Lin Gengxin’s Girlfriend Revealed; Signing with Ringo Yu’s Company?

Mainland Chinese actor, Lin Gengxin (林更新), has recently been hiding in the sidelines after he was reportedly in a contractual dispute with his management company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai (also known as Tangren). Unwilling to attend functions and shoots arranged by Tangren, Gengxin also refused to star in the anticipated Tangren-produced blockbuster drama, Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, a sequel to the popular palace drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心>.

However, the controversy does not end there. On February 23, the 25-year-old star was seen acting intimately with his girlfriend at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Standing at 186 cm tall, Gengxin’s girlfriend only came up to his chest. When photos of the couple kissing were published online, fans bombarded his girlfriend’s Weibo. Some were highly supportive of the young pair, exclaiming that their dramatic height difference is similar to a cute manga couple. Other fans complained that his girlfriend is too plain-faced.

Dating a Rich Second Generation

It was an open secret to his fans that Gengxin was dating his girlfriend of four years. Both students at the Shanghai Theater Academy, his girlfriend also comes from a wealthy background.  The Shenyang-born Gengxin allegedly stayed at his girlfriend’s family manor when he was studying in Shanghai. Parents from both parties also approved their relationship.

Regarding Gengxin’s exposed relationship, a Tangren representative expressed on February 22 that the company never placed any restrictions on the dating lives of their managed artists.

When Gengxin debuted in the industry two years ago, he claimed that he did not have a girlfriend. Polite and courteous, the paparazzi once pondered to whether or not Gengxin was homosexual, but these rumors quickly died down when his relationship with his Shanghai Theater Academy classmate came to light. Now that Gengxin is in the process of terminating his contract with Tangren, Gengxin is showing his rebellious streak by publicly affirming his girlfriend’s status to the public.

As for whether Gengxin will appear in Bu Bu Jing Qing, a Tangren representative stated, “We sent him the casting notice today. We really want the original cast to return. Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) also promised to return in August to make a guest appearance.”

Tangren further stressed that if Gengxin continues to refuse job offers, the company will pursue legal action.

Gengxin Plans to Star in Upcoming Ringo Yu Drama

Lin Gengxin 2Against Tangren’s knowledge, Gengxin agreed to star in Ringo Yu’s (于荣光) upcoming period drama, Legend of Dance <舞乐传奇>. On February 24, the cast and crew of Legend of Dance attended a press conference in Ruili, Yunnan. Although Gengxin was in Ruili at the time, he did not attend the press call.

Legend of Dance, produced by Yunnan Television and Ringo’s production studio, will star Lin Gengxin as Prince Shwenandaw from the city-states of Pyu (Ancient Myanmar). The drama will document the prince and his dancing team’s laborious journey to Tang China’s capital, Chang’an, in order for a chance to perform for the emperor. Legend of Dance, with a production budget of over 50 million RMB, is a sister production of the 2012 blockbuster, The Wood House Storm <木府风云>.

Ringo Yu avoided questions regarding Gengxin’s absence at the press conference. The drama’s producer, Jiang Xiaorong (蒋晓荣), said Gengxin was absent due to a personal emergency. Ringo was asked if Tangren was notified about Gengxin’s casting in the drama, Ringo said simply, “I don’t know.”

Ringo gave a cryptic response when he was asked if he plans to sign Gengxin under his company, saying, “It depends on whether the conditions are ripe or not.”

Jiang Xiaorong immediately elaborated on Ringo’s statement and stressed, “We never pry people from their companies. Lin Gengxin’s casting was arranged by our management team. His [dispute with Tangren] is his business. He will have to solve his own problems. We will not get ourselves involved.”


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  1. Face it fans, no matter how cute they are, its not 100% guaranteed they like someone equally cute. there are alot of MISMATCHES in this whole wide world, just keep your eyes open in the streets. You are bound to see lots of odd weird looking couples walking around hahaa…

      1. I know, that is one plus on his preference perhaps? Hey, if the acting does not work out, he has someone to back him up? hahaha lol..

      2. but above pic, she does looks a bit plain n matured looking even thou she is SHORT.

      3. She’s probably on the short side, but you do know that LGX is really, really tall, right?

      4. Maybe she looks plain because she didn’t wear makeup. I think she will look great with make up on. Many stars look plain without make up.

        I think her makeup-less look is considered good already.

  2. Is it just me, or does she look like his mother? They must be the same age though. Weird.

    Anyways, he needs to sign another contract ASAP. The industry is all about momentum and he’s already lost some of the goodwill from BBJX…

    1. Let’s not be too harsh here. Let’s not say mother, sister perhaps? hahaa lol…

  3. Ringo Yu????

    How on earth these people come up with their English name? LOL!!!

    1. There’s also HK director Ringo Lam. Honestly, all these English names makes one think they are all ABC wannabees.

  4. Applaud her for being a rich kid w.o make up, fake hair, designer’s clothes and plastic surgery 🙂 you can’t judge a couple till you see how they treat each other irl, once u see the sweetness, u will instantly forget about their mismatch xD

    1. Fans will always disapprove no matter whom their idols date. If too plain, they dislike if too hot, they dislike.

    1. My bad on that, I meant to say Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t the bad thing and that at least he has some happiness with this whole Tangren mess going on?

  5. Sorry, I am a bit confused. Why is LGX refusing to do things that are organized by his management company?!

    *sigh* I personally am a bit disappointed if this article is true.. I think it would be great if all the original cast members could film this. I mean… BBJX was a major hit, no? It is also disappointing to see this happening..

    1. It’s very disappointing that key figures (especially all the ‘princes’) from BBJX-1 are not returning apart from Nicky (thank goodness) and that Kevin, tho agreed in the first place, was forced to turn down because shooting did not start as planned because of script changes……which resulted in delays and therefore clashes with his schedule.

      It’s surprising that after his instant hit in BBJX, LKX is embroiled in his ‘protest’ with Tangren. What’s he thinking??

      Does anyone know if Yuan Hong shoots other series at all. I’ve only watched him once in another fantasy drama with Liu ShiShi (they costarred with Hu Ge). What’s the title of the show (in mandarin & English please) in which he costarred with Liu ShiShi (ancient drama) in which LSS had her first onscreen kiss with YH ?

      1. “Does anyone know if Yuan Hong shoots other series at all.”

        Do you mean his old series or new series? I know he was in ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008’ where he played Yang Kang opposite Liu Shi Shi as Mu Nian Ci. Hu Ge and Ariel Lin played Guo Jing and Huang Rong respectively.

  6. There is a gender imbalance in China so he is lucky to be able to get a decent girl and she is rich too… What more is there to complain about??? She may not be Jue Se Mei Ren, but there is more to a person than looks.

  7. So what if she’s ‘plain’ looking? Gorgeous faces are no guarantee of successful relationships.

  8. surprised to see his girlfriend looks older than him.

    i think this ringo company promised him better money and promotion that’s why he wans to leave his company and refused to do the jobs they offered.

    maybe his role in bbjx 2 is small and he thinks with his popularity now he should get bigger parts

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