How Angelababy Maintains Her 21-inch Waist

Power couple Angelababy (楊穎) and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) welcomed their son “Little Sponge” in 2017. Shortly after giving birth, Angelababy returned to work and impressed fans with her slim figure. Despite sharing that her successful weight loss was due to self-discipline, exercising, and reduced calorie intake, netizens were in disbelief that Angelababy’s body was the same as before. Some even speculated that Angelababy had faked her pregnancy and that Little Sponge was actually born through a surrogate.

Participating as a guest in a Chinese variety show recently, Angelababy’s weight and figure once again came under scrutiny. Although a mother of one, the 30-year-old actress still maintains a 21-inch waistline. Despite being naturally thin, Angelababy emphasized that she needed to be diligent and self-disciplined with maintaining her figure. She shared, “The most important thing about keeping fit is to have self-discipline. You have to make it a habit and a part of your routine. After eating dinner, I would stay standing for at least half an hour. Additionally, I would try not to eat five hours before going to bed. This allows my body time to digest the food.”

Angelababy’s figure is not the only thing worth marveling at, but the condition of her skin is also incredible. To maintain the condition of her skin, she would often make time to do a fresh cucumber face mask.

Starting her career as a model at only 14 years old, Angelababy also successfully transitioned to becoming an actress. In addition to her career successes, Angelababy also boasts an enviable personal life. She married Huang Xiaoming in 2015 and started a family of her own. Her career has not slowed down since becoming a mom.

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Angelababy Accused for Faking Pregnancy, Huang Xiaoming Brings Out Receipts

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  1. There is no way that her waist is 21 inches. She will look anorexic with that waist size with her height. My daughter is 5’5″ and wearing pants size 0 and sometimes 1 (USA’s size – depends on maker/brand) and her waist size is 23 inches. She is 93 lbs. She looks very light & skinny.

  2. Not sure why anyone on Earth would want to look prepubescent unless one really is going through it. I much rather look like a 16 with boobs and a butt. Btw, maintaining ur figure after birth isn’t really a big deal. Much easier with just one child. Dont know why people make it a such big deal for women who r able to maintain. I actually lost weight after my babies. I don’t make a big deal with it. So what

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