Introducing “Glory of the Special Forces” Starring Yang Yang

Directed by Xu Jizhou (徐纪周), the military academy series Glory of the Special Forces <特战荣耀> follows the adventures of a young special agent officer who overcomes his own personal battles to become one of the most elite members of the nation’s military police force.

It stars Yang Yang (杨洋) as Yan Poyue, a talented yet detached high school graduate recruit who has to prove his worth in the academy by surviving through harsh missions and challenges. He befriends the army’s engineer Ai Qianxue (“The Legend of the Condor Heroes” star Li Yitong 李一桐), the sniper Guo Xiaoxiao (“Operation Red Sea” star Jiang Luxia 蒋璐霞), and Xiao Yunjie (Meng Asai 孟阿赛).

Glory of the Special Forces has already begun filming, and is slated for an early 2020 release on Dragon TV, Tencent Video, and iQIYI.

Source: China News

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