Karena Ng: Love Is About Timing, It Can Be the Right Person at the Wrong Time

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Karena Ng: Love Is About Timing, It Can Be the Right Person at the Wrong Time

Nine years ago, actress Karena Ng (吳千語) entered the entertainment industry at just 17 years old, allowing the audience to witness her transformation from a happy teenager to a woman. Often described as mature, the 25-year-old admits she is comparably more mature than her peers and accredits it to the field she’s in. Not to mention, she already has a clear understanding of what qualities she wants in her other half.

She Wants Someone with Standards

As an avid foodie who knows how to cook, she hopes her significant other also has expectations when it comes to food. “It’s fine if he doesn’t know how to cook, as long as he knows how to appreciate food, or else it’d be painful if I can’t share the joys of eating with him,” she said.

Karena added that she’s a great travel companion as she does plenty of prior research, especially on food. “I have a few friends who are fine with eating McDonalds and KFC every day, so it’s difficult traveling with them. Thus, when I’m traveling with them, I would bring another friend who has certain standards for food, so the group can split up at mealtime,” Karena revealed.

Speaking of food, she mentioned the most delicious meal she had was in France. “I was so jetlagged, but my dinner was prepared by a Michelin award-winning chef. He had a dish called ‘Chicken Duck,’ which was very unique because it was half chicken and half duck sewed together and cooked under the same temperature. I tasted duck when I ate the chicken part, and I tasted chicken when I ate the duck part. I immediately woke up because it was so shocking.”

Compatibility Is Important

The actress also looks for compatibility in her future partner, as she wants to be able to share her interests with him. “I want him to also genuinely like my interests and not pretend that he does,” she explained. “Also, just being able to share life’s little joys with him. For example, it’s really important for him to get my jokes since humor is really important to me.”

Timing Has to Be Right

However, Karena said she is bad-tempered in front of her boyfriend, but the complete opposite when it comes to her friends. “I think it’s the same with everyone… you’re bad-tempered in front of people closest to you – be it your family or your other half. This is something I realized as I got older, so I’m trying to change it, but it’s hard,” she admitted.

On the topic of relationships, Karena revealed she is currently single and expressed, “Love is all about timing. It can be the right person, but if they show up during a bad time, then we aren’t fated.”

She also said she’s not the type to chase after a guy unless the guy also likes her. “If the guy I like doesn’t like me back, then I’ll be like whatever.”

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This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

5 comments to Karena Ng: Love Is About Timing, It Can Be the Right Person at the Wrong Time

  1. mi520 says:

    Is she trying to hint that Raymond was the right person, but at the wrong time? lol

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @mi520 lol…She can be materialistic but she’s not wrong thou. I mean imagine RL @ his age and she was 19 when they dated? How is she ready to be anything? Not everyone can be like Isabella Leong….hahaa lol… popping those kids out starting at 19 and wanted to be set for life. I always thought she was not that immature at 19 when RL said i love you 9 times? during one of those interviews?? haha lol..All she said was thank you x # of times. lol haha I thought that was funny.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    it’s funny how she used personal preferences to justify her gold digging behavior. yes, you can have expensive taste and be an expensive date. some girls are like that but not all go dig for rich people b/c of their personal preference for an expensive lifestyle.

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  3. cutie777 says:

    Lol. She meant as long he’s got money then it’s not a problem!!

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  4. coralie says:

    i actually understand what she means cuz I’m a foodie myself. Although I don’t mind Mcd & KFC occasionally either. Heck, I just ate a McD fish fillet sandwich along with a caramel frappe – delicious! But I don’t think i can eat it daily, unlike my hubby who can stuff himself with trash. Sometimes that makes it really difficult to ask him to go eat somewhere nice with me, because he doesn’t place any importance on food. It’s a downer. I love it when I find something good and i get to share it with people who appreciates the same thing I do, like finding a great drama or film. Since I can’t watch dramas/films everyday, but I definitely need to eat everyday, it makes it way more fun and easy when we can both enjoy the same interests.

    It doesn’t mean we’re gold-digging just cuz we have finer taste buds. Although I will say anything that’s too expensive is usually out of my wallet-league haha, unless it’s a once-in-a-lifetime meal, like wagyu beef or omakase or a michelin star dinner….

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