Nicky Wu Too Busy Working to Have Time for Love

Yesterday, Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) appeared at a Tissot promotional event in Chongqing. As he is currently filming Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情>, the highly anticipated modern-era sequel to the time-traveling drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, and preparing for other filming projects, Nicky’s schedule is extremely packed. He is always on set during the day, and in meetings in the evening. Because of his busy life, Nicky shared that he barely has enough time to sleep, let alone have a love life.

Ever since he debuted in the entertainment industry, Nicky has been known for his diligence and drive. When asked about his motivation for working so hard, Nicky said his curiosity helped him stay energetic: “When I see a script that especially attracts me, I won’t be able to stop – I will want to film it. And I’ve already adapted to a busy life; it helps keep my mind awake.”

Because Nicky is now both an actor and producer, it is inevitable that more and more of his time will be devoted to his work. At the event, he shared that the dual role led to a bit of a divide in mentality when he was working on his first production project, The Bride with White Hair <新白髮魔女傳>. “Every actor hopes to have the best clothing, the best production, the best filming environment,” he said. “But from the point of view of the producer, you have to consider the screenplay, the actors, the team, the distribution, and many other trifles. It’s very conflicting being in the middle.” However, Nicky also feels that acting and producing complement each other. He explained, “When you understand producing, you’ll know how to present the ideal result when you’re acting. Being a producer helped me improve my acting.”

Despite his success, being perpetually busy has certainly taken its toll on Nicky’s non-existent leisure time. After reporters asked him how he planned to celebrate his birthday this year, Nicky laughed and responded, “In the future, don’t ask me how I’m going to spend my birthday or holidays. There’s only one answer, and that’s ‘on the set.’ On the same note, don’t ask me about my love life. I have no way of guaranteeing a basic sleep life, not to mention a love life.”

In spite of his busyness, Nicky said he had a special way of relieving stress. “I will deliberately arrange my work in other parts of the country,” he shared. “This way, during my work, I can come in contact with other things and relax.” He also revealed that many reality shows, such as the currently popular diving shows, have invited him to participate, but his current work schedule prevented him from having the time.

When asked about how he felt collaborating again with Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) for Bu Bu Jing Qing, Nicky said the biggest difference was that their scenes together were now more mature. He also revealed that one third of the filming had already been completed, but the plot had to remain a secret. In fact, the actors themselves are not sure if Nicky’s “4th Prince” and Cecilia’s “Ruoxi” will have a happy ending, because the script has not yet been completed.

After Bu Bu Jing Qing wraps up, Nicky will be working on his third new drama, which will be a period comedy and is scheduled to begin filming at the end of the year.


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  1. Can’t wait to see Nicky in a comedy. Cried for him so many times already… Lol.

  2. Its great that Nicky Wu is becoming more popular now! He was on hiatus for quite some time! Its a shame that he doesnt have a girlfriend, Understand its impossible to juggle with his busy schedule. Seems like his work is his life. Hope he can find time to slow down soon and start a family!

  3. Hopefully, Si Ye can maintain his health. He’s such a workaholic!

  4. lucky -he gets to mint Silver Pine Dollars – what a great life – complaining about lack of romance is probably a feint or maybe he has a secret wife like Andy lau and Jackie Chan

  5. I honestly hope BBJQ have a happy ending. Its about time they have a happy ending. Love him in BBJX.

  6. He’s such a workaholic, he needs to be careful of not burning out.

    I hope BBJQ will be good, but when the plot is still a secret (apparently) it’s anyone’s guess if it will be good or not.

  7. Hoping his working schedule will not affect his health. Love him in BBJX so looking forward to BBJQ.

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