Prince Sleeps Over at Stephy Tang’s Home

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Prince Sleeps Over at Stephy Tang’s Home

Things are heating up quickly between 34-year-old Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and 29-year-old Taiwanese artiste, Prince Chiu (邱勝翊). While the couple only publicly admitted to their romance this week, they have been allegedly dating since April. Prince is currently in Hong Kong and will be spending the next 10 days at Stephy’s home.

Stephy and Prince’s romance first came to light because they were spotted at an airport flying to Thailand together. Since then, Stephy is either flying to Taiwan to see Prince, or he is going to Hong Kong to spend time with her.

Last night, reporters saw Prince, who was dressed in a t-shirt and ripped jeans, arriving in Hong Kong. Stephy instructed her driver to pick up Prince and bring him back to her home. Since Prince’s next scheduled event is on July 28 in Taipei, he will have 10 days to cozy up with Stephy before going back to work.

The couple’s romance was blessed by their family members. Prince’s younger brother, Chris Chiu (邱翊橙) said, “My big brother is very handsome. I immediately sent the dating news and photos to our family chat room. Mom and Dad [were very happy] and said it’s the first time that big brother is so generous. Maybe’s he’s at the right age.”

Chris revealed that he had joined Prince and Stephy on a trip to Thailand in May. Chris said, “Stephy is great. She’ll help out during dinner and has a big sister feel. She’s very attentive and easy to talk to. Big brother also spoke very gently.” Asked if Stephy and Prince slept in the same room, Chris said, “I don’t know. Give them some privacy!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Prince Sleeps Over at Stephy Tang’s Home

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