Niki Chow to Film New TVB Series with Raymond Wong

Appearing at a mall promotional event, Niki Chow Lai Kei danced with a child who had Down’s Syndrome. Niki had fun with the child and encouraged the public to not be prejudiced against children with special needs. For Christmas, Niki revealed that she will be singing before fans and holding an autograph session.

In January, Niki will film Producer Lee Tim Sing’s new TVB series with Raymond Wong Ho Yin. It will be Niki’s first time working with Producer Lee. “Although Tim Gor will be retiring soon, he still asked me to star in a series. His invitation moved me a lot!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: It will be interesting to see how Raymond Wong pairs with Niki Chow. I actually think Niki would pair very well with Raymond Lam as well, but his filming schedule is so packed next year.

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  1. niki looks a little too tall to pair with raymond lam. raymond wong looks lengthy so maybe that’s a better pair.

    i wonder what the series is about …

    tim gor retiring? that’s a sad news!

  2. Jayne. Is this going to be another period piece or a modern series? Would like to see Tim Gor’s take on modern family and business rivalry.

    Haven’t watched a truly engrossing TVB modern classic series since The Greed Of Man.

  3. I will surely miss Tim Gor’s productions when he retires. I usually enjoy his productions. He does seem to focus a lot on the costume and period series. Niki seems more suited for modern series though. There must be a reason why he chose her. Hope it will be a good production.

  4. Oh please don’t! I think she’s awful.

    And he’s retiring? When?

  5. I heard about him retiring. What a big loss it will be to TVB. I wonder if they will continue to produce anymore decent series. I still remember back in the 80s when Wong Tian Lin produced so many great wuxia JY series… Those were the days.. I really miss the old nostalgic days sooo much…

  6. Since Tim Gor also said he has hope to work with Raymond Lam (he initially wanted Raymond to be in Fist of Stances), I hope he can get his wish before he retire. It will be interesting to see Raymond Lam in Tim Gor’s series.

  7. Glad I was not the only one who thinks Nikki can’t act. I am not sure why she is in so many movies? Tall and pretty, not as pretty as her sister, but acting, uh no. just my personal opinion.

  8. Tim sir first chose Raymond Lam for this series, but as Raymond Lam signed contract to be in Ad Mania a mainland series before that, he can’t be in this series.

  9. I hope Nikki isn’t the only leading actress in this series.

    I’ll skip this series if it’s only her. She’s so dull. I have not enjoyed a single series from her.

  10. Wow, finally. A series with niki in. I’ve been waiting for niki to be in a series for a while now. Her acting is not as bad as people say.. but yes, I think her sister Kathy Chow is alot sexier.

  11. I don’t like Niki’s acting or singing. She’s mostly relying on her looks.

  12. However much I don’t like her acting or even the way she conducts herself, I must admit I was very impressed with her intellect in terms of Chinese language. I saw her in the chinese words programme (can’t remember the name) and she was very intelligent in the way she could identify and read many words most can’t even if she didn’t understand the usage AND her handwriting is beautiful. By her handwriting alone I can see she is rather educated in that sense.

  13. I have not seen her act yet so can’t comment. Is it really that bad??

  14. I honestly don’t think her acting is that bad. In fact, she has won the most improved tvb actress once. Shld be in 2005 or 2006. I enjoyed watching her in under the canopy of love and the seventh day.

  15. @Funn Lim, it is probably the Book of Words gameshow, of which Steven Ma was the champion after defeating Evergreen and Koni Lui in the grand finale.

  16. Thanks Clamine, yes that’s the one. What a difficult gameshow!

    Steven won?! Seriously?! And Evergreen too came 2nd/3rd?! WOW!

  17. “I honestly don’t think her acting is that bad. In fact, she has won the most improved tvb actress once. Shld be in 2005 or 2006. I enjoyed watching her in under the canopy of love and the seventh day.”

    She robbed Leila Tong for the award. She also keep using the same expressions in her acting. She was criticized in 7th Day.

  18. @ Funn,

    Steven Ma winning is not surprising. He has published several books already (and it’s not cookbooks) and his blog writings has always been eloquent.

    I’m more suprised at Koni Lui because I thought she more banana kinda of girl.

  19. I have only watched Nikki in ‘Under the Canopy of Love’ and ‘The Seventh Day’ and with the same main actor, Kevin Cheng, and they seemed to be a good pair. Her acting, to me, in the anove series, seems good but not outstanding. Let’s see how she performs with her new leading man, Raymond Wong. I look forward to that.

  20. Producer Lee Tim Sing is retiring, but in 2 years. Due to the recent (renewal) contract he just signed with TVB. Just so you know. (:

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