Kevin Cheng, Grace Chan Caught on Dinner Date

Mutually attracted to each other after filming Blue Veins <殭>, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) stated that they would to like to get to know each other outside of work. Earlier this week, Kevin said he planned to ask Grace out to dinner. Keeping his promise, Kevin and Grace were spotted sharing dinner together on June 4.

Both Kevin and Grace were dressed casually for their date. Kevin wore a baseball cap while Grace wore a simple tank top. Sitting in a corner of the restaurant, they shared a rack of ribs and fries while sipping iced tea.

When the paparazzi suddenly walked into the restaurant and crashed their date, Kevin and Grace were both shocked. Grace gasped and looked awkwardly away from the camera as reporters snapped photos.

When asked if they are publicly announcing their relationship, Kevin frowned and said, “Can you let us eat in peace?” At this time, a restaurant staff member came over and asked the paparazzi to leave and not disturb the customers.

Waiting outside, reporters finally spotted the couple leaving the restaurant through the back door at 11 p.m. Walking straight to the garage where his BMW M4 was parked, Kevin quickly drove Grace home.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. The news I’ve been waiting for! #KevinCheng and #GraceChan finally out on a date!

  2. Grace looked really shock, but surprisingly Kevin kept his cool and continue eating despite the interruption. Lol!

    1. @tess kevin’s probably used to paparrazi while grace just started her career.

      i’m a bit surprised they went out in public so quickly and took the chance to be photographed.

  3. he could be his dad,ok but its her choice as long as they have fun then its ok.

    1. @kolo I know lol !…. 22yrs difference is pretty big…. But hey love is love right. There are no real rules for love me thinks. Unless its with a 16yr old and below….. creepy !! Now there’s a rule/law for and against that !!

      Just pretty sad that Kevin (and I do find him so yumyum) would date some one so young. Don’t know him at all except from what the press and his image PR people dishes to the public. But hey he is human and its about time he got hitched.

      So, good luck to him and Grace ! 😉

  4. If they like each other and they are happy with their choice. The paparazzi should give them time and space to date each other.

  5. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  6. 3 reactions.

    1. she.. eats?
    2. obviously dating
    3. by their casualness, and how they share a plate and all, I will say not first date and already beyond just dinner dates.

    She does look shocked. Quite a funny picture.

  7. Please give them space, they are human after all. Let them develop and wish them happiness.

  8. Damn that was fast LOL
    but congratz of spending quality time with each other.
    Aww Grace shocked face looked so cute & the way Kevin looked at her from the source site .

  9. If she is really going to be with Kevin, better be prepared for reporters to follow them everywhere.

  10. Seriously!! they both look so fake ,Grace acting surprised at t paparazzi is so B grade , and I’m sure they know t paparazzi is around .. Pls just be honest don’t act like t fan r stupid to believe that u guys not know everyone is watching…

  11. Kevin have hinted many time that he wants to get married and have kids. He is not getting any younger so I think he wants to settle down.That might be why he chose not to hide the relationship as it might put the relationship at risk…

  12. I’ve seen a few interview Kevin has been in regarding the subject matter, and you can tell he’s starting to get so annoyed with the media hounding in on him about his relationship with Grace.
    I feel kinda bad for them that they can’t go on a date in peace when they’ve asked for personal space to get to know each other. With the media hot on their trail, it’ll probably hinder the development of their relationship. Wish them the best of luck though!

    1. I also find the picture quite amusing of how Grace is so shocked while Kevin just carries on cutting the rack of rib hahaha xD

    2. @melodylai, thats the price you have to pay if you are a star,the more popular and famous you are less privacy you have.

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