Raymond Wong’s Hot Body Excites Female Masses and Spurs Comparisons to Leslie Cheung

Monday, December 26th was Boxing Day and a public holiday, which must have affected television ratings. In yesterday’s episode of Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>, Raymond Wong (黃浩然) had a scene in which he took off his shirt, revealing his muscular torso. After the episode aired last night, Raymond’s topless scene successfully captured the excitement of a large group of female fans!

Some netizens were fascinated by Raymond’s muscular chest. One fan noted, “The side profile of Raymond Wong’s face resembles Leslie Cheung (張國榮)! Raymond is very handsome and looks extremely sexy when he cries!” Netizens also praised Bottled Passion for being a good series and indicated they watched it every night. Currently working in mainland China, Raymond Wong has been unable to respond to netizens’ compliments.

In a telephone interview, Bottled Passion cast member, Jack Wu (胡諾言), indicated that he did not know that the series was originally slated for October broadcast. “If there were two time slots, then of course that would have been better. Of course, the October airing date would have been more advantageous! It is closer to the TVB Anniversary! December is not too bad, with the exception of more holidays.”

Jack added, “Producer Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) and the scriptwriting team put a lot of effort into Bottled Passion.   The series was executed with a great level of detail. As an artist, I am not qualified to comment whether the airing slot is good or bad.”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: I couldn’t find any topless photos of Raymond Wong in the latest episode of Bottled Passion which made many women’s hearts flutter. If you have the screen captures, do share! 🙂

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  1. Whaaaaaaa….. I wish I have these topless photo’s and of couse I will NOT share with you guys!! Haha lol 🙂

    I have read the ratings of last week is not too bad. 27 pt average. It could be better. It deserve better. Cuz, I can’t wait till the next day.

    I also read that he was also playing Leslie Cheung (gor gor) at 梅艳芳菲 / Mei Yan Fang Fei. No doubt he little bit looks like him.

    OMG!!!! I’m follow him at face book!!! I really, really, really feels like 16 years old lol 🙂

    Anyway, he did a great job at BP. Very touching story. Oh, I also like Eric Li. I love him al ready at ‘Catch me now’ with Joe Ma.

    So, if there some topless photo’s of Raymond Wong please share with us (me).

    Ps: @Jayne: there a lot’s of niceeeeeeeeeee photos at his facebook account 😉

    1. no, Roger looks alot like Leslie no doubt. one time i was looking at a poster for a series, i think something shanghai, and leslie face was on it, i mistook and thought it was Roger and told my mom, Roger is in this series. i didnt know for about 3-4 months, then figured it out by looking at the cast

  2. when i saw his topless body… i **drooled**
    i cried almost everytime he cried. so touching.

  3. I haven’t seem the picture yet. But I was surprised that many people just realized it. I know that he always has a really muscular torso. But within these two years, he looks skinnier but still have that hot body. I always think he is a handsome husband and handsome father.

    May I ask his big eyes are natural? I always wonder because they are really beautiful.

    1. I was going to say the same thing myself!! When he first acted in tvb series “Marriage of inconvenience” i noticed his fantastic torso ^_^ and fell in love with him straight away…then his acting career for tvb just sky rocketed…

  4. oh god.. muscles make people crazy! very interesting to know u can control a whole mob!

  5. let’s do a redo on sexiest male … he may be our new winner.

    1. Pandamao,
      “let’s do a redo on sexiest male … he may be our new winner.”

      Next year, we can redo the Sexiest Man Alive in Hong Kong poll. Make sure to save your votes for Raymond Wong then!

    2. For sure!!! I’ve been in love with him since Sweetness of the Salt series : )

  6. Where got heart flutter? He was so thin! Skinny in fact! But I agree on the timeslot thing.

    1. i know he seems pretty average to me. i dont see serious 6 pack hahha n to compare w/leslie cheung ahhhhhhhhhhh NO hahah…he used to be handsome before but hes aged quite a bit now :0(

  7. Hehe I don’t quite see the Leslie Cheung resemblance in Raymond Wong. Leslie Cheung in his prime had an unbeatable combination of boyish charm and playfulness.

    1. Jayne, he does…only thing is Raymond is a bit more on a serious side. They are both gorgeous!!!

  8. Reading all these comments about Raymond Wong makes me wonder – am i the only one who finds him absolutely unattractive? As for his eyes, well, i think they are his worst feature. To each his own, I guess.

    1. ha – This is what I think of Kevin Cheng! Never thought KC’s face was attractive and he looks short and skinny.

      I like Raymond Wong’s body type. Not too muscular and good height – just perfect. I also like his look in Bottled Passion. The sophisticated, serious and not too boyish look. I prefer Raymond Wong’s face and overall subtle appeal over Leslie Cheung. They have no resemblance to me.

      1. You know I was watching Ghetto Justice just now and Kevin was cleaned up quite a bit in a nice shirt and I was thinking darn it so darn handsome. Come on, KC is handsome. Just stripping wise I agree with you but just the face, is gorgeous.

      2. Ok, objectively, I think KC’s face is not bad.. his facial features are decent but overall… not what I would consider as handsome or gorgeous or even cute, just ok la. I don’t mind watching his dramas but that’s it. You have one less competitor Funn. lol

    2. LOL, you’re not alone! I’m not attracted to Raymond Wong either. I think he’s a pretty capable actor though.

    1. Lol,
      Thanks for the link to Raymond’s photo. I added it to the article to make it more “descriptive.” 🙂

      He looks pretty sculpted.

      1. Jayne you gotta see the series to judge better. It is not sculpted. It is not flabby either. He is skinny but not too skinny. The one I was quite impressed with was Moses Chan in WHB. His arms look huge.

