Coffee Lam Denies Restroom Sex; Groans Were from Kissing

Coffee Lam (林芊妤) suffered negative publicity since her 30-minute restroom scandal with rich heir, Will Lam (林知譽). Since her behavior was considered to be a disgrace, Coffee was officially fired by TVB last week. In a recent interview with the press, Coffee explained in detail what had happened inside the restroom stall, and emphasized she did not engage in any inappropriate behavior like tabloids claimed.

After the scandal came to light, reporters were unable to contact Will, who had left for Hangzhou. Coffee was left to deal with the incident alone. However, Coffee spoke up for Will and emphasized he is a good person. She stated he is a filial man, and they first became close through talking about family matters. When asked if Will was the one who pulled her into the restroom at the time, Coffee revealed, “Yes, he was! I didn’t clarify it earlier because I didn’t want to hurt this man.”

Pressed for details about what the pair exactly did in the disabled public restroom inside the IFC Mall, Coffee spilled, “We didn’t have sex in the restroom. I was very drunk and uncomfortable, so I threw up that night. Will brought me to the restroom and later kissed me. I also like him, and my groans were a natural reaction. Afterwards, a cleaning lady knocked and asked if anyone is inside. At that moment, I really wanted to quickly get out of there, so I told Will I’m heading home first. I sensed there were others waiting outside and it scared me out of my drunken state. It didn’t occur to me that reporters were waiting, so I was shocked when I opened the door.”

Although Coffee respects TVB’s final decision in terminating her management contract, she expressed she cannot accept the fact that the company thinks she is trying to use the scandal as a publicity stunt to promote herself. Coffee exclaimed, “No one is willing to take their own future, family, and chastity to do such a thing.”


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  1. why is there still news on her?? i thought it was all settled already and she’s fired….she’s still new worthy? =P

    1. Well, just bcos she’s fired and lost her career, doesnt mean she isn’t a woman anymore or a living human being.

      1. LOL, like! Well the girl has lost her job. Why not make the most out of this scandal, right?

    2. Damn that willy! His must be very small.

      He left her high and dry to face the music on her own, yet she’s till defending him. Such a nice girl.

      BTW, with her looks, any man, even with a small willy would be tempted to do her anywhere, hehehe,… she’s so sensual,

  2. Why Did the guy wanted to kiss her right after she threw up?

    1. Hmmmm… to give her benefit of the doubt, maybe she felt like vomiting, the guy found an empty toilet to ensure her privacy, then took the opportunity to try a quickie by starting with a kiss. The kiss was so good coffee can’t help but moan aloud before vomiting. So the vomiting may be after their kiss 😛

    2. The guy knows she’s drunk, yet take advantage of her drunkard state to kiss her. He would have been charged with molest, luckily for him, Coffee has spoken up for him and admit to liking him.

      Dump the man, however rich he is. Rich man can’t simply have it easy simply by being rich.

    1. After she gets fired? Im sure such promotion technique wouldnt get her far lol.

      1. We’ll it got her a press interview and continuing media coverage. I guess she believe’s that there’s no such thing as bad press. She’s really milking this incident. It will be interesting to see what she ultimately gets from this.

    2. She’s kinda like a nobody, so why is there pap following her o.o to snap this incident? Fishy…. Very fishy lol

  3. Why is she still talking about her scandal? It wouldn’t change anything, would it? Would TVB not have fired her if it was only kissing and not public sex? And if her new story is true, why didn’t she say so earlier? Too many loopholes to not be skeptical about her now.

    And like others pointed out, why would he want to kiss her after she just threw up? Eww.

  4. What the heck is she thinking? Get back the fame.

  5. she needs a PR…really. this is a really lame excuse.

  6. Way to publicized the gathering spot in a handicap bathroom more. Smart beitch

  7. Drunk -> threw up in toilet -> kissing and groan? Yeah right girl.

    Please contact me for a gathering.

  8. come on! How smart or sophisticated do you think she is when she named herself Coffe!

    cut her some slack,people! 🙂

  9. She always looks so pornish … the face expression is really not sweet.

    1. Yes, that’s a really good way to put it! And those fake boobs don’t help :-p

    2. I would love to do some porn videos with her. Anyone know how I can contact her?

  10. hahahahaha……….i knew that she is fired by TVB because of doing these unexpected behaviour that she has done <3

  11. then good for her because no-one knows her and she is not even popular at all… TVB! ! ! and now she is fired by TVB, good for her and let her have a think about why would she have to do these kind of things and if she didn’t even do these kind of things like these stupid behaviours then she wouldn’t be fired by TVB at all!!!!!!! but that is my (opinion)

  12. I honestly kinda believe her because if you watch the video… that’s a groan, but not like a sex groan liked she said.

    But can anybody actually kiss for 30min?

    1. Like she said, she spent time vomiting and perhaps cleaning herself up. Kissing doesn’t need to involve 2 mouths. Maybe he kissed her on her neck and other areas of the body.

      1. they probably did something oral. Either way, it is inappropriate…

      2. If she was drunk, the logical thing to do would be to send her home. Instead they spent 30 mins kissing in the loo. Yeah right. We all believe her.

