Jackie Chan Splurges on Plane, but Fails to Support Daughter

Jackie Chan (成龍) is undeniably one of the most recognizable and influential cinematic personalities in the world. Forbes estimated his net worth to be approximately $350 million in 2015 and he was ranked as the second highest paid actor in the world in 2016. The 64-year-old is also a recognized philanthropist and is named as one of the top 10 most charitable celebrities.

Despite his charitable acts and seemingly generous donations, Jackie continues to refuse providing financial assistance for his illegitimate daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓琳). In addition to not having ever paid Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) any alimony, Jackie also callously announced during an interview in 2012 that he will not leave a single penny out of his assets for 18-year-old Etta. After the interview aired, Jackie was highly criticized for his attitude and behavior toward his daughter. The negative response did not change Jackie’s decision.

Splurges on Plane

Jackie’s heartlessness was furthered magnified when it was recently revealed that he bought a new private plane. According to Taiwan media reports, the plane that Jackie purchased had belonged to the founder and president of Evergreen Group, Chang Jung Fa (張榮發), before he passed away in January 2016. EVA Air confirmed that the aircraft was sold in March.

An insider recently confirmed that Jackie had indeed purchased the plane. “Jackie has always had his own personal private plane. However, he bought too many things one time, and so he decided to buy a bigger plane. It can seat up to 20 people I believe.”

In addition to this new plane, Jackie had previously bought a private jet for NT $900 million. The jet was personalized, with artwork of two dragons on each side. The back of the plane was also decorated with the Chinese word “dragon” and his English name, “Jackie”. A netizen sarcastically joked, “Is Jackie afraid that people won’t know he’s coming?”

Source: Sina

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. While he’s at it, he should buy a heart, some morals and a conscience. Then again, no amount of money can buy those things, especially for a poor excuse of a human being like Jackie Chan.
    Someone told me that the other Chinese celebs are jealous of Jackie. If that is so, they have nothing to be jealous about, and should not waste their time. Please disperse, please disperse, nothing to be jealous of here.

  2. it’d be actually surprising if he chooses to support his daughter instead given his track record. he must have some kind or terminate disease or mental illness if he does that.

  3. He is a jerk period. With ALL the money he has even if he just gives her/her mom a “drop” of it to help out – it wouldn’t even make a dent on his assets. I stopped watching any of his work a long time ago.

    1. @dramas4me I also stopped watching his works a long time ago and have even taken to forwarding through any programs he is in because seeing his face on the screen disgusts me so much. It’s astounding that so many people continue to worship him and confer the title of “big brother” on him when nothing he does or says is worthy of any respect whatsoever.

      @bubbletea Tell the person who claims that other Chinese celebs are jealous of Jackie that he/she is surely delusional and should probably have his/her brain checked by a doctor. Yea, I’m sure many celebrities are envious of Jackie being a certified a**hole and are tripping all over themselves to emulate such a sorry excuse for a human being, lol.

      1. @llwy12 I too have joined the club of not watching anything with this donkey. What you said to me is exactly what I told the idiot who worships Jerky Chan. You do know one of my favorite words is delusional, and that is how I addressed the fool. I told Dumb Dumbest that I can refer one of my work collegues to give them a checkup. Jealous of what….

        You know, it just boggles my mind that westerners, and some Asians still cant see the nasty, indifferent piece of work, disguised as a human named Jacky Chan. Then again, if westerners can vote in Trump and defend him, anything is possible right?

      2. @bubbletea “Delusional” seems to have become one of my favorite words of late as well. Glad you told the “delusional” fool off, lol. 😉

        With Westerners, I’m actually not too surprised, since Hollywood is teeming with celebrities similar to Jackie, some even with “rap sheets” worse than his (undoubtedly these are the same fools who worship the likes of the shallow, attention-seeking, dysfunctional Kardashian family). It’s those in the Asian community who still embrace Jackie wholeheartedly (albeit only a small group now, lol) — including those in the HK entertainment industry – that baffles me. But then again, I guess it’s in-line with Asians generally being more reserved in that even if they hate someone, they are not going to come right out and say it….plus we all know HK celebrities don’t like to “rock the boat” so even if they are abhorred by Jackie’s behavior like most of us are, they are probably not going to say anything unfortunately….

      3. @llwy12 yes, a lot more Asians have woken up to Jackie’s disgusting character. Well, we all know that the celebs don’t like to upset the apple cart, so to speak. They will be polite to Jackie but they know w uhh at he is really like. The newbies will say nothing cause they know he carries a lot of clout and can have them frozen out. The westerners lap up his good guy image and the Hollywood ce ‘ll ebs are just as bad, and some are worse than him, so they are cool with him. You know what they say about birds of a feather. That vapid, Kartrashian family is famous for what? I am sorry, but they are nothing but a bunch of riff raff, low life, trashy attention hogs. They are famous for all the wrong disgusting reasons, and the Americans loooove them. They are losers and their fans have a few chips missing. Famous for nothing except a few lard infused backsides that are more an eyesore than a turn on. Oh, how could I forget the infamous sex tape that started it all. I bet a lot of their fans are also Jackie chan fans.

