Grace Chan Makes Appearance 2 Weeks After Giving Birth

New mother Grace Chan (陳凱琳) made an appearance for a café’s grand opening ceremony today, rebelling against the Chinese tradition of staying home to recuperate for a month after giving birth.

She stated that she is still in a blissful state over the birth of her son, Rafael. “When I look at his face, I feel that the hardships of pregnancy were worth it.”

Grace delivered her six-pound son via Cesarean section on Valentine’s Day. Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) supported her throughout her delivery and performed the memorable task of cutting his son’s umbilical cord. Grace disclosed that her father has helped them think of a Chinese name for her son, Cheng Sing Lok (鄭承悅). The meaning behind the name is that that they would promise to give him a lifetime of happiness.

Grace had announced her pregnancy in November of last year and there are netizens mocking her for seemingly only having carried her baby for six months, slyly indicating that she was pregnant before marriage. To which she replied, “Ever since I joined the entertainment industry, I learned that there will always be many opinions, but I know myself and don’t feel the need to respond to everything.” However, Grace seems to have subtly confirmed the rumors as she indicated that her son was not born premature.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. I think she should’ve rest more, be nurtured and replenished, especially after a c section in order to prevent post-labor illness at least the first month. She won’t notice the difference now until years later. It just seem this appearance of her was to brag how she got her body back so quickly.

    1. @jessehsuan
      I agree and I find it sad if she is sacrificing her long term health just to show off. She has only had one kid while I had aunts who have had 5-6 kids each and are still very thin and have a nice body. They are in their 60s and 80s too. What is she trying to show off about?

    2. @jessehsuan chinese have confinement because of recuperating after giving birth. lying down to rest the back is for the long term. the effects of backache occur long after delivery. I really don’t understand why she wants to show off only 2 weeks after a c section.

      if she doesn’t believe in confinement, why did she not bathe or wash her hair?
      strangely, why did her father suggest the baby’s name when Kevin’s mother is still around?

      1. @janet72 the annoying thing about Grace is that she is full of contradictions. First she advocates no sex before marriage due to her strict Catholic beliefs. Then she gets herself pregnant and has to resort to staging her pregnancy announcement such that it appears that she got pregnant immediately after her wedding and not before. Of cos when the baby is born she can’t hide the truth anymore so she says that she doesn’t see the need to “respond to everything”. Then she doesn’t observe the one-month traditional confinement period so that she can get out to earn some easy money but admits that she observes the practice of not washing herself during confinement. So it shows that she cherry picks only what suits her convenience.

      2. @janet72
        Grace is only saying she hasn’t bathed or washed her hair because she wants to show off that she still looks brilliant immediately after pregnancy unwashed. I doubt she has come to an event smelling like crap….

  2. Grace needs to realise It’s not an opinion when it is impossible give birth after 6 months. This is a fact. Unfair to criticise netizens for ‘having their own opinions, when the marriage was not more than 9 months ago.

      1. @passingby2
        Many people have this habit when they don’t comment or just say something like ‘I know what happened but people are entitled to their opinions’ then they are just trying pretend that it never happened or just lie to themselves. However for an educated woman like Grace,this is quite desperate because she cannot have a coherent explaination because there can’t be one.

    1. @jimmyszeto I think she meant everyone has their opinion on premarital sex and she has her own, which is fair

      I think everyone needs to chill, shotgun wedding so what? Who doesn’t do it before marriage?

      1. @antibaka
        Well, funny that Grace has never expressed this opinion you mentioned on agreeing with pre-maritial pregnancy. No one said there was a problem with it. Just no need to make such an effort to conceal or deny it…

      2. @jimmyszeto it’s not the shotgun marriage which bugs, but her so called attitude towards devout thing. why can’t she just disappear to Canada for good?

  3. No need showing off especially all she did was close her eyes and let the doctor do the work on her chosen lucky day. There are mothers who have to push for hours, screaming before giving birth naturally. They can take months to get health, energy and appearance back.

  4. Wonder what she’s trying to prove? Even if she’s westernized and doesn’t observe the one month confinement, surely it must hurt to have to walk and stand for long periods of time especially in fitting clothes and high heels since her c-section was barely 2 weeks ago. Not to mention tiring too. Maybe the money’s too good for her to forgo despite that she and Kevin already have lots of it. So greedy and silly. Health is something money can’t buy.

  5. Did you guys know the celebrities call this work? They get driven to the event, sign their names, in some cases get a few pics taken, pick up their paychecks and leave. That’s what Grace is doing here…

      1. @passingby2
        The truth is, filming series is the hardest and pays the least but it’s the only way to built up fame by impressing viewers. Going to an event and signing a name requires an hour or 2 and the sponsors/brands pay massive. Reality shows also pay massive. That’s why it’s true to say that celebrities aren’t so passionate about their acting anymore. They just want to act and quickly make enough of a name to elevate to that ‘earn quick money’ status. You can see that with the likes of Carlos Chan last year who elevated and some of the ‘Come Home Love’ stars. The likes of Eliza and Linda have retired and coming back just to sign some names at events for quick money. Once they are forgotten in a few years time and those events dry up,they will make a return to acting then repeat the process again…

  6. She’s young, fit and took her only 2 weeks to snap back/be well enough to get out – good on her! Nothing wrong with mothers getting back to work asap. Good work ethic (or money)!

