Flashing 5-Carat Wedding Ring, Angelababy Silences Divorce Rumors

With their diverging careers, there have been ongoing rumors that Angelababy (楊穎) and Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) have split. Denying this numerous times in the past, Angelababy silenced the divorce speculations with her diamond ring at a recent appearance. Invited as the spokesperson for the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala, Angelababy wore her famous Chaumet wedding ring to disperse divorce rumors.

Maintaining her popular status in China, Angelababy officially became the new spokesperson for the 2022 Spring Festival Gala and was at the press conference for the upcoming Lunar New Year event. While her pink feather gown was stunning, it paled in comparison to the gigantic diamond on her hand.

Xiaoming had proposed to Angelababy with a custom-made Chaumet Josephine Aigrette Imperiale ring, which features a 5.53 carat center diamond accented by 73 mini diamond-paved band. Worth 10 million Chinese yuan, the ring was Xiaoming expression of love for Angelababy.

In comparison to previous years, Angelababy and Xiaoming joint appearances have markedly decreased and kept the details of their marriage reticent. Taking separate vacations and their lack of interactions on social media made many wonder the state of their marriage.

Although the couple have rarely revealed details about their marriage, Angelababy wore her wedding ring during last year’s photoshoot for variety program, Heart Signal <心動的信號4>. In the promotional poster, the actress’ ring could be easily seen, leading netizens to think that Angelababy was using the poster to dissolve divorce allegations.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Huang Xiaoming Still Appreciates Angelababy Very Much

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  1. Uhm, is it me or the ring in the first set of picture (right side) looks different to the one in her wedding photo? In her wedding photo, the central diamond is very yellow, surrounded by a band of mini white diamonds. Whereas the one on the first set of photo on the right, is a big white diamond (with maybe a tint of yellow, could be light effect), but no small band of diamonds around it, instead having tiny diamond branches out like a leave stem.

    1. It is combination of light and photoshop. All Angelababy’s photos are heavily processed with filters and photoshops, that’s why color is different, they used different filter plus lighting.

      1. @Dee, yes filters, angles and lighting can alter the look and color of photos
        However, it cannot change the ring. Those are two different rings. Wearing a ring cannot silence discord in a marriage. It can only fool the blind public, should I say, those who choose to be blind. There are a few power couples who are not together, but they put on a spectacular act of marital display, even indulge in PDA for public and business reasons, because what they have are not marriages, but purely businesses.

      2. you are right @LittleFish it is different design as well. I am just always shocked how much her photos are altered that I had to comment.

      3. yes @Renren you are right this is completely different ring. My mistake. I have no clue about their marriage there is smth fake about them both so it does not keep my attention. Too polished, too staged, too forced not my cup of tea. They both remind me of old fashion advertising, like 50s. You might be right about them and their marriage.

      1. @Hohliu , I was just about to reply to
        @Dee when I saw your comment. You are right,, they most likely redesigned the ring as that seems to be the norm nowadays. However, I laughed hard when I read that ABB shut up gossip that there was trouble in her marriage. Do
        these people not realize that all of us do not fall for the wearing of the rings, the posing for pictures and the PDA sessions?

  2. maybe we will just never know what the truth is…. always feel that their wedding and marriage was staged.

    1. If they staged the marriage, I give will applaud them for at least trying so hard. Announced dating? Check! Wedding ceremony? Check! Wedding rings? Check!
      Some other beloved actresses who are only beloved because she bought water armies, did not check any of the boxes. Only two thumbs down for her staged marriage, she orphaned a child for no reason. At least ABB’s child still has both parents.

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