Chilam Cheung Criticized as Ungracious in TV King Loss

Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) popularity rose to unprecedented levels after the broadcast of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, helping him win Best Actor awards in China and Malaysia.  Speculated by the media to repeat the win in Hong Kong, Chilam surprisingly lost the TV King award to Dayo Wong (黃子華). Receiving only the Most Popular Male Character award, Chilam appeared to be disappointed. Pointing to his controversial acceptance award speech, netizens criticized Chilam for behaving ungraciously.

Ill-mannered Acceptance Speech?

“Does TVB not like me? Is it only possible to win the award through popular votes? Biological children are lovable, but when appearing at the necessary and right time, loyal children are very important too!” Chilam said on stage when he received the Most Popular Male Character award at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Chilam’s acceptance speech hinted that he was dissatisfied in only receiving a consolation prize. He had declined a lucrative promotional appearance fee of $500,000 HKD to appear at the Anniversary Awards ceremony. Although he is a non-managed artist, Chilam has loyal ties to TVB and often filmed dramas with the station. After the Anniversary Awards ceremony concluded, Chilam met with fans who waited outside TVB Studios and spoke with The Scoop <東張西望>. However, he left without speaking with reporters from TVB’s official magazine publication, which normally interviewed the winners after the Anniversary Awards.

Netizens criticized Chilam for his discourteous acceptance award speech. One person wrote, “It’s already good to win the Most Popular Male Character award! On stage, you spoke so ungraciously! You can’t even act, that’s why you lost [TV King]!”

However, was Chilam only attempting a wry joke when he said TVB did not like him enough to give him the Best Actor Award? Good friend, Christine Ng (伍詠薇), quickly came to his defense on Weibo, “I don’t think that he’s ungracious. Mr. Cheung is definitely a humorous, gracious, and loyal artist.”

Triumph in the Skies 2 star, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), was asked to comment on his and Chilam’s loss in Best Actor. Francis said, “Of course there are flaws and reasons!”

Anita Asks Chilam to Be Thankful

Anita Yuen braceletChilam’s wife, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), also provided words of encouragement despite his Best Actor loss. Anita wrote on her Weibo blog, “You were very, very handsome today! Winning the audience’s favor and admiration, this is what an actor needs. Very thankful!” Anita reminded Chilam that with 77,948 viewers voting for his Most Popular Male Character win, there is already good reason to celebrate.

The couple had a bet earlier, and Anita believed that he would not win Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Chilam followed through on losing the bet and bought Anita a diamond bracelet.


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    1. they werent robbed. Dayo is the TV King. Initially I thought Ruco deserved it because his character was well acted. But when I thought back on it. Dayo is the actor that whenever a series of his comes out everyone anticipates it. People will watch TV because of Dayo. Chilam is a likable actor on screen and his character was more of a favorite actor. Francis doesn’t need this award cause he’s moved onto film already and TV King is long behind. No one was robbed. Dayo is the TV King.

      1. Through Chilam’s speech you can really understand why he isn’t a fit for the TV King award yet. He’s not a humble actor. TV King is just a title and getting an award or not does not dictate how skillful the actor is. Instead, a real TV King is forward-looking and always thinks about how he can improve and do more to keep the audience entertained. Dayo embodies this definition of a ‘TV King’ incredibly well and that is why I truly believe he deserves this title.

      2. Haha, I have to disagree. My family and my hubby’s family always moan when they hear his series will be airing soon. Even I can’t sit through any of his series. I watched several episodes of War of the Genders and couldn’t get into it. Was never to sit through any of his other series.

        I enjoy his stand up comedy though. My husband is his fan and watches all his shows, whether live or in person.

      3. I don’t get why humble is a criterion for Best actor. It’s his acting the criterion, not that he is humble or nice or friendly. Humble or nice or friendly characteristic are criteria for Most conduct actor.

      4. I agree that acting is of course the number one criterion for this award but as the TV King, image is also important as you represent the thousands of people in HK that support you. So I definitely think humbleness is part of the package in what makes a good candidate for the TV King title.

      5. Every year will have a winner for that, image isn’t that relevant in my opinion. An actor can be super arrogant but if his acting is too good, he should be credited for his acting.

      6. I guess not everyone can be satisfied since we all have our respective opinions. Nevertheless, HK entertainment still has a long way to go. Hope more people will continue supporting it!

    2. I don’t see how Dayo Wong can win the TV king award. he is so hagged, and I can’t laugh with him around.

      He spoiled the series ‘War of the genders’ by being in it. Dodo is likeable, but not Dayo. He is more suited behind the scenes if comedy is his talent, he sure cannot bring in upfront onto screen.

      He also spoiled his current series. It looks rigged.

      Stephen chow is funny, but not Dayo.

      1. I can’t stand looking at Dayo’s face so I always give his series a miss. However, the fact that many people are happy that he is crowned TV King, he must be deserving of this award, unlike Chilam.

