Grace Chan 6 Weeks Pregnant? Visited Hospital 3 Times

With their wedding rumors headlining all news outlets lately, Kevin Cheung (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) may also be parents soon. Visiting the hospital three times lately, Grace is reportedly six weeks pregnant.

Despite their 22-year age gap, the couple has been dating for three years and saw each other as good marriage partners. This week, news was leaked that Kevin and Grace were planning to hold a small wedding on August 12 in Bali, only extending invitation to close family and friends.

Kevin expressed, “I want to thank everyone who has taken interest! We know our relationship has been garnering a lot of false and incorrect reports – all I want to say is that we are in the process of planning our wedding, but with regards to the pregnancy rumors, those are a bunch of incorrect allegations!”

Grace Spotted at Hospital 

Despite the couple’s denial over Grace’s pregnancy, an insider revealed that they witnessed Grace visiting St. Teresa’s Hospital on July 12 for her first checkup. Since then, Grace returned for two more checkups and was said to be six-weeks pregnant. Grace was accompanied by her mother during all the appointments, but Kevin, who was filming in Mainland China, was not in sight. The source disclosed that Grace told her doctor that her pregnancy was not planned.

Grace’s Father Said Marriage is Expected

Reporters waited for Grace outside her apartment and saw her parents stepping out instead. When asked if Grace and Kevin are getting married on August 12, Mr. Chan smiled, “I’m not sure about their plans.” When reporters pointed out that marriage is a big milestone, Mr. Chan replied, “It’s going to happen sooner or later.”

Mr. Chan’s high spirits were interpreted to signify that Grace and Kevin may have good news to share soon.

Sources: HK01,

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  1. First part: reported 6mo pregnant, 2nd part: 6 weeks? Lol 6mo you will definitely see it even if you are one of those that don’t usually show unless you are really overweight. Anyway, even if she’s pregnant, so what lol. He’s old, and as a couple, they probably talk about these sort of things, and so possibly trying/let things be. Sure she can be a Christian, and might have said no sex before marriage, but no one should be held accountable for changing their minds! After all, we are thriving from changing our minds 🙂

    It’s only hypocrite if they continue to say one thing while doing the opposite.

    1. @littlefish idk much about the ideology of the Christianity/Catholicism, but I think both preaches chastity before marriage. she believes in upholding religious traditions since she’s a relatively devout follower. if she actually didn’t follow through on that while remaining Christian, then I think it’s hypocritical of her. however, with that said, I never put much stock into religion to begin with, so whatever she is doesn’t bother me. it’s the hypocrisy piece that I scoff at.

      1. @coralie
        There are so many categories of followers of religion. Some attend just to socialise, some attend to make themselves feel like better people, some pretend to be better people attending, some pick and choose which religious rules to follow, some are obsessive and follow every rule to the core and some and have real devout belief. I’m not sure which category Grace fits in but it’s her choice and not something we can really have a strong opinion on. However if someone calimed that they are totally against premaritial sex (e.g. Athena Chu) then comes up with a baby when maybe we can call them a hypocrite…

      2. @jimmyszeto lol the ones you mentioned fall under the category of posers, and not true followers, because they’re only doing it for the benefits of being a Christian. either way, it doesn’t look good on her. and that’s all I’m saying.

      3. @coralie Grace has always striked me as the pretentious type, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a hypocrite, as well.

        I have a feeling the pregnancy rumors are true, and once revealed, they’ll likely play the “it’s bad luck to confirm pregnancy too early” card”, as countless celeb couples have been known to do in the past.

      4. @sugarcane
        From watching Grace on shows and interviews, she seems to be the cheerful, quick spoken type and those type of people are usually harmless. I’m not sure where you get the pretentious from. Kevin in contrast has had a history of contract disputes/lawsuit, arrogance, bad attitude and failed relationships that didn’t end well. However, these differences couples tend to work because they can neutralise each other and make them into better people.

      5. @jimmyszeto One can be outspoken and pretentious at the same time. She comes off very cutesy-phony to me. I’m basing my judgment on her social media, since I don’t read or listen to her interviews.

