5876] All they need is one mouth to make up rumors

        3. [+3721] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so she even weeps all day long. Did the HK media install CCTV in her house or did they read too many romance novels?

        4. [+2789] When she just got married, you claimed she was pregnant. When she wasn’t pregnant, you claimed she couldn’t get pregnant. When she was pregnant, you claimed she had test tube twins. When she successfully gave birth to one baby, you claimed she aborted the other. When she finished childbirth, you claimed she has a bad relationship with her mother-in-law and has postnatal depression such that she cries all day long. What kind of rumors will you come up with next? Let’s wait and see

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