Rain Li Distressed Over Breakup with Keith Ho; Couldn’t Agree on Marriage

Debuting at the young age of 16, Rain Li (李彩華) had a diverse career in television, film, and music industries. Although her popularity remained stagnant while filming for TVB, the 34-year-old found success in Mainland China and films several projects each year. Three years ago, Rain has been dating former TVB actor, Keith Ho (何遠恆). While Rain had intentions to marry Keith, the couple could not agree on marriage and ended their relationship in January.

In the 1990s, Keith Ho was promoted as one of the “New Five Tigers” along with Louis Koo (古天樂), Leo Ku (古巨基), Carlo Ng (吳家樂), and Hawick Lau (劉愷威). Struggling with his acting career, Keith entered the construction business in Mainland China in recent years.

Rain Tearful Over End of 3-Year Relationship

When asked about her relationship with Keith, Rain could not hold back her emotions and burst into tears, “At first, I thought time could heal these wounds and it would be okay. But even after some time has passed, my heart still hurts. I am taking this opportunity to vacation and relax while I am in Los Angeles for work. Whenever I think about the past three years [of my relationship], I cannot hold my emotions back and will cry. I think it is a pity.”

With Rain’s emotional outburst, it seems that she is not ready to let the relationship go. Through tears, Rain said, “Actually, we want to be more low profile about our breakup. We did not think about publicly announcing it. In the past year, we have talked about how we could continue down our path and hold on to our relationship. But we could not come to an agreement. We discussed the matter several times, but in the end, we are not on the same page. We also could not come to a consensus regarding our concepts about marriage. Since our mindsets and values are not aligned, we decided to split up in spite of the hurt.”

Although they have broken up, they are hoping to maintain their friendship. Rain said, “He is a good person and has many positive traits. Even after we broke up, he still said that no matter what happens in the future, he will still consider me as his family and continue to care about me. He is one of the best man I have ever come across, but it has pitifully come to an end.”

Rain also stressed that there was no third party involved. “We split up on peaceful terms. Right now, I just hope that everyone will give me more space. We both need time to recover.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @tiffany Keith Ho starred in 1996 drama, “Night Journey” (殭屍福星) which also featured Daniel Chan. Keith was dubbed as a Deric Wan lookalike at the time. He didn’t make too many series.

      Here’s an old photo of what Keith looked like when he was in his 20s; very different from now.


      To be honest, no one took the “New Five Tigers” label too seriously. It was too big of a label to live up to, as the “Five Tigers” from the 1980s was legendary and very successful. Aside from Louis Koo (who was heavily promoted) and Leo Ku (who made good progress in the music industry), the other “New Five Tigers” weren’t too popular. After “A Kindred Spirit”, Hawick Lau wasn’t offered any memorable roles.

      I actually liked Carlo Ng a lot at the time. He had a sunshine feel to him and was quite entertaining in his hosting gigs.

      But Keith Ho was quite wooden. His standout quality was his height. Perhaps he was a private person…not too much is known about him other than the few series he filmed and his romance with Rain Li in recent years.

      1. @jayne Oh wow! I do recognize him in older pics. The New 5 Tigers were a joke except for Louis. Same for the actresses.

    2. @tiffany The only series I remember him from was A Kindred Spirit when he had a guest-starring role as Joyce Tang’s boyfriend after she had lost her memory. Aside from that, he was barely in anything else. I honestly don’t understand why he was chosen for The New Five Tigers, since it’s not like he filmed much for TVB in the first place (the other 4 make sense but not him). Whoever at TVB came up with that idea at the time must not have had their head screwed on right, lol.

  1. I’m normally very good at recognising past actors but this time had to see the old pics to recognise him. Remember the guy from ‘Time before Time’. Has aged a lot…

  2. i have no idea who this guy is and never heard of his name… i didn’t realize rain li was still around. i recall watching some live show many years ago, she played villain in a chinese drama. she was one the main role but the lead was a korean girl. at the show, they were promoting the drama. the audience, presenters pretty much dissed her presence and focused all on the korean girl saying how pretty and kind she looked. felt so bad for rain b/c she couldn’t make it big in hk and then not well received in china either. i guess she hang around anyway….

    1. @m0m0

      I know the series your are talking about. It’s ‘Big Flag Hero’ (大旗英雄传) starring Du Chun and Choo Ja Hyun. Deric Wan was also in the drama.
      If what you said was true, the presenters were very unprofessional. How can they diss one of their guests?
      Could they be joking or they are just dissing the character she played?

  3. I remember him from “Night Journey”. Very wooden but looked refined and scholarly. He has aged terribly and I didn’t recognise him in recent pics. Regardless of how she defends him, he sounds like a cad for stringing her along for 3 years.

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