      2. I’m pretty sure that if Chilam wins, many ppl will feel happy as well.

      3. Hear hear. Can’t stand him and actually missed out his series. This is the first time ever that I missed out TVB series

  1. He lucky to get At the my favourite award. Or else he really no face adi. haha.
    But i prefer Francis to get it. He not really deserves it seriously. But no doubt Dayo wong really DESERVES the tv king. ANd he surely very surprise. Because the voting until 10pm or before that, so they also duno who is the TV king or else he surely will attend the event. I noticed 1st and 2nd place, the score very near. I suspect the second one is francis. That why they call him to attend even adi middle of the time. But maybe last minutes all citizens all out to vote for dayo. haha. maybe they want to test the authenticity of the voting system. But no one knows, just assumption. But this time really is fair. Unlike last year sure fake if not Raymond sure get TV king if 100% voting! Chilam just got 70k to get my favourite. considered very low. Just 1% of 7 million poplation!!!!

    1. Agree. He should count his blessing and stop complaining. There are so many great and deserving actors who went back empty handed and none of them complained.
      Absolutely disgusted with him.

    2. “Just 1% of 7 million poplation”

      Not 7 million people voted.

      1. still 1% of the whole population supported him lar. No different.

      2. @raymond you are wrong to claim that only 1% of the population supported him. You have to factor in those who has no access to the voting channels, those who are not eligible to vote etc etc.

      3. Definitely, not all Hong Kong people vote the award. Not all HK people watch TVB. The votes for male and female characters were about the same as Miss Hong Kong 2013

      4. okok, i actually just mean 70k equal to 1% population of hong kong only. Of course 1-15 and 55 years old citizen, they also no voting or not bother to vote. Thats why just 970k were voted in the computer system. But still 70k out of the sampling data is very small. If Raymond Lam confirm alot. Next year we will know it. hehehe

    3. How do you know the awards last year were fake? TVB really wanted Raymond to win last year since Wayne already won the BA twice.

      if Raymond got the BA last year, definitely more people would complain.

      1. If it was transparent last year, Txb has wat reason to keep the accounted statistic in secret? Moreover how can LF won over Wayne by vote after that in a poll (results to be shown after voting) of actor even when he has no series with Txb. You will say that the fans secretly come back?

        Lolz, more ppl will complain, are you sure? If the mediocre series like SSSS can have a winner, HAL can since it has way better reviews, rating and everything else.

        Txb didn’t want LF to win last year or any year before, because he refused to sign long contract with them and he isn’t under Catherine Tsang or Sandy Yu. He is close to Tommy who is also leaving Txb.

      2. erm, fox fox, yea, TVB purposely not letting him to win but instead letting wayne lai to win it. Actually is a win-win situation for TVB. Wayne Lai for sure forever will be with TVB and wont go away and he also wun filming in china. They control and understand wayne very well. Plus feng sui master ling ling jeh said wayne lai dislike changes and going to china to filming almost impossible. So TVB for the next 10-20 years at least got wayne lai with them. hehehe. But at least TVB gave Jade Solid Gold most popular award to Raymond in return. hehe. Let him happy bec. keke

      3. Yes, it’s true that Txb will have Wayne with them in more years while they are scared that they can’t control LF that way (providing by his 1 year contract).

        It’s however I don’t think LF is care for the Txb award anymore. He even dun film for them.

    4. 70k is that bad? I rmb the announced amount of Txb last year for BA was lesser, about 10k++ something to win.

    5. “But this time really is fair. Unlike last year sure fake if not Raymond sure get TV king if 100% voting! ”

      If Raymond did win last year, then it is FAKE. Raymond does not deserve to win and he did not. So that makes it fair.

      Of course not all 7 million votes, you are very be naive to that. You think all 100% HK people has nothing better to do than to vote?????

      Only around 950,000 voted and this is the total across all categories, not just for TV king. You get that, nave boy???

  2. People gotta lighten up. The guy’s joking. Watch the video, you can see he’s very happy to win the award.

      1. yeah agree. well most audience like to complaint about everything lol

    1. I think Chilam is quite arrogant when it comes to awards. In his interview on Scoop after the Malaysia awards he made a comment about how the people who voted for him should be happy they voted for the one who ended up winning. It’s hard to explain in words but it definitely came across as arrogant when I saw the interview.

      1. I know what you mean. It’s not what he said but how he said it that smacks of arrogance.

      2. Wow, maybe he really got stuck in his “Captain Cool” character which I actually found to be more awkward than cool.

  3. It was just a joke gone wrong. Dayo is not biological son either so chilam wasn’t taking a jab at tvb. I feel bad for him

    1. Then he is a numb-skull to crack such a joke! Anyway, he doesn’t deserve the BA award.

  4. Chilam is over confidence of himself for BA but he was lucky to grab tht most popular award ..and Francis was empty handed home.

