Kenny Kwan Purchases 16 Million Yuan-Property for Family

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Kenny Kwan Purchases 16 Million Yuan-Property for Family

Dubbed as the “Most Beautiful Man in China,” EEG artiste 38-year-old Kenny Kwan (關智斌) bravely entered the Mainland market to develop his career a couple of years ago. He successfully transformed his youthful idol image into one of a mature, chiseled man. When a few of his dramas achieved high ratings, the star gained recognition and attracted a large number of Chinese and Hong Kong fans. Not only did his popularity explode, but he also became a hot item in Mainland.

Like many celebrities, Kenny actively invests in real estate. In 2014, he purchased a small unit at The Hudson in Sai Wan for about 9 million yuan. Known to be a feng shui flat, Kenny’s career reached new heights after the investment. Since he earned a lot from filming dramas back to back, he constantly purchases properties. Two years ago, he bought a 968-square-foot Mount Pavilia unit in Clearwater Bay for about 17 million yuan to live in.

In addition to sweeping flats in China and Hong Kong, Kenny also spent nearly HKD 10 million to buy a three-story high-rise in Toronto.

Recently, Kenny sold his feng shui The Hudson home for 16 million yuan, earning about 7 million yuan. At the same time, he purchased another flat that’s over 1,000-square-foot for roughly 16 million yuan. It is reported that he plans to let his family live in the new flat, so it’s easier to take care of his family’s elderly.

In response to his decision, he said, “The flat at Sai Wan really is a feng shui unit, but it is only 400-square-foot. I always wanted to buy a larger unit so my family can live in it, and also as an investment. There are good schools in the new area, so it would be beneficial for my older sister’s kids in the future.”

Kenny added, “I used the generous 7 million yuan I earned [from selling the property] as a down payment. I still have to pay off the mortgage, so having one more place means I have to work harder to earn money.”

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