Joe Ma Wants to Be a Marine Engineer

For the first time in ten years, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) will be taking a break during the Lunar New Year holiday. “I am so happy. This has not happened to me in ten years. Now, I really don’t want to pile up too much work at once. My mindset has changed a bit – I want to find a good balance between work and family,” he said. Joe expressed that he will be taking his wife and son to London to spend their holiday weekend.

Due to his busy schedules, the television actor never had the opportunity to take breaks on Lunar New Year, but Joe enjoys to be busy. His wife, Karen Cheung (張筱蘭), even described Joe to be a “cockroach” – one who never dies. Joe pointed out that he appreciates living in an unstable lifestyle of an actor, expressing that he cannot stand having a normal lifestyle.

On speaking about whether or not he will follow traditional New Year customs during the New Year holidays, Joe immediately shook his head and said, “I am not used to them. Things like not washing your hair for three day or sweeping the floor beginning from the door. I can’t do those things anymore.”

Nonetheless, there are a few traditional Chinese activities that he does appreciate, and that is eating traditional New Year dishes. Earlier, Joe and his wife went to a New Year feast, and Joe found himself engrossed in every dish. He also picked up a calligraphy pen and wrote a few New Year greetings.

When asked about his New Year wishes, Joe said he hopes to find a new breakthrough in his acting. “I want to challenge new roles. I don’t even mind playing a feminine character.” He then added, “I also hope to get a marine engineering license this year. If I study really hard, I should be able to earn it within a year. Next time, I would be able to steer my own boat out at sea to dive.”

Karen said sweetly, “My husband’s New Year wish is my New Year wish.”


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  1. What a weird word to use to describe your husband; a cockroach.

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