        Of course, you should know I would tell off that delusional idiot, lol.

      4. @bubbletea do the westerners who voted for Trump included European, Canadian, Australian or only American?

        I only know about Jackie Chan’s daughter because I read this web. No entertainment/news in my country (I’m from Southeast Asia) ever published story about this so I will say that 99.99% people don’t know about his action. However, they watch his movies since they are broadcasted on TV regularly and since he always played a kindhearted hero, he was synonym to his role.

        People in entertainment industry obviously know but what is the advantage for them to bring this matter out? Nothing. They might gossip about him secretly. But that is it.

        Who in Hollywood doesn’t know about that abominable Harvey Weinstein? Did they do something? That Meryl Streep even called Weinstein as God. They also still worship Woody Allen and that child rapist Roman Polanski.

      5. @windy What has this gotta do with trump? Or Weinstein?

        One thing for sure. jackie did not metoo elaine. She threw herself at him, she knew what she was doing. Maybe other girls. So far no one coming forward.

      6. @llwy12

        Me too. I don’t watch ANYTHING that he is in. I’m sure other celebrities don’t think highly of him either, but they don’t want to ruin theirs careers.


        You came up with a very good name for him (JERKY CHAN). I think it’s very well fitting for him. I like it.

      7. @dramas4me Thank you, I think that name does suit him very much. We seem to have our own boycott Jacky Chan work here at Jaynestars. I just can’t stomach to watch anything with this horrible person anymore. I know we have to separate the artist from the person. However, with Jerky, er, Jacky Chan, it is asking a bit too much from me, so I decided to boycott him.

  4. To be fair, she has her mom to blame. Whilst I do not believe she did not sign any iron clad settlement agreement, if she is truthful, then Etta can only blame her mom for not guaranteeing a trust fund. Jackie is under no legal obligation. Morally.. well.. I suppose he has more love for planes than his own flesh and blood. I mean he was never that much of a daddy to his son, more so an unwanted daughter. We can criticise jackie for not offering financial help, and he is as lousy as a father to his legitimate child like he is to his illegitimate child, since elaine took pains to emphasise she did not take a single cent, jackie need not pay a single cent. Etta should sue but i suppose HK law is same in commonwealth countries and a bastard father to an illegitimate child has no legal obligation. Bastard as he is.

    But maybe he did offer help? If not i wonder how elaine and etta can survive until now? Not that she has any career.

    P/s it’s his money. he can leave it to anyone he wants. Is Jaycee getting any? If jaycee is not, more so etta. You want to see whether he treats etta fairly, see how he treats jaycee and compare.

  5. What “illegitimate” ?. He made Elaine pregnant and bored him a daughter.. Etta is his daughter. It is as legitimate as himself. What is he trying to bluff ?
    If he continue to avoid his responsibility as a father, the day when he go, his name will stink. His history will be tarnished.
    What a loser.

  6. I love JC when I was young, but he’s not a great human being 🙁 You should always think of your children, doesn’t matter how shitty their mothers are! Knowing someone that does their duty of a father make me very very disappointed in JC :/

    1. @littlefish
      We don’t know the truth behind the Elaine story anyway. Maybe Jackie has paid her off in one lump sum or pays monthly. Maybe the relationship between the mother and father is so bad that they can’t agree to make arrangements for the child.

      1. @jimmyszeto I agree we don’t know the whole truth. However, my uncle in law, who has to deal with an ex-wife that leech him dry on child support, and all the drama, he still always try to be there for his 3 kids with her, and his grandchildren. And even though he’s very disappointed in some of them and their decision making, he still babysit the grandchildren, and I’m talking a 70yo man and like less than 3 less than 5yo kids. So the drama aside, your kids should be the priority. Not your drama. You can hate each other, paying whatever, but if your kid in trouble, need your help, be there. Be the father that they need you to be. And I expect parents to at least try. And I’m disappointed in JC, not hating him because it’s his business lol.

      2. @littlefish
        When a child lives with a parent separately they are very likely brainwashed by the parent anyway. What is the use of the child to the other parent if the kid is brainwashed into a stranger or enemy. Even if Jackie tried he may not get anywhere…

      3. @jimmyszeto I know, but still he should be there and helping her. And over time, the child should be smart enough to recognise genuine care. My uncle’s kids also got brainwashed btw, but when I know them, they are all above 25, and knew who’s good to them. And why do you have to look for return in your children? If you are rich enough, that is the least of your concern, do good thing and expect something in return? Since when love is a calculating game? Being responsible is not looking for return in a child who might not know better?

