Hawick Lau Turns 44, but Yang Mi Didn’t Post a Greeting This Year

Every year at midnight on Hawick Lau‘s (劉愷威) birthday, Yang Mi (楊冪) would post a birthday greeting for her husband on her social media platform. But on Hawick’s 44th birthday this year, Yang Mi’s post did not appear. In the past two years, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the couple’s marriage. Could the divorce rumors be true?

In 2017 for Hawick’s birthday, Yang Mi had posted, “Little Sticky Rice’s dad, Happy Birthday!” However, within these two years, the busyness of the two had lead fans to believe that there might be marital problems. The couple has not appeared together in any events aside from their daughter’s birthday celebrations, which lead to speculation of a divorce.

Though Yang Mi has a busy schedule from filming to attending charity events, fans started questioning why she doesn’t even have time to post a quick birthday greeting. However, she did appear at the airport in full makeup and fans assumed she was flying back to Hong Kong for Hawick’s birthday. But instead, she was only attending a film festival.

Aside from pictures of cats and sunsets, Yang Mi has not posted on her social media platform, in which Hawick responded, “We will all be going on vacation as a family; please do not make up stories!”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m not surprise anymore, that skan… will pay dearly for that in the future. Ho…mi is the worst human being I have ever seen she need s to go away for good and stay there forever. Sooner or later we’ll find out who’s she’s sleeping with then we’ll how those crazy fans defend that thing.

  2. On her birthday, he did not send her a “happy birthday” on weibo either. Big deal

    Nowaday people can not wish each other in private anymore?

  3. Yang mi , Li Xiaolu, Ma Rong,and Zhou Xun what do these things have in common?? Well they all married good men who adore them but for some reason they can’t keep their legs close. Three of are doing it with guys on the side and one even has a young girl has a girlfriend while still married to a guy. Smh.

  4. After reading around on Jaynestar, I just see that Ms/Mr guinit101 here is a crazy fan of Hawick who bashes Yang Mi on every single post related =)))) quite entertaining actually

      1. @gunit101
        I totally agree with @khuekhueloves
        your hate posts on YM are very funny and entertaining. If you have a chance to sneakily kill her without anyone knowing I doubt you wouldn’t take that chance.

      2. @davy
        The posts can be funny for new starters but we have seen so many of these over the years on Wong Cho Lam, Linda Chung’s daughter, Jackie Chan etr that it gets tedius and boring…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        You could be right.

        In my impression, Hawick has not had that much fame anyway. Even when Hawick started dating Yang Mi, his fame did pick up but it never got to Yang Mi level and it went down hill after the scandal in 2016

  5. Yang mi the mediocre actress who goes all over the world except home, play around with children at charity events hug them and kiss them but never with her daughter, flirt on live tv with men by touching and holding their handsin an intimate manner but won’t even go see her husband. She cancelled a tv show called the prosecutor where she was starring with her hubby then blame it scheduling conflict. She got pregnant force the guy to marry her then used him and his family as a babysitter then dumped him but pretend to still be together for the sake of keeping her hoe-mage. Lol.

    1. @gunit101
      It takes 2 to the tango actually. I wonder what did Hawick do to make Yang Mi react the way she did – though no one know it’s true or not about all your accusations of her.

      But we all did know that Hawick stayed in the same hotel room with his female costar for several hours at night. What a good husband here

      1. @khuekhueloves For the sake of Hawick and his fans, I wish they would get a divorce (if they didn’t already) or just make a public announcement soon, so that these people can move on with their lives LOL

      2. @sabrina
        The male and female leads worked so hard, they even “practised the script” at night, but that drama got super low rating, the audience should’ve “appriciated” their effort more =))))))))))))))

    2. @gunit101
      Ok, if Yang Mi is so busy and unable to visit her husband why doesn’t he visit her? He has a job too but I assume he maybe not as busy as her, right?

      You said Yang Mi just dumped the baby to her husband and his family – ok, so about taking care of the kid issue. As long as I remember, his scandal was aound the end of 2016 it meaned their daughter was around 2 and a half around the time. Those 2.5 years, Hawick even had more dramas (shooting duration) than Yang Mi.

      I remembered there were many comments on Jaynestars accussing both of them for not spending enough time with the baby, even suggested Hawick or Yang Mi could slow down and other could continue working. After the scandal, Hawick stayed at home more, took his kid to school, then people started blaming Yang Mi for neglecting her child.

      So now, Hawick’s fan, why don’t you blame your Hawick for those first 2.5 years of his daughter? And Can you say for sure that if there was no scandal, he would stay at home and make himself a good dad like now?

