Lucas Wong Offends Jackson Wang By Calling Him Short

Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), the Hong Kong member of South Korean boy group GOT7, has been steadily garnering a fan base in Mainland as of late. His humorous and charismatic performance in variety shows is well loved by the Mainland audience, and his every move is watched. For example, when he recently recorded the variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧>, netizens were quick to point out he was offended by co-host Lucas Wong’s (黃旭熙), the Hong Kong member of Korean boy group NCT.

Jackson’s Face Darkened

Although Jackson is known for his phenomenal figure, it appears the singer is quite concerned about his height. Just a few days ago, Jackson praised Lucas for looking spiffy in a suit and expressed he didn’t look as good. Lucas tried to console Jackson and said, “You have your own charm: short and handsome. I am tall and handsome.”

Jackson immediately asked Lucas to explain his comment, so Lucas expressed, “Other people look at his line of sight.”

Before he could finish, Jackson angrily asked if he wanted to die. Clearly, he was very affected by it. Jackson’s official height is 174cm and Lucas is 183cm tall. Although there is an obvious difference in their height, netizens told Jackson not to care too much because life is not perfect and his body is already very attractive.

Fans Got a Nosebleed From His Topless Picture

In fact, Jackson always took care of his figure – he eats everything except starch and regularly works out to achieve the perfect body. Although he has been working in America recently, he has not forgotten to exercise and flaunt his body. He shared a photo of himself topless on his personal Weibo not too long ago and wrote, “I’m in the United States right now but don’t worry, I eat, I exercise, and I sleep. I’m working hard. I miss you very much.”

From the photo, it was obvious that his figure was indeed better than before. In addition to the full biceps, his pecs and abdominal muscles looked particularly firm. He also has men’s most enviable abdominal V line. His female fans couldn’t stop leaving him praises, while male netizens were so impressed they wanted to become like him.

Source: HK01

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