      4. @littlefish Totally agree with you. The drama between the parents shouldn’t extend to the children. To me, Jackie being a horrible father trumps everything (obviously how children are treated is important to me). Etta is his flesh and blood – no matter how much he hates Elaine (and it’s obvious he hates her), that’s his child and he should take responsibility – even if he does it indirectly through others or does it secretly or whatnot, doesn’t matter as long as he does it. The problem is that not only does he not take responsibility physically or financially, he also refuses to acknowledge that Etta is his daughter, even though the whole world knows that she is. Yes, I’m sure everyone can argue about Elaine’s role in all this and of course she is to blame as well, but why should the children have to pay for the sins of their parents? Like you said, the children should be priority, but obviously they weren’t for Jackie. To me, the bottom line is that it sucks to be Jackie Chan’s children – Jaycee grew up to be a good-for-nothing drug dealer while Etta is a mentally unstable angry child with suicidal tendencies.

    1. @msxie0714
      I prefer Jackie because he has contributed to the industry more. At the end of the day we as viewers can only judge what they put on screen. Both are terrible family men but good to have as a friend.

    2. @msxie0714 @jimmyszeto Knowing both their backgrounds, I would have to say that Jackie Chan is the bigger jacka**. Of course Eric is no saint either and there are undoubtedly a lot of things he has done as well as said that are regrettable, but the one thing that sets him apart from Jackie (in my opinion at least) is that he at least has a conscience and a heart (whereas Jackie has none). And technically I wouldn’t say he is a terrible family man – sure, Eric had affairs too no doubt, but he didn’t abandon his children like Jackie did – regardless of whatever issues he had with his previous wives, he was there for his children and took responsibility for them…the fact that all 4 of his children grew up to be so close to one another, despite having different mothers, and also contributing members of society and the industry proves that he and his exes did something right as parents. Oh and if we’re talking contribution to the entertainment industry, Eric has actually contributed more than Jackie has.

      1. @llwy12
        In my opinion, Eric is a jackass who is accepted by his peers despite his lascivious nature. The numerous photos and videos of him groping and salivating at female entertainers’ chests doesn’t make him someone I’d trust around a daughter or niece. He doesn’t get half the hate as Jackie although Yammie Lam was his victim.

      2. @msxie0714 Eric doesn’t get the hate probably because people are used to that kind of behavior from him (rude, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, salivating over women, etc.) – basically, Eric acting like a pervert is nothing new, plus there are plenty of others in the industry who are like that too so it’s probably not a big deal to them. As for the Yammie thing, most likely his peers (and most of the HK public) are giving him the benefit of the doubt due to the questionable circumstances of the video that triggered the accusations against him – doesn’t mean he didn’t do it because no one knows for sure of course but it makes sense why there would be universal hate for Jackie but less for Eric. Personally, neither one of them are guys that I would trust a daughter or niece around but then again I would say the same for a lot of guys in the entertainment industry….

  7. I do not care aboutJackie’s relationship with E and E. He is known to be a good employer and provide well for his workers. He treats his wife very well. Yes he is not the best father to Jaycee because he was not with family in the USA most the time. His base was Hong Kong. There must more than meets the eye in relation to Etta and Elaine. My sons enjoy his movies. Still do. 🙂

    1. @mangotango I read his autobiography too many eons ago (which was ghostwritten by the way – Jackie can’t read or write Chinese, let alone English – he’s illiterate, which is a fact he made known many years ago). Sure, he’s a generous person in terms of charity and stuff and yes, he has contributed greatly to the HK entertainment industry – but to me, the horrible way he treats his family (specifically his children) outweighs whatever semblance of charity work he does. And to be honest, the piece about treating his workers well – I give credit for that to his wife and everyone else who helps to run his company because it’s well-known that he doesn’t do any of it himself. Jackie has said multiple times that his job is just to bring home the money – he has no clue how much money he makes or how much he has or what goes on at his company because others take care of that for him (when Willie Chan was his manager, he did a lot of that stuff for him, but after they broke off their relationship, his wife Joan Lin took over most of it).