        Her pretentiousness is very apparent on her Instagram page. Tons of contrived posts that try to come off deep and inspirational. Lots of bragging masked by humility too. For example, in one post: “Obviously I care more about my food than how I look” *proceeds to post a SLIGHTLY less flattering pic of her eating char-siu*. I mean, come on. LOL In another post: “When your brother cares more about his looks than you do” *posts pic of her brother flexing with her in the background*. Let’s be real… she cares way more about her appearance than she attempts to let on.

        Posts like those (and there are plenty) strike me as very phony and try-hard. I’m not saying she’s vile, simply, fake. Obviously, her pretentiousness isn’t harming anyone.

        Never cared much for Kevin either, on that note.

      6. @sugarcane
        All girls care about their appearance and enjoy compliments but that does not mean their personality isn’t nice and outgoing. I think we are reading too much into it. She is probably harmless and immature.

      7. @sugarcane So what? There’s nothing wrong with caring about your own appearance. Not only female there are also many males celebrities who are obsessed with the way they look. Getting plastic surgery and botox done all over their face.

      8. @unknown I don’t think @sugarcane is saying it’s wrong to care about self appearance. It’s the fact that she’s posing and lying abouy not to care. At least, that’s how interpreted the post.

        Google Are you living an Instalie by Ditch the Label on YouTube.

        That said. Grace is not the first nor the last to “pose for social media.” That’s how our society has become. So I don’t “judge” her for it.

      9. @jjwong Our culture is indeed, ridden with disingenuous people, but some overdo it more so than others.

        Only reason why I brought up Grace’s pretentiousness was because @coralie mentioned the possibility of her being a hypocrite, so I said I wouldn’t be surprised, as the two qualities often go hand-in-hand.

        Her phoniness definitely isn’t a danger to me. I was simply stating an observation, and others can feel free to agree or disagree.

        In fact, I find Grace’s posts/antics so transparent and childish that they are rather humorous. It’s comical to me when people try to feign humility, despite their perceivable vanity.

      10. @sugarcane
        I agree it’s funny but not dangerous. Many of friends on Facebook do the same similar self promotion to gain false confidence. Selfie is posted to get the many likes and friends comments ‘Awww you are gorgeous’, ‘so stunning’ etc when most aren’t genuine because humans are generally competitive. In return when the friends posts their selfies then similar comments are returned. It’s like handing a Christmas card at Christmas and getting one back. That’s social media though. Pretentiousnious exists there and is infectious…

      11. @sugarcane
        You are not alone and Grace truly reminds me of one of my friends who is the same way. They say one thing but do another. I find that very fake and hypocritical. They say they do not care about something but yet care about it more than anyone. However, when asked about it lie through their teeth. It seems as if they do it to make it seem like they are modest and down to earth but in actuality they are striving to rise above all when everyone’s guard is down. I find people like that are capable of being sort of dangerous. Not to say Grace is like that but that friend of mine is which is why I am not really friends with her anymore.

      12. @hetieshou Yep. In my experience, those who claim to care the least, often are the ones who care the most.

      13. @jimmyszeto
        I do not hate or like Grace but I must admit that she is a bit annoying and tries to share or rather “show off” as much as she can just for some attention. Honestly, she reminds me of one of my friends who appear all cheerful, kind and sweet if you do not know her well. Basically, my friend gives out a very good first impression so if you first meet her, you will love her. However, after you get to know her for a short time, you start to see her true colors. This friend of mine tries to show off every aspect of her life, cares about her appearance but says she does not, seems cheerful and quick spoken just like Grace,etc.. However, they have a hidden agenda that they hide in front of you. Just like sugercane mentioned, they say they do not care about something but they care about it more than anyone. That is a level of fakeness that can be hidden and dangerous at the same time. Not to say Grace is like that for sure as I do not know her personally but based on what I know about her, she seems very similar to that friend of mine. That friend of mine screwed me over many times too so is not really my friend anymore.

