Etta Ng’s Disappearance for 5 Months Frightens Elaine Ng

While Jackie Chan (成龍) splurged on a new airplane for himself, ex-lover Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) has been struggling with the latest drama involving their 18-year-old daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓琳). Through a middleman, Jackie had once said he “would not give a cent to Elaine.” Losing her radio hosting job in 2015, Elaine had to accept financial assistance from a Buddhist charity to make ends meet. Admitting to being an alcoholic earlier, Elaine’s relationship with Etta has deteriorated significantly in the last two years.

Elaine spoke earlier about why her relationship with her daughter was so turbulent, “[Etta] grew up in a single-parent household, and our situation is very peculiar. Just because I have accepted the situation doesn’t mean she can accept it. As a mother, I neglected her feelings a lot back then. It accumulated over time. It caused her to feel a lot of pressure until she finally exploded.”

After being treated for suicidal tendencies, Etta moved out of Elaine’s house to live with her girlfriend, Internet personality Andi last year. Soon after, Etta left her job and allegedly disappeared for five months. Family and friends could not contact Etta, who vanished from social media since last November. Next Magazine reported that Elaine panicked and filed a missing person’s report with the Hong Kong police.

When asked if she had filed the case with the police, Elaine said, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore!” However, Elaine revealed that she has spoken to Etta several days ago and knows she is at a safe place. “She is living at a friend’s house. I hope the friend treats her well. The most important thing is Etta’s safety!”

Asked if she has seen Etta in person or whether they only spoke on the phone, Elaine said, “I don’t want to say too much!” But she did admit that Etta is currently not in Hong Kong.

As her daughter is not always by her side, did this frequently worry Elaine? She said, “No, I have my own life. There are many reasons why our children are not beside us, such as going away for school. It’s a phase. It’s not a problem for her to have independence.” When asked if Etta is currently working or going to school, Elaine said, “I don’t know! Her safety is most important. She should be going to school and be a healthy person.”


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  1. their relation is so broken, it doesn’t seem its going to improve anytime soon. All she can wish is indeed her daughter good health and hope she all right wherever she is. A good portion of all their issue is due to the fact Jackie Chan never admitted having a daughter it totally ruined Etta especially.

  2. Boy, this family sure loves calling the cops on each other. Etta is obviously mentally unstable but I’m starting to think that Elaine is as well. I mean, which other mother and daughter call the cops on each other all the time — Etta called the cops twice claiming Elaine abused and threatened her while Elaine called them earlier to report being burglarized (even though she knew full well Etta was the one who took her stuff) and now calls them again claiming her daughter is “missing” just because she lost contact with her. Honestly, the two of them need to stop using the police as a communication tool – they need to work out whatever issues they have without continuing to waste public resources and taxpayer money.

    With all that said…since Etta is 18 now, I think Elaine needs to fully let go and just let Etta live her own life. While it’s good that Elaine doesn’t hide from her mistakes and knowing she treated her daughter badly in the past, tries to make up for it now, but honestly, it’s too late – their relationship is too far broken to be fixed and Etta is an adult now and obviously has a mind of her own – the more she tries to reel Etta back in, the more she’s going to rebel and the worse it’s going to get. Just let Etta live her life and wish her the best from behind-the-scenes, then later if she decides to come back, don’t judge her and instead welcome her back with open arms – that’s all Elaine can really do at this point….

    1. @llwy12 Haha. My reaction too. Same drama. Blame Jacky. I think Elaine loves drama and attention. I have known kids who grew up in most unconducive environment yet make it good. Actors wise, Anthony Wong comes to mind and so does Lois Koo. If we do not stop blaming the world for our misfortunes, we will continue being miserable. Misfortunes can build characters or a test of character.

    2. @llwy12 “Boy, this family sure loves calling the cops on each other.” It really shows the breakdown in communication between Elaine and Etta. I think the previous involvement of the police was unnecessary, but Elaine was worried about Etta’s safety this time. It’s hard for Elaine to fully let go of an irresponsible daughter like Etta, who is obviously immature, compulsive, and may still have suicidal tendencies. Letting go of a suicidal person can result in death. Etta needs a lot of counseling to let go of old baggage (e.g. father’s abandonment) and live life more positively.

  3. I feel for Etta, I think her upbringing has contributed to how she is now. Elaine seems to have her own mental issues, which I’m sure affected Etta’s upbringing.

    Still think the big fault lies with Jacky Chan. That guy should really be a man and take some responsibility. He seems pretty cold hearted to act like his daughter doesn’t exist. Be warned Jacky, what goes around usually comes around. It will come back to bite him and he’ll probably regret it one day as he passes on and none of his family are there to see him off.

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