Inside Kris Wu’s Detention Center in Beijing

Kris Wu (吳亦凡) is currently facing nine charges, which reportedly include sexually assaulting minors, sexual bribery, filming of sex acts, forced group sex, and the use of date rape drugs. With investigations currently underway, the 30-year-old Canadian Chinese singer is being kept at the Beijing Chaoyang Detention Center until further notice.

Recent photos of the detention center circulated online, and the facility is shown to have a large yard with many trees. Many people were seen waiting outside the detention center every day, with some fans pleading to visit Kris. Some netizens stated that this is the first time they have ever been so close to Kris in terms of proximity, as they are “separated by only one wall.”

Based on a photo which revealed the interior of the facility, 14 to 18 detainees share a room which is very cluttered, with shoes everywhere on the floor. All the detainees are required to wear blue vests and do daily chores in the facility. The man in the red circle is said to be Kris, but the photo is too blurry to validate whether it is indeed him.

Others proclaim that Kris is a celebrity and as his case is very high profile, he may be kept in a private room by himself while awaiting trial.

With Kris’ case taking the Chinese entertainment industry by storm, the People’s Daily newspaper in China openly criticized the situation and stated that celebrities with extreme popularity must be more self-disciplined. The more popular the celebrity is, the more law-abiding he should be. They also added, “Having a foreign citizenship is not a shield. Popularity will not spare you from the law. Those who break the law will be prosecuted accordingly.”

Sources: Udn; Netease; HK01

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  1. I am sure he get his own cell… This article is old news that has been disputed. Kris is in a max security cell as he is emotionally unstable. He will not be in such a cell…whoever that post this article is just using a old news online… And No one can leak photos of Kris currently in the cell. 100% strict Privacy Policy.

  2. Yup, these photos supposedly are not real. They were around since last week
    There were rumours that he had committed suicide inside too, because he couldn’t adjust to this sudden new lifestyle.

    His mom, who is his manager … supposedly ended up causing him more harm because she had filed the report against DMW, not thinking her son would be thoroughly investigated instead.

  3. Mother and son deserved to have Karma visiting them and gifting them with well deserved punishment.
    He’d better keep his back to the walk and not drop his bath soap.

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