Philip Ng Criticized for Single-expression Acting in “Fist Fight”

Five episodes of TVB Anniversary drama Fist Fight <兄弟> have aired so far to lukewarm response. With action sequences being its key highlight, the drama showcased exciting fighting sequences led by many of the cast members. Given his martial arts background and strong physique, Phillip Ng (伍允龍) is at ease with the demanding action scenes, such as in episode three where he had a plenty of screen time.

Although viewers were impressed by his action scenes, the same could not be said for his acting unfortunately. Viewers have singled out Phillip for his “monotonous acting”, pointing to his singular expression throughout the entire episode. Remarks included how Phillip looked furious throughout with his tense expression, enlarged eyes and furrowed brows.

Playing a Hong Konger who grew up in Temple Street, the 41-year-old actor has admitted that much of his challenge in the show was perfecting an authentic local accent. Recounting the days when he initially returned to Hong Kong for filming, he mentioned that he could read little Chinese other than his own name then, and had to send his script over to his mother by fax before making a long-distance call to hear her pronounce each word – a process which took hours. Phillip rose to prominence last year with his role in A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> and also starred in the action-adventure web drama The Great Adventurer Wesley <冒險王衛斯理>.

Source: HK01

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  1. Philip Ng seems to be ‘over the top’ furious in every scene whether it is a small incident or big incident that sparks him off. Whether it is Matt or a small time passport maker he goes full range ballistic all the same. I still like him though. His character is cartoony and aloof but is funny and certainly less annoying than Vincent. Matt Yeung is the best as usual….

  2. Philip Ng is okay. I’ve seen worst. I call it the “straight-face” acting. What’s really bad is the filming/editing…poor lighting, poor angles (always on the side), and no real emphasis on the facial expressions. I’m no expert, but I watch a lot of Mainland/Korea dramas and they focus a lot on slow motion.

  3. Not sure is it only me but I find the fight scenes in this drama is not as good and convincing as 4 walls and The Unholy Alliance.

    The way Rebecca and Toby fight really put me off. Grace and Nancy do not have martial arts skill yet the way they fight is really convincing and good. Same goes with Joel Chan. Philip fight scene was good and interesting to watch in 4 walls but in this drama is like over the top. Not sure is it the choreography or editing.

    But Mat is pretty cool in this drama which I find at least he makes the drama worth watching.

    1. @hayden Nancy does has martial arts background. She mentioned that in one of her interviews. On the other hand, Grace doesn’t. And I agree, the fight scenes don’t look as convincing as 4 Walls or Unholy Alliance. Those two dramas had the same choreographer. Fist Fight had Phillip and his stunt team… I think

    2. @hayden
      Real fighting and martial arts is never easy on the eye. Try watching some MMA. Fighting on the feet with each fighter getting a move each like a chess game is not realistic.

    3. @hayden Grace and Nancy have strong dancing backgrounds which make their martial arts movements look fluid. I know it won’t happen and many would dislike it, but a sequel to 4 Walls would be fun for the fighting. Nancy’s character would no longer be hampered by her heart condition and can be a bad-ass fighter. Ruco’s character is no longer an annoying novice and would be more confident and effective. They would have to find a way to resurrect Grace (which may be soap opera ridiculous but would satisfy fan’s dreams). I love to see Moon again. Could be great, but would likely be terrible because TVB’s writing is inconsistent and even worse for sequels.

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