    1. @gunit101 Have you read what you wrote before? Cut and paste from your postings to remind you…

      “that skan”
      “mi is the worst human being”
      “we’ll find out who’s she’s sleeping with.”
      “one even has a young girl has a girlfriend while still married to a guy”
      “that hoe deserve to suffer”
      “Yang mi the mediocre actress”
      “She got pregnant force the guy to marry her ” and etc

      Don’t tell me that you are in love with her, huh? LOL
      SMH ..*sigh

      1. @gunit101
        So Hawick’s fan is allowed to insult Yang Mi on every article but Yang Mi’s fan is not allowed to say something back, only to say good thing about Hawick? What a logical thinking

      2. @gunit101 No worries, I understood what you’re saying before. You should be honored bc I created this acct just to respond to your hating YM. I didn’t even like her initially but ppl like you amuse me so much that I need to defend her hehe Thanks to you, I even love her now

      3. @spyefox honored bc someone I don’t even know or care for or even acknowledge creates an account to respond to me disliking a dead beat mother whom he didn’t like in the first place but luvs her now cuz he/she feels like she being tested unfairly or vice verca? Lmao you should honored that I make u like her again.

  6. So you guys would be okay if wifey leaves u at home with the kids. Basically ignore u even canceling a tv show that u two were suppose to in while flirting on live tv with her males co-stars. So u would be okay with all that. ???

    1. @gunit101
      Dude I would totally be ok since I had/have my own affairs and especially with somebody like Britney, my goodness! Compare her to YM, her chest is A++

      1. @khuekhueloves that’s true but would u say the same thing if the wife was at home taking care of the child while the husband works nonstop? You’ll probably say it’s normal for her to be a stay at home mother.

      2. @gunit101
        No, of course. Are we living in the Feudalistic society? The wife stays at home taking care of the kids and the husband works to bring money home.

        It’s totally ok by me if the husband or wife choose to stay at home and other brings home the bacon as long as the income is enough for the whole family’s expense. Apply to situation of Yang Mi and Hawick, he does not complain, why other people make a big fuss?

  7. Going to another woman room at night alone is wrong I don’t care whatever happened in his family but cheating is wrong, period. I mean just divorce or something rather than cheat others can say Yang Mi is a flirt or whatever but she has not been caught cheating like her husband Hawick. It’s so low to cheat on your wife knowing that you guys had a kid together. And no I’m sure he cheated who goes to someone else’s room especially the opposite gender and stays there for hours alone. He’s lucky Yang mi did not bash him in public for whatever happened in that hotel room. She a strong woman cause if it was me I would not be able to stand that happening.

    1. @mimi8 okay but you do know the individual that recorded the whole thing confessed that he made it all up and there was in fact other people in the room but he edited the video to make look like Hawick was alone with her? Also did u know that ur goddess yang said on live tv that she doesn’t believe in second chances so I would assume that if he was actually cheating she would end this marriage by now. If I were to quote his words : I didn’t see him doing anything wrong just he was too close to her so I accused him of cheating on yang mi so that he would confess, his words. Look it up it’s everywhere. Then again we could just say that he paid him to say that he didn’t cheat or that it was a misunderstanding cuz god forbid nobody is good enough for yang mi.

      1. @gunit101
        Nobody in this world would want to believe in second chances, maybe unless there is absolutely no way out but to do that. That wouldn’t make her somebody so high and looking down on others. Do you even believe in one chance?

        I don’t even believe the guy admitting to spread fake news, sounds like he was paid to say that. Also, they were unable to prove a video of him coming in groups to the room, he came alone in the hallway all the way to the door in hoodies hiding himself sneakily, and inside the door was only her, besides the room was dark. Was that fake reporter jailed? If it’s fake hawkie would not be afraid to punish so him hard to set up an example.

        At this point in time YM is getting old I don’t believe there is anymore men out there trying to break them up so they can have YM to themselves.

      2. @gunit101 there’s video suggesting otherwise but I might be wrong since it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that video. Idk about Yang Mi’s speech since I don’t follow her that closely but all Ik is true she’s a flirt but anyone in the industry is in some sort of way. Also Ik many who said that don’t believe in 2nd chances too but they still forgave the cheaters in the end. I do get your stance in your other comments on how she might not be the best mother. I don’t agree with her parenting by neglecting her child but I mean oh well some people do choose their fame or money over family. Oh btw Yang Mi will never be my goddess she’s far from one imo, she can barely act and her “good looks” are from plastic surgery too so no she’s not my goddess.

  8. i don’t understand why their private family affairs are given so much attention by the media…

    I mean, it’s about time for men to be mister moms, right? Men can handle the motherload of childcare. So, if Hawick is doing exactly that, what’s the big deal?

    Everyone in society these days say a girl cannot grow up without a father or some male influence in her life. Well, she has her dad’s full-time attention & active participation. What is she missing? Her mom is still there (however passively – we don’t know if YM is just trying to keep things on the DL when she’s with her daughter), but she’s there. As far as I can tell, she’s not missing anything.

  9. Feel like I’m talking in circle ⭕️ just go to toggle.sg and type Hawick Lau cheating rumors look for the story that says Hawick lau cheating rumor a sham and see for yourselves then get back to me.

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