    1. I suspect Francis is the second highest score for the best actor. Thats why TVB suddenly called him to attend the event before announcing the tv king or maybe he is at first place at 9.30pm. But maybe suddenly all citizen voted for dayo out of sudden and DAYO won it. haha. If not i dont think francis will attend it. Look at his face also not so happy the whole event.

      1. Then maybe is the favourite award. Maybe the results fluctuating so much so they ask francis to come forward first.

        Best actor result close at what time? If they know it a day earlier sure they will ask Dayo to attend one. If looks bad without the winner appearing. That’s why they announce the best actor first. Normally sure announce favourite first.

      2. ^ I think it closed right before the ceremony. I suspect they knew Dayo won right before, so they switched BA and MFC and also had Dodo’s phone ready.

      3. yea, that why they announce the best actor first, I also feel weird at first. First time ever best actor winner not attending the event LIVE. haha. Or else they sure force or trick dayo to attend if they knew it earlier.

  5. Two words described Chi lam bad loser. Even Francis acted much better than him predicted Dayo to win

    1. yea, i dislike arrogance guy. Just like eason chan. Arrogant like hell. Dare criticize leo ku and others and say he is god before this. After that i very hate eason chan anymore. and TVB also very hate him, since 2009 eason no longer get any benefit through TVB. dei sei, and his looks so awfully so fat. hehe. Be human must be humble like leo ku and joey yung and like ma ming, and others. Dont be so arrogant. No more award for chi lam for SURE!!!!

      1. No problem. I were just stating the truth and facts. I knw losers like you cannot accept it. Its ok

      2. losers like me?
        you surely meant like you i guess.

        now who’s the arrogant one. This industry needs people like chilam and eason and francis and anthony wong. they’re not arrogant, they’re just straightforward and saying what they don’t like. I don’t see anything wrong. At least they’re honest and when they’re not happy, they show it.

        that’s better than when they ask you ‘are you sad about your loss’ , ‘no i’m happy for the winner’ , while in yourself you already cursed him to death.

  6. Straight to the point, Chi Lam just based on the look to charm his fans.. but Dayo is a top notch actor and able to deliver good ratings to TVB. Dayo deserves this TV king award… not Chi lam who just based on his looks . I would said even Francis acting is better than Chi Lam….

    1. haha ,yea many mui mui jai, standing outside the tv station to celebrate for chilam, wtf? haha. ALl very small little girl. maybe 17-22 like that. very young lar. Ma ming and ruco to fight with francis and dayo are like secondary school fight with Harvard university student. hahaha. DAYO the best no DOUBT LA!
      I waiting My Sing Lady tml ah. haha

  7. Dayo deserves the award the most out of this year he has been the most entertaining to watch and his acting skills are amazing.. Sam gor was awesome but not as entertaining as dayo

  8. Chi lam is sooo Childish … He is kinda of emotional and blame the result on TVB. Last time Dayo also well deserve as Best actor but was not given to him for few times. He just keep quiet and act in a professional manner. Another case is Tony leung Chiu Wai, didn’t win Best actor for the movie “Happy Together” in Cannes festival because the difference is only “1″ vote. He’s also didn’t blame the juries.

  9. I want sleep liao tml exam 1.30pm. hehe.
    Btw congrats to Dayo. Waiting for tml episode of My sing Lady. kekeke
    Good night guys..

  10. Anita Yuen looks really happy with the diamond bracelet that she won the bet against Chilam. 😛

    At least, they look happy in the photo. 🙂

    Anyway, TVB always cheat with the result for the award…

    1. this is not cheating, they have won it fair & square. It was better that Dayo or Francis won over Chilam. His behaviour was a bit inappropriate and does not show good sportsmanship

  11. It was obvious that he was joking and that he meant that you don’t have to be a biological son to win at these awards. People seem so quick to believe the worst.

    1. After having watched the show, I agree. But I do detect a tiny amount of bitterness. He might very well have gotten his hopes up after the media hype and is naturally disappointed.

    2. @AC PRECISELY THAT WAS WHAT HE MEANT! I can’t believe how much hate comments generated from what he said. Well there were surely disappointments and that’s only human. Wouldn’t anyone be disappointed if they fail to achieve something they want?

    3. Myolie and Tavia was giggling at Chilam’s jokes. If Chilam was really bellitling tvb, I doubt these two biological daughters would laugh

    4. Having watched that segment I too believe Chilam was just ribbing TVB with his jab — like: “See, though we (including Dayo, Francis and Lawrence) are not your biological children we still came to your aid in your times of need.” That’s what I got from his speech.

      It was indeed a poor attempt at being humorous not to mention ungracious and inappropriate, but in no way bitter as a sore-loser or disrespectful to Dayo’s win.

      1. YES thats how I interpreted it too, which is quite true. Don’t get why he’s so badly criticised.

      2. That IS arrogance.He sees himself as the savior of TVB. What an egoist! So glad he didnt win BA. Though i would have loved Ruco to win, better Dayo than the 2 TITS2 actors and KM.

