Eddie Peng Breaks Tradition in “Wu Kong”

The trend for adapting Monkey King into film continues with the upcoming summer blockbuster Wu Kong <悟空传>, starring Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Ni Ni (倪妮), Shawn Yue (余文樂), and Oho (欧豪). Produced by Emperor Motion Pictures and directed by Derek Kwok (郭子健), Wu Kong is adapted from the online novel of the same name, written by Jin He (今何).

Wu Kong is a prequel to Journey to the West <西遊記>, and takes place 500 years before Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King, wrecks havoc in the heavenly kingdom. In this prequel, Wukong is unwilling to bow down to his own destiny and rebels the gods. Eddie Peng stars in the titular role.

Shawn Yue stars as Wukong’s nemesis Yang Jian, a demigod cursed with the knowledge of fate. Ni Ni plays the love interest, Azi, and Oho plays the demigod warrior Tianpeng. Zheng Shuang (郑爽) and Qiao Shan (乔杉) also star in the film.

Wu Kong opens in China on July 13, 2017.

“Wu Kong” Teaser

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Another one?! Asians must really love the monkey king. It’s like every year another movie is made

  2. there’s a certain vibe to eddie peng that i don’t like about him. i think he looks very inch

      1. @aiya “inch” is the Cantonese slang for looking very stuck up or that I think I’m better than you look. At least that’s what I think she is saying… And I gotta say I agree with @m0m0 he does has that look about him.

      2. @msxie0714 no idea as not a fan of him so don’t know much about him. But he does have that look about him. Good to know he is not arrogant though.

      3. @aiya No problem. Cantonese slang has no translation! ahhahahhah That’s why it’s so hard to learn Cantonese as we use a lot of slang!

      4. @happybi
        I certainly understand that based on my personal experience.

        That’s when you realize that Canto is not a language but a dialect because there is no verbatim equivalency (both written or translational.) In some weird way I can understand why China is frustrated with HK’s insistence on using Canto as its primary lingua franca.

      5. @happybi Hi. I do think they should standardize Mandarin in Hong Kong. If they can do that and also make English as a secondary mandatory language in Hong Kong. If they are fluent in both languages. Hong Kongers (is it that’s how you call them?) – they will have the best of both worlds like Singaporeans. They will speak the two most popular languages in the world. I think it’s a win-win situation for the people there.


      6. @dramas4me but what will happen to Cantonese? Its already hard to learn that language unless you are brought up speaking it. HK is not China. Yes its part of China now but I hope you know what I mean. English is easy to learn but Cantonese is not. Personally feel we should have more pride in our own language.

      7. @happybi They can still speak/use it @ home or anywhere. Just like Guangzhou people still speak Cantonese & so do other provinces in China – people still speak their own local language/dialect. They will pass it down through their families/generations. Like Taiwanese still speak Taiwanese language, but they are learning Madarin in schools. The main thing is that they will have that knowledge & skill of the Mandarin language. Hopefully that will help them get rid of the accent problem when they are speaking Madarin. Some HK people have that problem. When I went to Chinese school in VN – the school made sure that we spoke Madarin to teachers & classmates to improve our skill. When we went home or out of school – we spoke Cantonese to each other.

    1. @m0m0 Some people are born with the built-in “arrogant/stuck up” about them and some are actually LOOK that way, but they actually are not. I have a friend who is the latter. She looks stuck up, but she is a very nice person when you get to know her. I don’t think he is from what I read about his life and family background.

  3. Aw that makes me sad people think Eddie has that arrogant look to him because he’s known (by fans, co stars and directors) to be SO dorky, weird, a huge family man (mama’s boy) and major cutesy sunshine personality. And yes @hayden he reminds me of top so much too!!! Look wise with strong jaw, thick brows, double lid piercing but puppy eyes. and a lot of the personality too (also both were veryyy chubby at youth, both without father figures, both have notoriously private love lives, both similar height) Eddie also has the bingu top personality if you know what I mean lol. Just rly dorky and weird. <3

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