Gregory Lee Unable to Put Shirley Yeung Behind Him Yet

By on August 9, 2011 in NEWS

Twin brothers, Gregory Lee (李泳豪)and Augustine Lee (李泳漢), were originally slated to appear on an interview program for Commercial Radio. However, due to other work commitments, Augustine could not appear on the program. Gregory noted that Augustine did not withdraw from the interview due to his overly passionate outcries [against Shirley Yeung楊思琦].

Asked whether Shirley’s accusations against Augustine were the truth, Gregory stated that Augustine loved him as a brother. As to whether it was the truth, Gregory did not wish to respond. Asked whether he had asked Augustine to hold back his outbursts, Gregory admitted that he felt uncomfortable and a little guilty. Since Augustine was also unhappy, Gregory comforted his brother.

Feeling Confused

At racing competitions held in Huizhou and Shaoxing earlier, Gregory suffered heat strokes and he did not think about other things. Regarding Shirley pretending to be pregnant in order to break up with him, Gregory did not want to discuss the matter further. In the future, Gregory will focus on his career. However, he hoped Shirley will lead a good and happy life.

Asked whether Gregory was able to put Shirley behind him, he noted that he could not answer at the moment. Gregory still felt confused. If Gregory saw Shirley and her new boyfriend, Andy Ng, together, would he be able to accept it? Gregory said that he did not know and did not read the recent news reports.

Gregory indicated that he had to comfort his family, hoping that they were not too worried and unhappy. When his father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), expressed concern that Gregory would commit suicide, Gregory noted that he was performing overseas at the time. Gregory explained to his father that he was alright. Lee Ka Ding said to Gregory at the time, “Bad son! I’m afraid you would think crazy thoughts!”  If Gregory were to run into Shirley at TVB, would he be embarrassed? Gregory indicated that he would not feel embarrassed. Asked how he would feel he and Shirley filmed series together, Gregory said that he did not know how to answer the hypothetical question. However, if the arrangement were necessary for work, he did not mind.

Source: Takungpao
Jayne: It sounds like Gregory is being considerate towards everyone’s feelings. It does appear that Augustine is quite a sensitive person, since Gregory mentioned that he also had to comfort his elder brother when it was Gregory who got heartbroken!

19 comments to Gregory Lee Unable to Put Shirley Yeung Behind Him Yet

  1. Michelle says:

    Gregory is the heart – broken guy. He is the one who should be throwing accusations at Shirley. What I don’t understand is why are his mother, father and brother crying and yelling in the public about the whole affair? Gregory should be the one doing this. Instead, he has been the quietest of all.

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  2. LeilaFan says:

    Haha! What I don’t understand is why Shirley need to make up a fake “pregnancy” rumors and tell the public that she is pregnant in order to get rid of Gregory.

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    • Kwan replied:

      well technically Shirley didn’t tell the public she “was pregnant”

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  3. Kidd says:

    Ok. Gregory is the heart broken one but has to worry about everyone’s feelings, Shirley, mom, dad, Augustine.

    Seems like 2 side are at odds and he has to be in the middle.

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  4. Kidd says:

    Does anyone know where can I listen to this interview?

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    • Jayne replied:

      Maybe try Commercial Radio site? Or Gregory Lee Baidu forum?

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  5. bloom says:

    I do pity Gregory but I always believe we can’t force love, we’ve to accept change of heart. I know it’s very painful and sad after dating for so many years and broke-up. Life is like that, full of unpredictable things, sometimes good & sometimes not so good. Still we’ve to accept it. I believe time is the only cure and I’m sure he’ll meet someone better. But, I always feel man shouldn’t place too much importance on love issues, they should be looking at bigger picture.

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    • Veejay replied:


      Agree that man shouldn’t place too much importance on love issues. I also think Gregory should move on already and find a new gf.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I also agree with what Bloom said, but things are easier said than done… It is even harder for Gregory since it seemed that he truly loved Shirley very much. Therefore, I think he would need more time to heal before he can finally let go and move on.
        Life is full of unpredictable events and things that happen beyond our control. I hope that Gregory will move on soon and forget the past since there are plenty of other great women in the world. Good luck to him!

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      • Kidd replied:

        The guy just got dumped last month and you expect him to move on already? Wouldn’t that be a rebound?