  12. so now Dayo won I hope he shoots War of Genders 2 with Carol lol =)

    1. This will not happen because he doesn’t want to film a sequel, and Carol doesn’t want to film any TV dramas anymore.

  13. Ruco/Francis/Chilam/Dayo…they all great actor…does not matter who win (among those four) is deserved! I am happy with this year’s TVB award result…finally, well done TVB!

    1. Agree but chi lam right tvb doesn’t like him tvb also dosent like Francis

  14. Chill out! Chilam just joked around.
    I thought he only gets attacked brutally if he won the BA. Now that he won the MFC, still gets attacked…
    Come on people, just leave him alone.
    Congrats to all the winners!

  15. Chilam looks dashing!

    He was joking. I guess the majority didn’t get it. -_-

    1. He was definitely joking – I mean Dayo had just won who is not a biological child – but to be honest, it came off as disingenuous. I think he was covering for his disappointment.

      1. I paid extra attention to Chilam during the show and he didn’t look upset. When his name was announced, he had a genuine smile. I don’t follow Chilam, but from what I gathered, he’s not an eloquent speaker. Ehhh

        But, it’s understandable IF he was bitter. C’mon, TVB/Media hyped him and Linda like no other. It almost sounded like a shoe-in. Like they say, the higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment. Chilam seemed to be ok. I do feel bad for Linda since she has been taken for many rides. I guess when she wins, it’ll be a big deal.

  16. I feel like he’s joking and people can’t take a joke since by the time, TVB already announced who the BA is: Dayo Wong.
    Knowing this, saying loyal son > biological son doesn’t even make sense, since Dayo Wong isn’t a biological son. Chilam films more for TVB than Dayo does.

  17. i am confused, how did this year’s voting system work? professional or public vote?

    1. Very good/interesting question. Cuz, it was “obviously rigged”. There was very little mention of Dayo by fans for him to win by “popular” vote (which should not win the BA award anyways). Dayo was not even close to winning at 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala by “professional” peer-voting. And, Dayo himself was shocked to win.

      1. M0M0, simple.

        For favourite, that is 100% fan voting.

        For best actor/actress and the likes, it is 50% fan and 50% peers. They even show the percentages and all except they did not reveal the 2nd and 3rd place which I agree.

        As for obviously rigged, if rigged, why give it to the least expected to win that is Dayo? Why not Francis who is filming a movie with TVB? Or Kenneth who is popular with fans, etc?

  18. Well, I didn’t like Chilam’s acceptance speech at the Malaysian TVB awards already, do it doesn’t really surprise me that Chilam gave another ungracious speech at the HK awards ceremony which I didn’t watch. Chilam came off as rather self-entitled and acted a little uppity in his Malaysian speech, where instead of thanking the Malaysian fans for voting for him snd supporting him, he just said his brief thanks to some TVB staff, but to the Malaysian fans he said “you guys should be pleased because you got what you wanted” like these fans are his minions who are only serving his royal highness(refering to those fans who voted hard for him). Not a word of thanks for his Malaysian fans support, and his tone was dripping with superiority. What a egoistic diva, Chilam.

    He probably thought that TVB executives and his peers would bend over backwards to appease him with the best actor award, but Chilam is so not deserving. I found his acting bland and shallow in TITS2, nothing special at sll. Only because people go goo-goo over his handsome playboy pilot role that he was one of the main contenders for the award, which should go to either Francis or Dayo (didn’t see Ruco in BK).

    Joking or not, his speech for winning favorite male sounds bitter and ungrateful. Really, Chilam should count himself lucky for riding on the massive popularity and nostalgia of TITS, with a specially written role for him in the sequel. TITS did not become such a classic and fan favorite because of him, but because of Francis Ng. The sequel was dissappointment, the only saving grace for me were the core characters from the first installment – Francis, Ron and Nancy.

    1. “..the sequel was dissappointment, the only saving grace for me were the core characters from the first installment – Francis, Ron and Nancy”
      yea i have the same feeling too

    2. spot on!
      I was totally not captivated by his acting in TITS2. and truth to be told without Francis Ng as Sam, Triumph in the Skies will never come close to where it’s at now.

  19. Never expected Dayo Wong to win! Well played, TVB. Well played. I honestly thought Chi Lam was just joking, but if he was serious…. Then I am speechless. His acting was not that great to deserve the award. If anything, Ruco and Francis should be the ones complaining. He is such a good looking guy. It would be waste if he was a diva like his speech implied him to be ): I really hope he was just joking!