      From what I remember, the “more than meets the eye” part was that Jackie was intending for Elaine to be “just another fling” like every other woman he’d had affairs with and he specifically told her he didn’t want any further attachment, responsibility, trouble, etc. (read that as “you need to make sure you don’t get pregnant”) — but then of course, Elaine DID get pregnant and in Jackie’s eyes, she did it deliberately (i.e. like maybe she told him she took the pill when she actually didn’t)….that already caused him to hate her, and then of course everything else that happened after that (I.e.: Elaine “outing” him as the father in that infamous interview with Dodo Cheng, etc)…sure, Elaine was no saint either and yes she probably had ulterior motives, at least initially, and of course I don’t believe for a minute that she didn’t get some sort of compensation/settlement from Jackie and/or his people….in fact, I do believe (as was speculated at that time) that Elaine settled with Jackie and agreed to leave HK with Etta so that he wouldn’t have to be constantly reminded of “the trouble” she had caused. But that’s precisely why I have such a problem with this whole thing — Jackie’s mentality from the getgo was that he didn’t want to take responsibility for his actions and even when called to the floor, he still refused to take responsibility or acknowledge his role in this…to him, having affairs is a man’s prerogative (especially if they are rich and powerful like he is) and if the woman is stupid enough to get herself pregnant, that’s her issue that she should be dealing with instead of bothering the man with it. Someone mentioned Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump – sure, Jackie’s issue has nothing to do with them, but in a sense it does because he shares the same misogynic attitude and lack of respect for women that they do….

  8. Objectively, I think he’s done a lot of great things for Chinese cinema. But subjectively, not that great of a dude.

    If you can separate his talent from his personal life, then you won’t be so upset.

  9. Oh I forgot to add, my son even used his biography as one of his major English assignment. And of course, mummy here read the book too. Lol. He is a generous person. But it appears not to Etta and Elaine..Strange.

  10. Everyone is saying that it is all Elaine’s fault, she knew what she was doing. Well when dishing out the blame, no one should forget to give a big bowl full of blame to JC. Both of them went into this affair with an ulterior motive. He wanted meat, she wanted money, maybe, and decided to become pregnant. I am still ashamed of Elaine. She knew that Jacky was a married man, and that getting pregnant by him will only produce an illegitimate child. I am sure she knew that the Asian society would heap scorn and disdain upon a child born into such circumstances. I’ll bet she even knew his track record as an absentee and unfit father. Yet Elaine chose to purposely become pregnant by such a man for her own selfish, nefarious reasons. She has done nothing but bring heartache and grief to Etta’s life.

    Jacky propbably was carrying on behind Joan’s back and trying to convince her that his womanizing ways were a thing of the past. Well, if that was what was probably happening, he got caught, with his pants down, so to speak. You would think at the age he was at, his wild oaks sowing ways were behind him and he would learn to be a decent husband to his long suffering wife. Instead, he wanted to stick the willy wally here, there and everywhere still. Shameless, lecherous male hussy. Regardless of whether Elaine became pregnant on purpose or not, he was a father again. Instead of taking responsibility and acknowledging his responsibility, he behaved like the jerk that he is. Even if he paid Elaine hush money that we don’t know about, the point is, he coldly, cruelly and ruthlessly abandoned an innocent child who did not asked to be born, but was born nevertheless. Then he had the nerve to not only physically and verbally abandon Etta, but financially cut her off too. We all know that providing financially for Etta would have been nothing of a problem for JC, as he has more money than he and his wife can spend in this lifetime. Then again, if he abandoned the son he had with his wife, it is easy to see why the jerk abandoned Etta. This is why I can’t for the life of me understand why Elaine would want to become pregnant for this creature. The sad part is both his children, (the two that the public know of anyway), have messed up lives. I just wanted to add my two cents.

    1. @bubbletea

      You are so right about the part “…
      point is, he coldly, cruelly and ruthlessly abandoned an innocent child who did not asked to be born, but was born nevertheless. Then he had the nerve to not only physically and verbally abandon Etta, but financially cut her off too.” I’m wondering if she is a boy – would he acknowledge/accept her as his child? From what I heard before that he came from a very poor background, so I think that now he is so rich. He enjoys his power, his eagle and makes him feel so important. I think people came from nothing & made it big like him – they either turn out to be very compassionate, kind people and try to help others or they turn out to be cold & heartless. I think it’s the psychological effect on them. He is the 2nd one.

      1. @dramas4me yes, Jacky did turn out to be your second one. Psychologically speaking, your comment makes a lot of sense, but with Jackie Chan, it is a human morale problem. Jackie had treated many people like dirt for many years, including
        his wife and the son they had together. To him, women are just playthings, sex objects. There are those who say he treats his employees well. Maybe he does it genuinely, or maybe it is because he needs them and they are trustworthy and get the job done. It can be an image thing also. He donates generously, that he does, but that can be all about tax. If they don’t donate, then they pay multiple times the donated amout in taxes. A lot of times, these money people donate not from the goodness of their hearts, but to keep the tax man out of their pockets. Also, it looks good to the fans, critics, and it is a public boost for their image. To further address your comment, if Etta was a boy, the abandonment would’ve been the same. Look how badly he treated Jaycee over the years. Even now, they don’t have a close or loving relationship. They are very cold and estranged to each other.

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