Edison Chen Zones Out During a Meal with GF and Daughter

By on February 15, 2019 in NEWS

Edison Chen Zones Out During a Meal with GF and Daughter

Known for his playboy image, Edison Chen (陳冠希) became a new man after meeting girlfriend Shupei Qin (秦舒培) and welcoming daughter Alaia to the world. The couple are currently living in Los Angeles, raising their 1-year-old daughter together.

The actor-turned-singer-turned-businessman is a proud family man, and often shares pictures of his daughter on social media. But just like how job burnouts are a thing, it looks like Edison’s also starting to show signs of burning out as a dad.

Recently, a source close to Hong Kong paparazzi spotted the the family of three eating at a Pho restaurant with a group of friends. Throughout the meal, Edison was seen playing with his phone, while Shupei was in charge of feeding Alaia. Shupei didn’t even have time to eat her own meal.

Edison, on the other hand, just sat aside and didn’t bother to help his girlfriend out.

Being a mom is no easy task. We hope Edison took great care of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day!

Source: Eastweek

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Edison Chen Zones Out During a Meal with GF and Daughter

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  • 4 comments to Edison Chen Zones Out During a Meal with GF and Daughter

    1. rainrain says:

      Sounds like my husband. What a prick.

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    2. lianna says:

      I’m not defending Edison, but it’s better for the child to have only one parent feed them. It’s usually very difficult to have children at that age to sit down quietly, not move and just focus on eating. Their attention span is terrible and are very easily distracted. When you have one parent feeding them they wouldn’t be so distracted.

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    3. stars1 says:

      Nowadays How many families or fruends at the dining table or lounge have their hands and eyes on the phones? So just because he is a celebrity snd was caught out behaving like so many others, does this make him a bad dad and bf?

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    4. littlefish says:

      Lol, I’m terrible with my phone, and my son likes to feed himself…. And basically every family would have 1 person has their hand on the phone these days, pretty common. Also what if Edison is arranging a holidays for the family? Or looking at where to take his family next? A picture sometimes isn’t a thousand words 🙂

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