    She pretty much admitted she was pregnant before the wedding haha gotta wonder why they (her and that other girl) do the whole i’m a devout christian thing and then get themselves into these situations …

  7. Eh, Grace isn’t the only celebrity to do a shotgun wedding and she won’t be the last. But enough with the deceit already. It’s so unbecoming of an adult to hide their affairs especially when they’ve been exposed. Be a woman about it!

  8. I am trying so hard not to judge, but she is making it very difficult. No need to prove that her body can “bounce back”. These celebrities place unrealistic expectations on themselves which can adversely influence young fans’ minds.

    And it isn’t so much cultural that you should spend that first 30 days at home, but rather this time is important to rest and bond with the baby. Leaving your 2 week old baby to go to a store opening? That’s a poor decision.

    1. @potatochip Totally agree! Also, why does she have to choose a crop top at that! Is she trying to get attention that she just had a c section(surgery scar) while having a slim waist?! I just feel like her true intention wasn’t for work ethic but just want the spotlight.

      1. @jessehsuan well, to play devil’s advocate, i think she’s also bored of confinement. she stopped working for a while. now here comes the opportunity to make money and get out of the house away from a needy baby.

        some moms can’t bear the thought of being away from their kid, especially after delivery. and some moms can’t wait to get out of the house.

        i still remember when my SIL handed my 8 months old niece over to my parents for them to babysit her. she bawled the entire time while leaving. mom guilt is no joke.

    2. @potatochip she’s obviously showing off which is why she’s wearing a cropped top after pregnancy. She wants everyone to see how flat her belly is after delivery. Idk why she needs to show off. Honestly, she was stick thin pre-baby so usually people with her built will bounce back to pre-baby body shortly after. I’m not surprised she’s thin after delivery. I don’t feel it’s something special to brag about tho.
      Now if she was a fatso to begin with and has a flat belly after giving birth, Hands down she should get all the attention. Right now, she’s just annoying.
      Guarantee she washed her hair and took a bath. There’s no way her hair won’t look greasy without washing for dayz.

      1. @chui I just noticed that her crop top wasn’t originally crop, she or her stylist folded her shirt up to expose her belly…

      2. @chui The impression I get from her previous interviews and now is that beauty is very important to her. Not necessarily saying it is a right or wrong value, but it seems that she bases her identity a lot on her looks. She was one of the skinniest pregnant woman I have seen and unsurprisingly, is skinny after birth. She posted these pictures and, as expected, got a lot of praise on her appearance.

        She is beautiful. She needs to be secure in that knowledge. I am probably judging with my own bias that I was dead tired after each pregnancy and just wanted to spend time resting and breastfeeding, but I can’t imagine leaving the house so soon. And I definitely washed my hair and bathed (which I don’t believe her when she said she didn’t) because that tradition is outdated and just silly.

  9. this lady is nonstop gloating stay home and spend some more quality time with your son and stop trying to keep the spolight you its getting pretty annoying!!!

    Come on ……….sex before marriage is not in the dictionary anymore and i really dont believe that **** of linda and her crrew stating that they are the virgin pack of the industry especially Grace ppppffffff she from NY now that a true denial right there!!!

    1. @sherla1019

      I didn’t know that Grace Chan was part of the virgin pack.

      I always thought Grace Wong was the one who adovocate no sex before marriage

  10. 悅 is pronounced as ‘Yuet’ not ‘Lok’. Or, is there a special pronunciation when used as name?

    Btw, it’s very unwise of Grace to come out so early. She should take care of her health more. The confinement period after birth is very important for the woman to recuperate and safeguard her health.

    1. @kidd that’s correct lol. there’s no special pronunciation. i guess the writer assumed it’s “lok” since it means happiness but 悅(yuet) also means happiness, as in 喜悅.

  11. I don’t understand why most people here are throwing negative judgement on Grace. I’m not a fan of Grace by all means, but is it even fair to her that you are making assumptions that she is trying to show off her body after giving birth? Do you know that for sure? What’s your proof? Just because she’s working after 2 weeks of giving birth? She grew up in Canada so it’s not uncommon for her to not follow all the Chinese traditions. I didn’t follow all the traditions of ‘sitting the month’ after I gave birth.

    And who cares if she had a shotgun wedding or not. Are they the only one who’s doing that? I think not. So why pick on them for this? I think everyone is just finding an excuse to bash and pick on her just because you don’t like her.

  12. I thought I was the only one who felt she was trying to show off looking fresh shortly after giving birth. With the way she lies or tries to conceal the truth, Iim pretty sure she’s already washed her hair and taken a bath. There’s no way her hair wouldn’t look greasy without washing for days. Also those who defend her, let’s be real, the truth hurts.

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