Pakho Chau Lines Up for Toilet Paper on Valentine’s Day

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Pakho Chau Lines Up for Toilet Paper on Valentine’s Day

With the coronavirus outbreak, Hong Kongers have been stockpiling necessities such as masks, rice, and even toilet paper which led to many retail stores being out of stock. Even celebrities are having difficulty sourcing these essentials, and new father Pakho Chau (周柏豪) couldn’t buy toilet paper for two weeks. Finally hitting a lucky streak on Friday, he was able to bring home the ideal Valentine’s Day gift: two rolls of toilet paper!

With the fear of the virus spreading, many Hong Kongers have chosen to stay home to avoid infection. However, on Valentine’s Day, Pakho was seen in the supermarket shopping for essentials and lining up along with other customers for heavily sought-after toilet paper. Even during this difficult time, he is grateful that his neighbors are supportive of each other.

He said, “On Valentine’s Day, I went to line up for toilet paper. The neighbors around me were great at following procedures and were full of love. One person knew I had a baby at home, so she offered the sanitizer that she had lined up for. I felt bad, so I declined. But I was truly grateful.”

Pakho’s home is well-stocked in medical and health supplies, and if they had extras, he would give them to friends and the elderly. “Even though we’re very frugal with toilet paper use, we’re eventually out. For two weeks, I couldn’t purchase any toilet paper. Today, I was lucky to buy two rolls! Everyone, add oil! Stay healthy!”

With his daughter Sonya born in December, Pakho has been staying home to help take care of her as the first three months of an infant’s care are the most difficult.

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