  20. At first, I didn’t think much of Chilam’s acceptance speech and gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was just trying to be ‘humorous’ – but his actions after the ceremony lead me to conclude that he is indeed a bad sport about the TV King loss. After the ceremony, all the winners were invited to take pictures for TVB Magazine and also were interviewed by the mainstream media – Chilam only stayed for the customary interview with The Scoop and then left right afterwards, (so obviously he didn’t participate in any of the other ‘obligatory’ post-award activities). Rumor has it that he actually did return to TVB City 3 TIMES not long after he left to ‘open champagne’ with fans who were waiting for him outside (I say ‘rumor’ because not sure how true this is…returning once is understandable but 3 times?)….regardless, he didn’t bother doing interviews or participating in anything else (I could understand if he had to leave for work and such, but obviously that wasn’t the case, since he left and then went back). If all of that is true, then I have to say that I’m disappointed in Chilam because I was hoping he’d show more ‘class’ than that. As everyone else has been saying, he at least won an award – so many artists came away empty handed, yet they didn’t act the way he did. If not compare to other artists, then at the very least to Francis, who is Chilam’s ‘senior’ and a way bigger star than he is (and, in most people’s eyes, Francis was the one who deserved TV King, not Chilam) – Francis made the effort to attend the latter part of the ceremony when he absolutely didn’t have to (he rushed over there after completing his work) and didn’t even get a chance to speak during the Best Series acceptance speech, yet he still hung out afterwards to ‘mingle’ with the cast and crew of TITS II as well as accept interviews with the Media.

    I still like Chilam, but with this one example alone, it’s easy to see why he hasn’t been able to reach the level that Francis and many others have in the industry. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having an ‘attitude’, but in the entertainment industry, such behavior will only get you so far – basically, unless you’ve already reached a ‘senior’ enough level where you can give people ‘attitude’ and get away with it (i.e. Francis Ng or Anthony Wong’s level, let’s say)…otherwise, suck it up, put a smile on your face (even if it’s fake), do what you should do in these types of situations, and then get on with life.

    1. Not saying anything about him being arrogant or not since I didn’t watch, however, isn’t it better that he spends time with fans? I know you said that was only rumoured, but assuming it was true then personally I think higher of someone who mingles with the fans, who have been waiting for hours than his usual colleagues or tabloid journalists.

      1. Yes, it’s good to mingle with fans and I’m not saying he shouldn’t do that, but the expectation is generally that the winners do both. It’s fine if he doesn’t want to mingle with colleagues and the media, but at least fulfill the ‘obligatory’ duties of getting their pictures taken first (which he didn’t do) and even throw in a customary interview or two with the mainstream media (I don’t see anything wrong with doing that)…or if he doesn’t want to interview with the Media, then skip that and just mingle with his fans AFTER he’s done his ‘award’ duties of course. Basically, to me, the pictures and TVB Magazine thing ‘comes with the territory’ so I don’t see any reason why Chilam should skip that part of his ‘obligation’, especially since he didn’t even have to leave right away due to prior commitment.

      2. As for the ‘mingle with fans’ piece….well, according to some of the other Media reports, Chilam had left TVB City after doing The Scoop interview, but since he was still in the area, he circled back to meet with fans (made it sound like the fans were an ‘afterthought’)…of course, this could be the Media making things up again, which is very possible…though in my opinion, knowing how the media is, all the more reason to not give them the ‘ammo’ they want to make a big story, which is why I feel that Chilam should have done the interviews and such like expected.

      3. I agree, it’s customary for winners to be interviewed by official press & TVB publication. If he doesn’t want to do interview, fine but at least he should have taken the photo.

        Speaking of which, Krystal Tin is the first TV Queen without the King(s) picture.

      4. @ Ilwy12

        After having watched the show, I think he’s either a disappointed or sore loser. Probably both. Maybe he is too arrogant or maybe he bought into the media hype and got disappointed. Can’t say I wanted him to win – not when there was actually a chance that Francis and Dayo (WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT! Well played TVB!) could win so he should have lowered his own expectations.

    2. My guesses are:

      1) TVB wanted to increase their viewership/ratings with this years hype of Chilam vs Kenneth for the Best Actor award so lured Chilam to attend the ceremony by making him believe he was going to be given “the” award (TVB got what they wanted & Chilam felt used);

      2)So convincing was TVB that he was going to be given “the” award he turned down a $500,000 gig in China to attend the ceremony but only to be given the less prestigious Most Popular Male Character award (Chilam was pissed-off);

      3)As Chilam mentioned during the ceremony the high probability of failure being branded the hot favourite & when he lost, he wasn’t in the mood to face the media & their endless questioning of not winning the Best Actor Award (so did not stay for further interviews choosing to spend his time with his devoted fans instead).

      And the most ironic/funny thing about the situation to me is his lost to his wife. Whatever TVB’s voting system is she knows how the game is played & saw right through them, I consider her the true winner of the night!!! LOL…

      1. All that is probably true and I don’t blame Chilam for being upset if he was ‘used’ by TVB and the Media……but why give them ‘ammo’ to criticize him by doing what he did? As much as we may not like or agree with it, the reality is that a huge part of whether someone is able to succeed in the entertainment industry depends upon how the person ‘plays’ their cards. Sure, Chilam may have been bitter about the loss and wasting his time to attend the ceremony (though to be honest, Francis wasted his time more than Chilam did), but he could have shown himself to be the ‘bigger’ person by graciously accepting the loss, doing the obligatory photo shoots and interviews afterwards, mingle with his fans, and then move on. To me, it’s called ‘taking the high road’….if he truly felt ‘wronged’ by TVB, he can deal with that later via other means (i.e. don’t collaborate with them anymore or don’t attend their events, etc.)

