Lynn Hung Will Be Giving Birth to Twin Girls

When 37-year-old Lynn Hung (熊黛林) announced her pregnancy last November, she did not reveal her baby’s sex. According to an insider. Lynn conceived through in-vitro fertilization last year,  and sources say she will be giving birth to twin girls later this month. Her husband, Ken Kwok (郭可頌), was ecstatic.

Lynn will reportedly deliver her twins via cesarean section two weeks before her scheduled due date. Her obstetrician is Dr. Ngai Suk-wai (倪淑慧), who is well-known among the Hong Kong entertainment sphere for delivering celebrity babies. Ken’s sister Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) as well as Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) also had Dr. Ngai as their OB-GYN.

On Saturday, Ken updated his social media with a photo he took with his wife, and said, “Counting down to the second stage of my life.” Many netizens left behind encouraging and congratulatory comments—Lynn even spent the time to reply to some of them. However, Lynn did not respond to the comment asking if she was carrying twins.

Lynn married Ken in October 2016. At a March 2017 event, Lynn said she would love to have a son first, “because an older brother can protect his younger sister.” She added, “I have an older brother myself, so I know how great that is. My husband actually wants a daughter, because she’ll be attached to him! As for me, I want to have two kids—but a son first!”

Considering the Ip Man <葉問> actress won’t be having a son first, there is already speculation that she is planning on a third child. Regardless of what the future holds, Lynn and Ken are definitely prepared for their second stage in life.


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  1. “Lynn will reportedly deliver her twins via cesarean section two weeks before her scheduled due date.”

    I know they might have chosen a good birthdate to deliver the babies, but, I wonder if it’s a wise decision. Would it affect the babies’ health to take them out before they are ready? I know some kids come out earlier than their due date. But, in most of these cases, it’s the mom’s body or the baby who decide it’s ready to come out.

    1. @kidd what @janet72 said. Twins are usually delivered early due to space… Those things (babies) grow like weeds in the last month inside!

    2. @kidd I don’t think that was so they can pick a good date. Generally twins put a lot of stress on the mother, and the placenta has a time limit (and the placenta is their only life line), that’s why 42weeks = inducing, otherwise the baby will be in trouble if not still born. With twins, the placenta will deplete quite fast, and the space, etc, I had gestational diabetes and I was induced at 38w and 5days. Could have been earlier if it wasn’t for we have to fit my OB schedule, etc. so I think the main factor will be the OB schedule lol, she will give them a few dates she’s free, and you pick one, good day or not, depend on your luck.

  2. twins are usually delivered ahead of schedule probably due to lack of space and discomfort for the mum.

  3. too funny, already planning for third baby. perhaps they will change their minds after the twin girls. all children are more than a handful.

  4. why ivf? unless the child is prone to some genetic disease or they wanted to select the gender…

    1. @m0m0 that’s what I wanted to know too. but i think it’s because of her advanced maternal age – harder to conceive naturally without help from science. plus the great thing about ivf is that you can have them undergo genetic testing for any possible defects.

  5. Congrats and having a girl first is good too. Big sister can take care of younger brother and siblings. I have seen older women conceive naturally too so it depends. I think you should only use IVF as a last resort.

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