        Give him time to grieve and heal.

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      • Veejay replied:

        @HTS and Kidd,

        Maybe I don’t take romance/relationships seriously or too deep until I will grieve for a long time in one specific relationship even if the relationship itself lasted more than 5 years. I’m the type who will take it lightly and move on if my partner and I decided to take different ways.

        For a woman like me having this kind of thought, I also expect a grown up man like Gregory to take that as a lesson and move on gracefully rather than accepting interviews about Shirley anymore just to show how strong a man should be.

        I also doubt that Gregory didnt see that coming as in his relationship with Shirley surely come to the end before Shirley publicily announced to the world. Greg isn’t a teenager who needs a long time to heal, he’s someone who has lengthy exposure in the showbiz industry for many years and ppl working in this industry has seen much more than us here.

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      • Judy replied:

        I think it’s important for a person to take some time off from one relationship to the next. Especially having been together so long with Shirley, it’s easy to forget who you are.. I think Gregory would benefit from taking some time off after the breakup to figure what he truly wants in a girl and to build up his own confidence in himself.

        Good luck to Greg.. I am certain he will find a girl who will appreciate him for who he is.

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  6. bloom says:

    Hi Michelle,
    If you’ve love a person with sincere heart, then you won’t go and bad-mouth that person though that person wronged us. I understand you feel for Gregory. But, I always believe there’s no guarantee in everything, eventhough you’re married there’s no guarantee that you won’t change or your spouse won’t change. I know it’s very sad but that’s life. I don’t know I’m a firm believer that we just have to let go if the person with us has changed his/her heart. Honestly, no point having or even forcing someone to be with you worst love you when he/she has changed his/her heart. Well that’s me, I just feel we won’t be happy nor we will make the person we love happy. What Gregory is doing is all right, grieve and actually go through the process and he’ll be okay. Sad to say that Heartbreak is painful.

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  7. karen says:

    I think Shirley isn’t worthy of having Gregory Lee. He seems like too of a nice guy type of person and never bad mouths anyone. In my opinion from all of these news, Gregory’s personality is the complete opposite of his twin, Augustine.

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  8. impmuse says:

    This being Gregory’s first-time romantic relationship, he’ll need some time to get over loss and grief, and to accept that some issues will remain unresolved.

    He seems like a decent guy, and since there are so many more decent girls around, I’m sure he’ll find himself in a better relationship when the time is right – for him.

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  9. Pineapple says:

    I also hope that Gregory will start getting on with his life and find some other girl – a much nicer person than Shirley Yeung. She does not deserve such a decent guy as him. It would serve her right if it happens to her one day and then she will know what its like to taste her own medicine – stupid woman!!!

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  10. julianne Johnson says:

    My take is totally different. I can’t see why people wanted Shirley to continue waiting for Gregory to marry her. Nine years of her precious life were wasted on this man who was waiting for his family to agree to the wedding. She was right to leave such a relationship. And his family talking about her money that she earned. It was her money not Gregory’s. I would never advise my daughter to knuckle under any man’s family and I wouldn’t want her husband to knuckle under me. A couple should be independent of both sides.

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  11. Pineapple says:

    I agree that a couple should be independent but we as the outsiders just don’t know what really went on between them. Nobody forced Shirley Yeung to waste nine years of her “precious” life as you put it. What about Gregory’s nine years? Its always the man who is the villain – oh yes, the poor girl was tagged along by the man and wasted her youth etc…. I think it works both ways also. Why did they not marry? We don’t know. Maybe he did ask her and she didn’t want to because she was looking for a better bet!!! Someone more better looking and with more money. There is a Cantonese saying “you ride a bull to look for a horse”. I am sure you know what that means and I am almost sure that was what she was up to. Notice I said ALMOST sure which means am not 100 percent certain but she does strike me as that type of a person.

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  12. Tamborine says:

    Georgory needs to build a bridge and get over it! 9 years together obviously something was not right. He must have been in denial. Not a fan of Shirley but as a woman she has wasted a lot of youth with him so he needs to understand he had her for the best part of a woman’s life. Whatever the reason its over…move on. Stop wasting time over spilt milk. Somalian children are dying and all he can do is be in denial and continue to sulk! One door closed and another will open.

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