Lai Lok Yi is Doing Well Financially

Like many TVB artistes, Lai Lok Yi‘s (黎諾懿) talent includes entrepreneurship. The 39-year-old actor is known for his affable personality, which has helped in the success of managing the auto service shop that he started with his two brothers.

Founded seven years ago, the business is profitable and provides a steady income for Lok Yi. Due to rising rental expenses, the auto service shop was relocated from San Po Kong, Kowloon to Tuen Mun last year. Personally investing a six-figure amount in the shop Lok Yi said, “I help with marketing, but business is hard these days. Fortunately, my younger brother is a licensed mechanical and electrical engineer so he can help fix cars. I also know how to fix cars, but now I may not be as accustomed in doing it. Sometimes, when my car needs something done, I’ll do it myself.”

Lok Yi’s wife, Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), is also an astute businesswoman. She helps her father manage the family’s multi-million-dollar skincare clinic. Lok Yi is not afraid of the pressure of having a rich wife, as he once said, “I can’t immediately surpass my father-in-law’s wealth, but I can say that I have the ability to take care of my wife and son. They can live comfortably and not worry about their livelihood.”

The actor has experienced greater popularity in recent years, with leading roles in Who Wants a Baby <BB來了> and Agent C9 <C9特工>, along with hosting programs A Chef and a Gentleman <懿想得到> and Inter Inter Intergen <跨跨跨世代>.


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