Leon Lai Welcomes Birth of Daughter

Shortly after the reveal of Leon Lai (黎明) dating his own company employee, the 51-year-old singer admitted that he will be a father. Although his girlfriend Wing was expected to deliver in May, she  has already given birth to a baby girl one month early. Since the baby was not full-term, she only weighed around five pounds during birth.

Wing has worked in Leon’s company for several years and started out as an assistant. Due to her cheerful attitude and straight forward personality, Wing caught Leon’s interest despite their 19-year-age gap. Secretly dating two years ago, the couple successfully kept their romance away from the public eye until a pregnant Wing was spotted entering Leon’s home last month.

An inside source revealed that Wing has already given birth. Leon’s close friends already know of the baby’s arrival, but did not speak to the media because they respect the couple’s private nature. Leon’s good friend, Mark Lui (雷頌德), joked, “If [Leon’s] baby was born pre-term, then he wouldn’t have time to talk to me!”

Fans joked that as Leon has finally become a father, the “Four Heavenly Kings” can now be dubbed as the “Four Father-in-Laws” since Jacky Cheung (張學友), Andy Lau (劉德華), and Aaron Kwok (郭富城) all coincidentally have daughters. Jacky was the earliest to become a father, as his wife gave birth in 2000. Andy’s daughter Hanna was born in 2012 and Aaron’s daughter Chantelle was born in 2017.

When approached by the media, Leon’s ex-wife Gaile Lok (樂基兒) commented on the baby news, “Congratulations and happy for them.”

Leon Confirms Girlfriend Gave Birth

Although he confirmed the birth of his daughter, Leon was very upset by the person who leaked the news. In a message he left on social media, Leon expressed his annoyance. “First, I’m truly grateful to the hospital’s doctors and nurses for their professionalism. However, an anonymous source leaked [the baby news] and turned the hospital into a media-infested ground! This has brought countless stress to the mothers who just delivered babies as well as other patients.”

Leon added, “Let’s wait for the hospital to return to normalcy. I’m not going to appear at the hospital again. I’ll rather use my private space to enjoy time with my family.”

Sources: On.cc, HK01

Note: This article was updated on April 24, 2018 to reflect Leon Lai’s confirmation of his daughter’s arrival.

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @coralie LOL what theory is that? Male Y chromozomes not effective anymore for older dads?

      Congrats to parents. 5 lb is not too bad for a premmie. Av. Weight for Asian babies around 6.5 to 7, I think.

      1. @mangotango
        i heard about the same thing too but i think it’s an excuse to blame the female if they don’t end up having a boy. who really knows….

      2. @m0m0 I don’t think it is to blame the mother? Since being a boy or girl is based on the dad’s gene. So if anything, it’s the blame on the dad for leaving it too late lawl. But then I’m more science minded than a lot of traditional asians who got no idea how gene works

      3. @littlefish never blame the woman for not giving birth to a son…because she only provides the X chromosome…whether they get a girl or boy, it’s up to the man because only his chromosome will decide the gender.

    2. @coralie
      Not true as my parents had my youngest brother (he was the 9th child) in their 40s. They had pretty much all boys except for me.

      1. @coralie I’m not saying it’s wrong? Never dispute that fact lol. I’m just saying determines whether it’s a boy or a girl, ultimately come from the guy’s gene. Those Asian ladies who don’t know better like to blame the woman, but it’s the man when it comes to the baby sex lawl

      2. @coralie
        I still think it varies as in my family for example, many of my cousins had kids before their 40s and they all ended up with girls. Just like how people say women over 40 cannot conceive naturally. However, I saw quite a few number of women still conceive naturally in their 40s. It just varies and it is the guy that determines the sex of the baby not the women.

      3. @hetieshou I did say 2/3rd of children born to older parents lead to daughters? Don’t you think your family can be part of that 1/3rd statistic?

        Also, yes, it’s the man who contributes the ‘Y’ chromosome. However, who’s to say that the woman contributes nothing to determining the gender? Can you say that for sure? I’m not trying to blame women or men, which is why I say “parents.”

      4. @hetieshou Statistically speaking, that is fact. You can argue it however you want with numbers, that’s your prerogative. I’m just telling you how it is with based on what I’ve read.

      5. @coralie The sperm, and only the sperm, determines the sex of the baby.

        @mangotango The proportion of sperm carrying an X chromosome increases in men above the age of 35. That’s why, statistically speaking, older men are more likely to have daughters.

      6. @peanutbutterjelly at this time, there’s no way to verify if the woman’s condition at the time is conducive to a specific type of sperm. but I’m not eliminating the possibility. that’s all I’m saying.

