Edison Chen Celebrates Daughter’s 100-Day Milestone

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Edison Chen Celebrates Daughter’s 100-Day Milestone

In March, it was reported that 36-year-old Edison Chen (陳冠希) became a father. His girlfriend, 26-year-old Shanghainese model, Shupei Qin (秦舒培) was spotted with a bulging belly in the United States at the beginning of the year. Since the couple did not publicly address the reports, details over the baby’s birth remained a mystery.

However, a photo surfaced today in which Edison was seen holding a baby girl in his arms. It is speculated that the baby, Alaia, is Edison’s daughter. The family appears to be celebrating Alaia’s 100th day of birth at home. Aside from looking a bit tired, Shupei does not look like a new mother as she has lost all her baby weight. Edison’s father and sister were also at the celebration.

Edison and Shupei’s romance became public in May 2016, when the couple was spotted kissing on the streets. The couple’s relationship was initially surrounded by gossip, as Shupei had just separated from her ex-husband. It was reported earlier that Edison purchased a 4000-square-feet mansion worth $2.85 million USD house in Los Angeles to make Shupei and their daughter’s living conditions more comfortable.

Due to his playboy image, Edison becoming a father came as a surprise for many. Is Edison finally ready to embrace parenthood and settle down? Facing 30,000 fans at a recent concert in Xian, Edison said, “Xian, does everyone really remember me? If I were not so crazy, would you still remember me? If I got married and have a baby, would you still remember me?” Fans yelled, “Edison Chen, we will always remember you!”

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