Jacqueline Wong Sells Hong Kong Home

When her work was still steady in 2017, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) became a homeowner and purchased a condo for 8.55 million yuan. However, her acting career tanked after her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安). Without any jobs for two years, the 32-year-old was forced to sell her home, making many wonder whether Jacqueline will pursue a different profession or if she would even continue staying in Hong Kong.

Listing her home for sale at 10.5 million yuan, the property eventually sold for 10 million yuan. Although a little lower than the listed price, it is estimated the Jacqueline would still net over one million yuan after deducting miscellaneous expenses.

When contacted in regards to the news, Jacqueline responded via text message, “I will not respond to personal matters. Thank you for your concern.”

Still under contract with TVB although she did not have any filming jobs for two years, many are curious whether Jacqueline will try to make a comeback or terminate her contract early. Although artistes who terminate their contract early are often made to pay a termination fee, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) had previously stated that the company would not force Jacqueline to pay a fee if she decided to cancel her contract early.

Coupled with the profit from selling her property may allow Jacqueline to start life anew elsewhere and pursue a different livelihood.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Virginia Lok Said Jacqueline Wong’s Comeback is Dependent on Several Factors

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  1. I’m glad she done… even after 2 years, we will always remember her as the 3rd cheap wheel, go get a job elsewhere the entertainment is done with her.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the HK public is always harsher and more unforgiving to women in cheating scandals but it is what it is, she will no longer be welcomed in the HK entertainment industry

    1. @hbc1 No, it’s more like she never took responsibility for her actions and hid from the public eye when she should’ve publicly apologized to Sammi. The public would’ve cut her at least some slack if she had some accountability, instead she fled the country and came back like she did nothing wrong.

      Her cute and promiscuous face is sickening to look at knowing what she has done.

      1. @hazel

        Totally agree with you!!
        Audience in Hongkong and all over the world are pretty much done with her! TVB please terminate her contract and let her go…. it’s high time that she do a career switch!!

    2. @hbc1 no that’s not true . The public is unforgiving according to how bad the situation was. Look at Jackson and Ashley, Ashley who is the woman was obviously forgiven unlike Jackson. Because in that Situation he clearly was the bigger douche there. In Jacqueline and Andy situation, she was the bigger douche and never even apologized. So no it’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because she was the bigger douche just like Jackson.

      1. @abcd The persons involved also played. Sammi and Kenneth were well liked in HK and the marriage of Sammie’s was perceived to be a solid relationship after years of being together and even reconcilation after breaking up when dating while Ashley’s boyfriend is quite an unknown actor and Jackson’s wife is not even in entertainment industry. Sammi and Kenneth were also the more famous and well liked artist in their own respective relationship. Add in the fact that there was video of affair of how Jacqueline and Andy behaved which they couldn’t worm their way out.
        In terms of severity, Ashley’s and Jackson’s affair actually felt no less actually in my opinion. Jackson’s wife was heavily pregnant and those two were still involved with each other and giving lame excuse of how she couldn’t get out of the role she played in the drama etc. Was surprised that TVB actually is willingly to give Ashley a second chance. The station is running low in leading actresses and potential ones but didn’t know they were so desperate that they will keep her. If the public is more forgiving to Jacqueline, TVB will probably do the same as well.

    3. @hbc1
      And it can keep going, just like Sheren Teng was forgiven, but not cuties ex. So I really don’t think it’s because Jacqueline is a woman.

      1. @m0m0 started off with people criticising her BUT he and wife came up acting like victims of Sheren’s trap. As far as I know, she said nothing at all. Thus the saga ended up with people pitying her cos we all know when there’s an affair, both parties play a part.

      2. @conan2209
        gong wah is trash. i didn’t follow the story but from heresay, didn’t like the way how him and his wife handled the situation.

      3. @m0m0 Yeah, I remember a bit of it too. The dude is also trash. But I find it even more amazing that these so called wives who often just take it like nothing happened but always trashing the women instead. Not to say ST woman was not wrong, takes 2 to tango. Both trash but it’s just funny how most of the wives just blame the women more than your so called hubby who had kids w/you and yet didn’t manage to zip up his pants. I agree w/the gender blaming is not true it really depends on who it was. The GW & ST case, I am not sure who is more famous but perhaps cuz both hubby/wife duo were trashing ST and calling her shameless and all that so the public probably did pity her a bit more. In the AH & JW case, people just love their significant others so the blame is all JW. But in reality she is just like any other mistresses of the celeb or real world. Can you say JW is worse than ST? ST knows the dude has a wife & 2 kids? Why is she more forgivable? Yeah, she’s what nicer/cuter/more famous/charismatic? I don’t think so. Lol haha lol…

      4. @wm2017 Sheren mentioned in interviews that she grew up with her grandparents, which i believe makes her long for fatherly love and i guess that is why she falls for men much older than her (EG Alex Man when she was like early 20s)

        I will not be surprised if it was Kong Wah that hit on her, taking advantage of her vulnerability.

        In another interview, Christine Ng did not give very good comments about his character (though she did not name him, the hint was pretty obvious)

      5. @kidd yes it was real. That’s why I don’t think it’s ever a man or woman thing. I really think it’s the situation you’re put in, or the star power that you have. Sheren has had star power since the early 90s. So it’s easy for the public to forgive her. That aside, I quite like Sheren myself lol. She always had charisma.

  3. she can still wear makeup and look good in front of the camera. maybe become a youtuber. Hard to feel any sympathy or her tbh

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