      14. @hetieshou
        I don’t follow Grace on social media but judging from the episode of ‘Cooking Beauties’ where Grace appeared as a contestant alongside Jacqueline Wong and Katy Kung, I felt that Grace of the more naturally nice and well mannered girl and Jacqueline was the one who had an excuse for everything and poorly mannered. That was the perception I got from watching. I was surprised since I would have thought their characters would be the other way round. Grace could have been acting but as we all know her acting isn’t good enough to do something like that. I can see why Kevin might choose her and she must have many positive attributes because Kevin does not seem like someone easy to please. If Grace is just posting photos of herself with those headlines mentioned by @sugarcane, I don’t see it as much of an issue since celebrities need to post content to promote themselves which is the bare minimum these days. She couldn’t exactly post with headlines such as ‘I’ve very pretty’. I found the post without makeup by the other church goer ‘Grace Wong’ much more fake when she pretended she did not care about herself without makeup.

      15. @jimmyszeto I don’t mind grace generally, but I do think she’s riding on her relationship to boost her popularity rather than focusing her attention on acting after meeting kevin.

        in regards to the episode she was in…it’s a matter of perspective. you found Jacqueline rude & impolite, but I found her sassy & fun who doesn’t take people’s *. grace was being her graceful self, nothing to mention really.

      16. @coralie
        I agree with you and didn’t she go on and on about being a virgin and will remain one until marriage? Same with Linda Chung, Athena Chu and others who go on and about being devout Christians who will not have sex until marriage, but all ended up having sex and getting pregnant and having a shotgun wedding to try to cover it up. Sorry but some of these soul called Christians are so fake and hypocritical.

    1. @jane626
      Does it help you sleep better to make it look like Kevin is forced to marry Grace and it’s not genuine love and affection. The level of jealousy and abuse at Grace in the comments section of this website is a disgrace. It’s no coincidence that most of the comments are coming from females as well…..

  2. The whole “no sex before marriage” is silly. There’s no need to announce that because you will either seem like you’re a hypocrite if you have a shotgun wedding or seem holier-than-thou for making it some declaration of your virtue.

    Men never announce such a thing, why do women feel they have to be compelled to? A woman’s value should not be tied to whether she is a virgin or not.

    Anyways, congrats to the lovely couple! If she is pregnant, I chalk it up to her youth and naivety for claiming “no sex…” Either way, it does not matter to anyone as long as they are happy.

    1. @potatochip
      Actually for the very traditional folks, being a virgin before marriage is highly valued. My late parents were like that. They think girls who are not will get scolded by the husband and his family. They lived in the very ancient world….

      1. @hetieshou Oh, I agree. I understand that for traditional values, people place importance in virginity. It was how I grew up and how I tried to think of myself.

        Unfortunately, as I become more aware of grey areas of life and of the unexpected dangers, this old way of thinking is misguided. I was listening to Elizabeth Smart speak. She was kidnapped and raped for many years. She was taught that virginity was the utmost importance and that if you lose your virginity you were like old, chewed up gum or worn out shoes.

        She was raped. She is a survivor with strength that is beyond our imaginations. But she kept feeling less of herself because she believed she was the same value as old, chewed up gum. That’s why we can not hold virginity up on an alter.

        If men are expected to experiment before marriage, women should not be thought of less for also experimenting.

      2. @hetieshou
        It’s different nowadays. If known as a virgin and not young then get laughed at. I think there are less emphasis on the value of virgins now apart from by the elder traditional people. However strangely the TVB church goer group likes to let people know that they will be virgins till after marriage. I thought having the peace from knowing themselves is enough. No need to share it with others….

      3. @jimmyszeto

        “I thought having the peace from knowing themselves is enough. No need to share it with others….”

        Maybe, just maybe it’s to differentiate themselves from previous generations who ‘appeared’ chaste but could be bought at the right price – ie were kept mistresses or could be ‘friends’ with benefits.

        Folks like Ada Choi (also Christian), Anita Yuen, Michelle Reis (Li Kar-yan) etc.

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