  1. that’s too funny that they will be dubbed as the four heavenly father in laws. it’s indeed very coincidental that they all ended up having daughters. it’s be funny if they all just have one kid and call it quits. doesn’ jacky cheung have two? i guess the other three would have to do some catch up work.

    1. @m0m0 That’s what I was just going to say – Jacky has 2 daughters, with his eldest daughter Zoe turning 18 this year, so the other 3 Heavenly Kings definitely have a long ways to go in order to catch up, lol. So now the 4 Heavenly Kings are officially the 4 Heavenly FILs….it will be interesting to see if any of the other 3 will try for a son somewhere down the line – Aaron’s wife and Leon’s girlfriend are young still so probably will try to have more kids….Andy I doubt will push too hard for it due to Carol’s older age but of course hard to say….

    2. @m0m0 why call them ‘father in laws’ ?
      jacky confirmed ‘factory closed’ since his daughters are already in their teens.
      aaron will definitely hope for a boy.
      andy trying all the while
      leon may try for a boy.

  2. Hmmmm ancient Chinese believed men with weak constitution or lacking in sexual prowess are more likely to father girls. Hence this is one of the reasons men prefer to have sons even in today’s age. I remember reading that younger mothers are more likely to produce sons but don’t recall that father’s age has any contributing effect.

    1. @passingby young woman should not more likely to produce son when the Y gene comes from the man >_> it’s all about the guy >_> the woman does select stronger sperm to get fertile, so that mean the male counter part of the sperm is weak lol, so got rejected! Blame the gene and the man :p don’t blame the evolution of “survival of the fittest” lol

      1. @littlefish yes i know that the sex of the baby is determined by the man. Just saying that i read about the younger mom thing somewhere. Can’t vouch for the scientific accuracy of that finding though.

    2. @passingby women’s eggs mature and quality drops as they age…men can produce sperm as long as they live.
      of course the quality is questionable if they smoke and drink.

    1. @coralie I am inclined to think it is mainly genetic esp. from the man’s side like the article claimed. If man has more male siblings or uncles, higher chance of him having boys? Problem is that nowadays, it is mainly one or two children family so it is hard to guess the probability of males vs females in the family.

      1. @mangotango
        If that is true then that can explain why my family is still male dominated . I have all brothers and all nephews so far. However, my mom had mostly sisters and only one brother but yet had mostly boys. You truly wonder…

  3. Article was updated to include Leon’s reaction to the baby news. He is upset by the “traitor” who spoke to the press, who is now crowding the hospital where his girlfriend is resting.

    1. @jayne I can understand the frustuation. Both mother and baby need lots of rest. And being “press’, bound to ask nasty or inappropriate questions.

  4. Baby’s sez is all about those X or Y sperms, aka the swimmers. It all depends who survives the trip and who is the fastest to cross the finish line, aka the egg. All pretty random. Nothing to do with time of the month, moon cycle, sez position, who does more work, etc. All random. There are many studies, however, claimed certain food favors/enhances X or Y swimmers; guys’ stress level effect the little swimmers; do it closer to ovulation for boys; etc. There are as many claims and studies debunk those studies and claims. Lol. All in all, all random.

    I don’t see what age has anything to do with baby’s sez. Correlation doesn’t equate to cause and effect. It does effect the chance of conceiving though. Women only have limited eggs count after all. Sometimes, the egg might just dis like the swimmer (can be X or Y) so no baby; the egg isn’t necessarily hate X or Y so when neither one wins, egg is say gtfo I’ll way for the other Y or X swimmer, lol.

    Funny that easterners are more likely to worry about the baby’s sez while westerners are more inclined to believe in superstitious ways to just conceive a child.

    Anyways, pre-me is no joke. Hope both mom and child are healthy. I wonder if there’ll be “news” that speculate (but will write like it is truth) this is not Leon’s biological kid now. Isn’t back in the days “seven stars kid” caused suspicion for affair? Also, the leaker may possibly be a hospital staff too, no?

    1. @jjwong statistics do not equal causation, but it does provide a pattern and a trend in which we can somewhat predict the results.

      if not for statistics, we wouldn’t be able to analyze and forecast a lot of information that we have now. of course, it’s not 100% accurate, but what is?

      2/3rd of children born to parents older than 40 is a higher statistical score than say 40/50 or 50/50 chance. From this we can assume some things, but not entirely all.

    2. @jjwong
      seriuously pre-me is no joke. they’d probably blame it again on the age of the parents…..

      you’re right, east asian people only think about having boys all they long. some women only live to bare a son and do everything to make sure their sons bare a son…. how sad.

  5. if the baby is not premature, mother and daughter can be discharged immediately like Kate.

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