        And yes, agree that Anita probably knew how the game is played — after all, she came from TVB herself and had been through enough movie award ceremonies to understand how these things work. Though to be honest, Chilam should know how it works as well, since he went through almost the exact same thing back in 2000 (looks like history did repeat itself)….which is probably why he said what he did earlier in the ceremony about being the ‘hot favorite’ and all (my guess is that he probably remembered what happened back in 2000 and was afraid it was going to happen again, which it did).

        Basically, my sentiment towards this whole thing is that if these artists are going to ‘play the game’, then at least follow the rules, otherwise don’t play at all. After all, artists such as Chilam, Francis, Dayo, etc. are not managed by TVB, so if they truly don’t like the ‘rules of the game’, they can choose to ‘not play’ if they really wanted to….

  21. The award he got is not a consolation prize, it’s 100% voted by audience, he should be grateful!

    Agree that Chilam’s Captain Cool character is overrated. Very ungrateful speech he gave at the awards. His character is nothing special, just an arrogant playboy. My impression of him got worse after I found out he rejected a photo with my aunt this year in November when he had a concert here in Toronto. After seeing his reaction and speech, I’m even less fond of him now.

    Even though I like Dayo, I’d rather pick Francis for Best Actor and have Dayo win Favorite Character because his character in Bounty Lady is likable. I think Francis’ acting skills was more impressive (the emotional scenes in TITS2).

      1. Agreed, Francis should not collaborate with TVB anymore for the “rigged” insult/slap in the face.

      2. @MW

        This year’s results aren’t rigged in the award ceremony.

        The Malaysia award was obviously rigged

      3. “The Malaysia award was obviously rigged”

        Excuse me, better think before posting. Malaysia award is 100% fan voting which is perfectly consistent with TVB’s most favourite award which is also 100% fan voting. So on what reason you think it is rigged?

  22. Who cares that Chilam lost TV King? No matter win or lose. I would definitely 100 percent support him.

  23. I love Chilam for his charming look and captian cool charater! However, Dayo definitely most deserved to win BA!

  24. I saw Anita’s weibo message and i can feel the coldness and “bones”, seems equally ungraceful as his husband

  25. All the top fives are great actors and they all deserves an award, my choice for this year is definitely Ruco. Chi Lam reaction is like.. thinking he is the only suitable person for the award?

    1. He was overly confident, thinking that declining a lucrative promotional appearance fee of $500,000 HKD to appear at the Anniversary Awards ceremony will win him TV King. Glad that he did not won (if he did, it looks like they’re doing a business exchange).

  26. TVB have broken the rule of “Not attending equals no awards”. Well TVB has done it before for Carol Cheng’s BA award back in 2000, now they are giving it to Dayo, what a coincidence

  27. Do we know the final tally for all actor/ actress? Would be interesting to see how close (or not) they were.

  28. When I watch BL I wanted Dayo to win but I thought his chance was low, hence between Chilam and Ma Ming I definitely go for Chilam as he is a better actor. However since Dayo wins, its very well deserved. Chilam is disappointed, for sure, since the media hyped up him. I can feel for him and his fans for being used to promote for Txb award. Its the dirt tactics of Txb but it works so Txb will use it more in the future. However Chilam should be calmer because the media is nitpicking him, to catch and twist every small reactions of him to sell reports.

    1. Come on raymond lam are always favorite to win BA but eventually won twice mfc award . Last year he won non. Everyone knew that he is dissapointed but hey he is still show good sportmanship and greet everyone with manner and never show any sarcastic comments

  29. Nah Im sure he was only joking cant blame him though if he aint huh!

  30. I think he was joking! (:
    I personally liked how he started his speech (:

  31. I was rooting for Ruco and team brother’s keeper. But I think Dayo wong deserved the award too! Chilam.. I felt so awkward for him when he gave his speech. Not sure if he will still remain as a loyal kid at TVB! But can’t deny, triumph2 sets his popularity soaring.

    1. i would have preferred the dark horse to be Ruco but ah well, to have Dayo win is better than Francis, Chilam or Kenneth. However i associate Dayo only with comedy, he’s not versatile.

      1. Not versatile? In tonight’s episode of Bounty Lady he gave quite a moving performance as Benz was talking about having a child at his age etc. Dayo may be a comedian but as all comedians are, they are usually very good dramatic actors too.

      2. Is that called versatile? Not when he’s almost always associated with comedies. Say the name Dayo and only comedy comes to mind.