  9. Weird enough, I started noticing Raymond Wong in TMOL, where he played that evil person in the end of the series.

  10. I like this movie & Raymond W acting is improving so much!! He deserves for more acting in near future! Bravo!

  11. Hmm interesting that people only started to take notice of Raymond Wong when he started acting in TVB series. I remember his hilarious roles in Needing You with Sammi and Love Undercover with Miriam. He has also been in several darker Triad movies. Can’t deny the power of TVB to make people take notice of an actor!

    1. Does he started out as a movie actor or a tvb actor first?

      I used to see him acted in a lot of movies and kept wondering was he really famous..

      1. He was a movie actor first. He was one of the “students” of super director Johnnie To but somehow he ended up making TVB dramas. Don’t think he had much success in the film industry but I do quite like him!

      2. C is right… Raymond started as a prodigy of Johnnie To thanks to his wife that spotted Raymond, after a few films, he did a few ATV series before joining TVB a few years back 😉

  12. A request!!! Is there a link to scanned TVB magazine on Bottled Passion for the final week airing episode guides. Dying to know some spoilers around the ending!

    1. I DON’T WANNA KNOW!!! Half the reason why I enjoy this series is because it is spoilers freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Remember, put SPOILERS!! everywhere before posting anything on this series!! Bottled the Spoilers!!

    2. I want to know the spoilers too!! lol.
      BP better not have an unsatisfactory ending!

      1. Really?? DARN IT!! Why is Lee Tim Shing so cruel to his love stories??! ok.. I’m going to read the spoiler ending now… =(

      2. Lee Tim Sing have done this way many times in his series. I look forward to the ending and reading from the spoilers it is not the typical Lee Tim Sing ending series.

      1. Don’t want to read it but my prediction is Lo Yat will die (and I shall hate Boon Sin for that!! because I expected him to be evil but so far, still a nice cute guy! Also think two lovebirds will be separated for years and years, hence the significance of the 10 year wait until in the end. Very hard to judge; Lee Tim Shing series can be happy ending or can be sad and at last happy ending.

      2. Funn, thats not the ending. Somebody(s) will die, and like I said its going to be sad, sad, sad ending. This is not a happy ending at all.

        Hopefully, I like it when I watch the ending on Monday, next year….

      3. I have said nice things to TVB series, but lately… 2011 was really bad year for TVB. Bad news after bad news…. I was expecting arch rival ATV to gain up on TVB mistakes…. boy, I was wrong.

      4. don’t want to read but I predict Raymond Wong will die and much better if dying to save Niki or in her arms. If LTS choose this ending I bet the ratings will go high and a lot of females will cry a river LOL 😀

      5. continue the above: and that will make Raymond Wong increase more female fan. Just hope that if he die TVB won’t resurrect him just like how they keep resurrect Laughing Gor ROFL!!

      6. ROFL only a prediction but Funn already going crazy. I must work part time to write TVB ending after this LMAO

    3. Personally, episode 18 could be the ending; it was touching.

      Stupid TVB airing in this year-ender.

    4. I don’t mind tragic endings at all, as long as the main conflict of the struggle comes to a reasonable end. Deaths are not done for shock value, but driven to their natural culmination due to various characters’ conflicts.

      However, death is often used too conveniently as a device for conflict resolution, especially a villain’s ending. It is not a very realistic device though…. I would like to see another way to end conflict resolution rather than just the conventional devices of death, jail, losing the love of their life (as punishment).

    5. I think Larry 3 is a funny guy, always like reading his posts cuz they’re hilarious and entertaining 😉

      1. I am a critic, I dont solve TVB problems unless they pay me upfront to say nice things that they desperately need positive responces.

  13. *Drools*
    Whakaka! Raymond is so… HOT!!!
    I loved this episode. Every time Niki touched him. It is super touching. I can’t wait till the rest of this series

  14. I think Raymond looks a bit old around the eyes (or just plain super tired!)

    Thought he looked great in Love undercover though!

    1. OMG, i feel the same way. I think it’s probably he does age fast i mean some actors who are his age dont look as old and tired hahaa.. like hawick lau or wallace chung they still look super sharp hahaha.. but Raymond Wong i feel wow hes aged quite a bit… i actually didnt find him as attractive here in this series.

    1. agreed! I don’t find him drool worthy at all lol but hey everyone has different tastes which is better right? hah

      I do admit his acting in BP is good though and I find him okay as an actor.

  15. wow, you girls are really something hahahaha

    good job in finding that ab’s pic of RW.

    He sure got a nice body 😉

  16. This is the only series in 2011 that can catch my attention and intention to watch each of episode, i never miss any second of each episode… good story line… the best series in 2011

    1. I would agree if I can remember what was in 2011. I hope it doesn’t go downhill from now.

  17. Just finished episode 18, love love this series. I’m kinda sad now, don’t want it to end. Love Raymond Wong, he’s hot without trying to hard, he just is : )

  18. My friend was able to buy the last two episodes from Chinatown lolz…how’d they manage to have them on the streets before it even air in HK?
    Anyways, something funny happened this morning, I dropped my mom off at the airport this morning at YYZ and as we were having coffee waiting for her to board, we saw a TVB actress also waiting to board her flight, funny thing is no one knew who she was, and I had almost didn’t recognized her without her make-up. It took me a few seconds to figure out who she was, then she looked at with a smile that says you know who am I? Then she pulled her hat down lolz….as if. It’s kinda hilarious. When I left I saw her friend taking pictures for her while she poses.

  19. @ J A Y N E..

    OT: Is there any way to change my icon?? I really do not like it ~_~ lol

    1. You can. Register a free account at gravatar.com and upload your own avatar. Then come back here and make sure in Email Address space put the same email you registered the account at gravatar.

      1. Sorry a bit late Funn.. thanks for that info 😀

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