Crystal Liu Vacations in Korea with Mother and Boyfriend

Mainland Chinese actress Crystal Liu (劉亦菲) and her mother took a vacation in October to South Korea, sparking rumors that Crystal will soon tie the knot with her boyfriend, Korean actor Song Seung Heon.

On October 4, a day before Seung Heon’s 39th birthday, Crystal was spotted at Incheon International Airport, according to Korean publications. However, she later expressed that her visit to Korea was a personal trip and thus did not reveal her whereabouts to the media. She was not seen anywhere in Seoul.

It recently came to light that Crystal was actually vacationing on the southern coast of Korea with her mother and boyfriend. Although Seung Heon was busy at the time with his new drama, the Herstory, he still took out time to spend with Crystal. It was also reported that he reserved a five-star luxury villa at the renowned Southcape Spa & Suite, which is where Korean actor Bae Yong Joon reportedly had his honeymoon.

Crystal and Seung Heon first went public with their relationship in August, a month before their romance film, The Third Way of Love <第三種愛情>, was released. Seung Heon has since publicly declared that they would “definitely get married.”


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      1. @anon they’re both ethnically cultured with their native homelands. And I dont believe either speaks the other’s language fluently. So…how do they communicate? If they can’t really communicate, what is their relationship based on? Body language?

      2. @aiya

        Interracial means different races. One is Korean, the other is Chinese. Most people think of interracial as black and white only, probably too much p0rn.

      3. @anon Korean and Chinese are not racial groups; they are different ethnic groups and nationalities within the Asiatic race.

        If one were to use your definition of what comprises as a race, then Justin Trudeau would be considered a biracial guy like Obama because he has both French and English forebears.

      4. @anon I must say that I disagree with’s inexplicable broadening of the term interracial marriage to include those that are inter-ethnic in nature because of all the confusion and misunderstanding it may cause.

        The below link provides an excellent synopsis on the difference between race and ethnicity.

      5. @aiya

        The link you showed me is just a definition of the words, “ethnicity” and “race”. I know the differences between those words, but your source doesn’t refute the meaning of the word ‘interracial’, and that’s the point you’re trying to make. In the end, I choose to side with an official source over an opinion.

      6. @anon Our friendly debate here is just about definition and I would not call as the official source over others and its definition should be accepted over others.

        Anyway I think we have beaten up the dead horse enough and let’s agree to disagree..

      7. @aiya You know, I never really thought of koreans and Chinese or Japanese and Koreans as interracial. Interesting. THat’s because I always assume Koreans, chinese, japanese under same branch as Asian. But true true, does Koreans (original ones) have chinese blood? Japanese do descent from Chinese so they don’t count.

      8. @funnlim And your thinking is correct because these three people groups are all part of the same race: Mongoloid. Just like English (Anglo Saxon), German, and Norwegian are all part of the same race: Caucasoid.

        As a result of being in the same racial group, Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese should share common bloodlines. As far as whom comes first or whom descended from whom, your guess is as good as mine or as any physical anthropologist

      1. @msxie0714
        True that LYF did spend some time in the US but her English is not so good but I guess it is decent enough to communicate with her boyfriend. I think his English may not be great but is good enough.

    1. @coralie
      I am guessing they both speak a combination of English and body language. I remember Ning Jing marrying an American actor which made me wonder the same thing, but sadly their marriage did not last. Not to say it will happen here but communication is very important to maintain a relationship/ marriage.

      1. @hetieshou yea I think it’s a lot harder to maintain a relationship when there’s language barrier. Many of these relationships end up not working out…like Zhang Ziyi, Wendy Deng, etc. (although in their cases, it’s a combo of having men that have too many options & language/culture barrier.) Even if Crystal & SSH can communicate in English or Chinese, neither is completely fluent in either one so I have a harder time seeing how that kind of relationship can successfully bloom. It’s kind of like charade with your partner all the time

  1. If destiny plays a part, they may end up together. There was an actress that married a guy from one of the European countries, but both could not understand each other’s language. But they got married after a few days. Quite interesting though. After marriage, the actress took up language lessons to understand what her husband was saying. Their marriage (20+ years ago) lasted till today and they had a daughter. That was a rare case.

  2. Correlation does not equal causation. Glass is not always half empty. It can be half full.

  3. When you are marrying someone with different nationality, language, race, culture, religion, etc of course it will be extra harder. The challenges to make the marriage work is 10 times harder. If they both will commit and work, extra, extra hard to the relationship they can do it. Good luck to them.

    1. @dramas4me I do think Koreans and Asians are pretty similar in the sense of respect the elders, young ones taking instructions well, family first, friendships that last, men work, women take care of finances, etc etc.

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