      3. OMG, that is due to your own limited sense of what is called versatile. Is Stephen Chow versatile? And he is almost always associated with comedies. But almost isn’t 100%, always doesn’t mean for all times. Dayo Wong is a versatile actor and is it only dramatic actors or rather actors who are almost always in drama only can be expected to be rewarded for their talent, versatility and effort? Comedians are certainly almost always not getting the credit they deserve. After all, everyone thinks it is much easier acting as the fool making everyone laugh than playing the guy sitting on a wheelchair making everyone cry when it is, almost always, quite as difficult.

      4. I agree that it’s not easy to be a comedian. Dayo does comedy well, in fact you’ll laugh just by looking at his face. However, versatile to me means that you’re not stereotyped in the same roles over and over again. It means that you’re able to handle different types of roles just as skilfully as the others. If you’re almost always associated with, say comedy as in his case, even if almost is not 100% or all the time, to me that’s not versatile.

  32. Congratulations to all winners~!
    I watched the award ceremony. Chilam didn’t look agitated at all or created any cold atmosphere during his acceptance speech as per what some media reported… He certainly looked happy! I guess that’s what the Chinese saying “人怕红,猪怕肥” means……

  33. During the Scoop interview, they actually showed Chilam a live video of his fans waiting outside in the rain waiting to celebrate with him so that’s probably why he went to go see them.

  34. I don’t think he means it that way but his words certainly isn’t appropriate. He isn’t very eloquent that’s for sure. And he does look a mixture of chok and pissed.

    1. It looked to me like he was covered either for disappointment (if you want to give him the benefit of doubt) or fury because he lost. The way he say it seemed fake, which is why people didn’t “get” the joke.

      1. Joke anot. its not appropriate to say that. Although i just listened his speech for 1 time, but i still remember clearly. He said, sometimes being biological son also useless and parents(which is tvb) didnt vote for him, but luckily when helps is needed then those brother and sister(the voters) are there to help by voting him to get my favourite award. So he was indirectly teasing TVB la and at the same time to cover his face. Even at malaysia tvb award also he do the same and said “this time finally you all succeeded to vote it”. haha. He should said this because in nature, he actually not worth it because many other actor like francis and dayo have better acting skill than him. hahaha

  35. Btw i listened to his speech again when getting the award by chilam. He said “of course being bological son is very lovely but sometimes righteous brothers and sisters more important when help is needed. So he indirectly means even own parents(tvb) also not voting him to get best actor. haha. Stupid of him. Even Raymond lam also tvb not helping him to get best actor last year la but raymond also wont be so ungracious. HAte this chilam seriously.zz Hope he wun get any award anymore. zz

    1. Haha, Raymond also kicked up a big fuss last year saying he was retiring from showbiz to take care of his family business. Can’t blame them though. They were both hyped up to be winners. I don’t like ungracious losers (or winners) but didn’t feel Chilam was being arrogant last night. I’ll have to see his acceptance speech at the Malaysian awards.. I do think Francis is a better actor but Chilam’s character was a break out just like Kristal’s so I wouldn’t have complained if he had won

      1. raymond was jusmthrowing tantrum, but not being arrogant n ungrateful. but chilam speech does. I hate arrogant people jus like eason chan. very hate!! He should knew himself dayo much more skillful than him in acting!

      2. Haha, Raymond also kicked up a big fuss last year saying he was retiring from showbiz to take care of his family business.

        Actually he always said that he would come back home eventually, ever since his start. It wasn’t a sudden change after being slapped by Txb last year.

        It’s true that both of them (and also Linda this year) feel uneasy because they were used by Txb to promote the award too much. Chilam apparently told a fact that Txb always use someone to hype up the awards. Those ppl are never their real biological sons. The real biological sons are different ppl.

    2. Yes, let’s hope he will NEVER ever get any award from now on.

  36. Maybe he wasn’t a sour loser, ungracious and unappreciative in his speech, perhaps his intent might be humourous, making a joke if you will.

      1. Absolutely agree with Funn. It was an inappropriate comment when taken at face value, and people tend to take things at face value.

  37. If TVB doesn’t love Chi Lam, he won’t even get the chance to shoot Triumph in the sky part 3 next year. He sounded like he is the second highest score for the Best Actor award. The second highest score can be FRANCIS NG… Now we are talking about Best Actor someone with great acting skills not someone just post a charming cool look..He wanted to win so much but his acting skills is so so only in Triumph in the sky. He has so many fans because he charm his fans with his looks. Just like asking a teen idol to win an Oscar.

  38. Chilam still lacks of those natural improvising skill, see the way he speaks at the awards night. A good actor needs to have a natural improvising skill without thinking and do it at once just like Dayo he answered Dodo with a natural joke straight away and he improvised fast. Dayo is a real legendary and a Diva.