    2. @Yellosum – Yes. My ex-gf loves kissing (more so than me) and 30-45 min is normal for us.

  13. Is she using Tavia Yeung’s explanation to back herself up? I recall when the reporters took pics of Tavia in Him’s car and her head was positioned on Him’s lap while in a stupor stage. Reporters claimed that Tavia was giving Him a bl0w job.

    1. I saw that clip. She had something slimey down the left corner of her mouth which she claimed was vomit and not semen. Search the related links here which will take you to the YT clip.

      1. i thought HE had something slimey on his mouth. he was trying to wipe it when they saw the reporters

      2. haha, how is that possible when she was the one supposedly doing the blowing? The clip is on YT.

  14. omg reporters in hong kong…. i remember tavia had so many interviews to clear up the scandal. her acting classmates explained for her, him law explained, there was so many ppl involved clarifying it. poor coffee is left by herself to explain the incident. we’ll never know what happened. only will and her will know

    1. You can watch the clip provided by the paps and decide for yrself what actually happened. It’s on YT.

  15. What a lame excuse! At first, gathering and now kissing after she threw up. Who is she fooling? and that Will Lam is a real cheap d-bag. Why defending him? Probably still harbor a thought of marrying into wealthy family.

  16. Last week she said they were talking, this week she said they were kissing, next week will she say they were sexing? LOL

  17. Horrible acting. If u watch her video on this interview she really sucks at making up an excuse. She also laugh a bit while pretending to cry like a baby

  18. What’s done can’t be undone. It’s no point explaining as I feel no one is interested to know the details. If she was really just kissing, why can’t they just kissed outside, why must it be in the toilet? Unless they’re found of having the toilet smell.

    1. Well said Bloom. She is already fired and what is done is done,so what is the point of trying to explain? She is making herself look worse by trying to lie even more.

    2. Hi HeTieShou,
      Do you agree that the more she tries to say she was innocent, the more we felt she tried to cover up. If I were her, I would just admit it, since you dare to do it, then you should dare to admit it. Dont be a coward. At least ppl would respect you rather than now trying to pretend to be innocent.

      1. Hi Bloom,
        I agree and if she did it, then just admit it. It is also does not matter now. I really wonder if she did all this on purpose just to get attention?? Now she is trying to milk it for all it is worth. I did not even know who she was before this incident.

      2. Hi HeTieShou,
        I guess she feels she could still try to convince the public to buy her story. Sometimes, ppl try to gain sympathy votes. If she was a popular actress, her fate may not ended up like this. Hong Kong is such a small place, ppl tends to regonise you everywhere you go, doggies are everywhere too. Her future in Hong Kong is over for sure, unless she gets some money and do some business otherwise, it’s quite tough for her to go into acting anymore as she was never a sought after actress.

      3. Hi Bloom,
        Yes,you are right that her show biz career is pretty much over as she was never a sought after actress anyways. Maybe she should just leave show biz and do something else. She can do business like Halina Tam who has a successful business now.

  19. i saw the video clip she was having S…X in the toilets
    which i can hear the weird sound that she is making…they were in the disable toilets and i saw it on YT!!!!

  20. Well after all she is doing mistakes what some women at her age might do. Just she is too bad luck to be caught having sex by reporters.If TVB wants to cover her then she is safe, no luck and good people to support and cover her up. Look at Twins, and other top artists scandal, far more worst than her, but they are not affected , give sometime, people will forget the news. Good luck!

  21. In the video she walked out of the toilet and said she wasn’t drunk and didn’t drink. So much irony.

  22. Honestly I just want to know why she picked the name Coffee for herself because it sounds like a porn star name if anything.

    1. I would love to do some porn videos with her. Anyone know how I can contact her?

      1. Create a Youtube channel dedicated to her and fly to China? O_o

  23. Might have been better for her just to say nothing at this point.

  24. leave her alone… why give her so much of publicity?

  25. Whatever. I don’t see why she’s trying so hard.

  26. lol would you kiss your boyfriend / girlfriend after he/she threw up? Or even knowing that he/she would throw up? This dumb bimbo needs to just go away. She is so irrelevant. The only think she has is a huge chest size; she isn’t even pretty.

    1. i thought i heard something like that over apple daily yesterday. she is apparently doing better as a yoga instructor, earning HKD1000 per class as compared to her salary at tvb, apparently HKD4000 a month!

  27. That outfit is really tacky and makes her look even cheaper. She should let this episode die a natural death instead of trying to prolong it. Won’t do her image any good.

  28. I didn’t know people groan in passionate kiss like they were having sex. And didn’t she said she was drunk, threw up … so what man would kiss her so passionately for her to groan like she’s having a romp?

  29. Forgive forget and move on folks. All humans do make mistakes and have setbacks in our life, don’t you?

  30. She’s deserve to be fired from TVB. She should also quit the entertainment industry.

  31. I think sex in the restroom is so okay!!!
    Well, this is her private life!!!!
    Don’t worry, I’m from Hollywood, and I will hire u

  32. Female H K media: Do you have sex in a toilet? I believe they only kiss, kiss n kiss…Haha

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