  39. I actually found what he said in the beginning and the way he said to be kind of cute and funny. Does TVB not like me? Is it only possible to win the award through popular votes? But then when he started saying his second line “Biological children are lovable, but when appearing at the necessary and right time, loyal children are very important too!” it kind of got a bit too serious sounding (if not a bit arrogant and rude) and it wasn’t funny anymore. I mean even both the host Dodo and Amigo paused for a second after he said that and didn’t know how to quite respond to his unexpected statement. Joke or not but he definitely said the wrong words at an inappropriate time especially at the very end of the ceremony where everyone was suppose to be happy but he just made the whole atmosphere more serious and awkward. And his biological children statement didn’t quite make sense as Dayo won the TV King award and he isn’t a biological child of TVB nor did he even attend the ceremony. Saying that is like Chilam thinks highly of himself as deserving to win the TV King award. But to be honest I don’t even think his character in TITS2 is even TV King quality worthy. Instead I think his win for my most favourite character award is well deserved for him and he should be happy about it. And by all means the my most favourite character award is a popularity award chosen by popularity from viewers and Chilam’s character in TITS2 did take a gain in his popularity to arise and therefore I think it makes very well sense that he is given this award. I don’t know what would make him think he would not get this award and get the TV King award instead. First off popularity doesn’t guarantee you to win the TV King award but GREAT ACTING SKILL does. You could be acting a character that can become popular but that doesn’t mean/proof that you have great acting skills.

    There are other things he could have said in his acceptance speech to make this better by saying that he’s thankful for TITS2 for giving him the chance to act such a unique and different character he has never had a chance to act out before in the past and how he’s thankful for the experience. By saying so he would’ve showed some class and respect for the support from all his fans and TVB for at least giving him an award. I’m sorry to say he just came off as an arrogant loser jerk who had his hope too high and decided it was a good idea to blame TVB for everything when really he should be more appreciative for everything that he got. If it wasn’t for TVB and the popularity he got from TITS2, he wouldn’t even be getting to film a movie version of TITS and making so much money in all those at other events and being able to release a photo diary for his character as “Cool Mor” and such and now he’s complaining he’s not getting the TV King award?!?! Really? Please think about it again Chilam and how much you have already gained!! Someone is definitely being a little too greedy here. I hope Chilam learns from this experience that awards don’t mean everything and the media might have created too much hype for him which leaded him to think and act in such confident arrogant way. I can understand when money, popularity,and fame is coming to you all at once, one can easily lose their brain to remain humble and grateful. I hope Chilam can at least see pass through that and find his way back to become the humble and grateful person he was before.

  40. Linda look so disappointed at her loss. She also look embarrassed when Antony said she’s too old for the BB nickname.

      1. Anthony Wong come across as chok, ego, rude and crass. Sorry, I did not like him when he appeared. Francis looked more gentlemanly.

      2. Yea…I don’t know what was up with Anthony that night – his speech didn’t make any sense and it wasn’t funny at all. Most of the other presenters did way better jobs than he did. My favorite presenters of the night were Lawrence Cheng and Cheung Tat Ming — they were funny without being rude or crass (I’ve always loved these 2). And I thought it was sweet that when Wu Fung went on stage to accept the award for Best Variety Show, Tat Ming said “Ooh, let me give the award to Daddy! Let me give the award to Daddy!” (Wu Fung played Tat Ming’s dad in both of the Justice Sung series from back in the 90s). It was nice to see that little ‘reunion’ of sorts!

      3. Anthony was crude crass rude and downright vulgar with his “big” jokes. Those poor actresses who were the subject of his jokes must have felt like they were being s-e-x-u-a-l-l-y violated.

      4. Anthony was right.linda is no way near to declare herself bb.she look aged. & exhausted

  41. We should not blame Chi Lam; it is TVB’s fault because it gave too high hope to Chi Lam and Francis Ng by urging them to attend the ceremony.

    1. high hope doesnt mean you sure win,if you think so then its too naive.

  42. When chilam talk about biological son and loyal son, he meant when tvb needs help, he’s there to help. Nothing regarding about dayo being biological or not

  43. What…
    Chilam’s speech was kind of funny. He was obviously joking…he was just trying to lighten up the mood!!!
    These people are taking things way too seriously.

  44. LOL people need to chill, those who understand cantonese will get what he meant. He was not pointing at Dayo.
    Btw it’s really true what he said that the non-biological artists save TVB’s rating, TITS2 and BL. Chilam and Dayo especially, they don’t work for TVB, but when they do, the ratings are high.

    1. athough he is right but its not cool and no need to say that. its a Mutual benefit because chilam also gains his popularity to this role. he win a lot of ads also a singer contract.he should be thankful

      1. agree with you, his comments were too arrogant, like he’s the savior sent from above to rescue tvb. He forgot that tvb helped to revive his lukewarm career also. Mutual benefit.

  45. i think tvb have tried to save chilam’s face by setting the my favourite awards for the first time after the ba awards as last to look as a greater importance awards of the show but unfortunately chilam’s speech was not quite “cool mort” worthy.

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